30 April 2007

Nashua NAACP speaks out against NH AG Kelly Ayotte and the Death Penalty.

Well, okay, actually I haven't see them do any such thing, as noted in this NH Indy Media post.

However, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund certainly has done so:

Therefore I would expect to hear something from the local chapter, at which I was, of course, ummmm.... an outspoken (and correct) Legal Chair in addressing a possible case of police abuse, even though not a single soul from the local chapter ever followed up to request more information from the Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn, who was eventually.... ummmm.... fired:

Check this post for reference on the burgoening Death Penalty issue -- in which a response to a Nashua Telegraph forum post I initiated on this matter is documented as raising some truly troubling issues regarding race, class and money. I end it with a quote from that Negro lawyer from the NAACP, Thurgood Marshall.
"The death penalty is no more effective a deterrent than life imprisonment... It is also evident that the burden of capital punishment falls upon the poor, the ignorant and the underprivileged members of society."

Here I am reading Carl T. Rowan's biography, "Dream Makers Dream Breakers" about Attorney Marshall to my Great Aunt Mother Ann.

But perhaps the reason we are listening to the sounds of silence in this case is because the NAACP changed its Mission Statement during my tenure as follows:

As they threw me under the bus (read this email) they removed words like "keep the public aware," and "take lawful action to secure elimination of discrimination," and the new version contains none of that.

What goes around, comes around. Kind of like a bus route, right?

29 April 2007

KingCast watches Death Penalty debate heat up in Nashua Telegraph forums.

A recent response caught my eye today as a thousand of us have been reading and of course sounding off on this issue I presented, which inherently involves race, class and money.

Here's what "Grins" wrote: I have been fascinated by the Attorney General's decisions in this matter.

As background, a month before Officer Briggs was killed, AG Ayotte gave a NH State Trooper a clean bill of health for shooting and killing an unarmed civilian on a traffic stop in Marlborough. The victim was resisting arrest. Ayotte called it justified.

Shortly thereafter Michael Addison allegedly shot and killed Officer Briggs when Briggs tried to detain Addison and his colleague. Ayotte immediately announced her office would seek the death penalty.

Now, AG Ayotte states she will also seek the death penalty for Jay Brooks for the alleged killing for hire of his handyman.

How are these all connected? When the AG gave a pass to the trooper, it sent a message to every thug with a gun that it would be wise to shoot first if stopped. That's where Addison comes in. Then, having sought the death penalty for Addison -- a young black man from an impoverished background -- she had to balance that with a call for the death penalty for Brooks, who is white, older, and certainly not impoverished.

It's the domino effect, set in motion by our Attorney General.

......To note, then Gov. Shaheen vetoed the repeal of the death penalty, passed by both legislative bodies, because she was convinced the Attorney General needed it as a bargaining tool to obtain life sentences. I'd be interested to hear her thoughts today.

Related posts: Addison pretrial publicity and State Rep McEachern.

And for my response noting that I agree with the writer, but respect AG Ayotte on other matters, read the comments. As I noted in NH Indy Media today, here's what some fellow named Thurgood Marshall said:

"The death penalty is no more effective a deterrent than life imprisonment... It is also evident that the burden of capital punishment falls upon the poor, the ignorant and the underprivileged members of society."

27 April 2007

KingCast presents: Catching up with Wine Spectator's Daniel Sogg.

Wine Spectator's Daniel Sogg has forgotten more about wine than I'll likely ever know, and that's okay. What is interesting, however, is that now I have the opportunity to learn more about it than I ever have. And if I can make 3-5 hundred bones a night doing it, while changing First Amendment Policy, helping NH victims of unlawful bait-and-switch tactics and getting a book published while I prepare to get my law license back, that's okay, too.

Rock on Dan. And as I noted herein, thanks again to you and your father for your help on Michael Isreal's police abuse case. To his left, that would be Dr./Breslau as we crushed the competition in state debate, 1981. Man, we were some serious geeks. By frame of reference, a SAAB Turbo only cost what, $14,000.00 then -- and a gallon of gas was about 75 cents -- but click here to see what it costs now, for regular. And the Turbo? Well that can set you back 35 large, easy.

PS: Didja' know Tool's Maynard Keenan is a major wino?

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26 April 2007

KingCast presents: Wine of the day; Frangelico vs. Aunt Jemima food fight!

Okay, this Bousquet Malbec is just wonderful, and at a good price point. In its class, it stands alone. Meanwhile on the horizon, the Frangelico vs. Aunt Jemima battle looms large....

"King's blawg displayed a certain flair for visual absurdity...."

-Boston writer James O'Brien.

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KingCast recalls the evil eye of the system.

Yeah, as I work with some promotions people today I remember that NAACP indictment nonsense, some of which is noted in this post I just sent to them. "Douchebag to Darling" post pretty much sets all of that straight, though.

You just have to keep on keepin' on.

You bet I will. Gonna' go play some tennis today first though -- as a free man, never thinkin' 'bout no slavery no mo'. :)

25 April 2007

KingCast site of the day: Ecomamas.com

I had the privilege of meeting the owner of this new website today, described as is "an online resource for parents interested in a natural, healthy lifestyle for their families."

I give her mad respect because we're living in a polluted World, folks, and in more ways than you think.


KingCast watches First Amendment fallout from Virginia Tech smote Professor Nicholas Winset in the head.

I warned you in my first entry about how establishment types might use this tragedy to unlawfully or unreasonably restrict liberties.

Well sure enough Emmanuel College fired Nicholas Winset after a spirited classroom discussion on the shootings.

At first I thought this Salem News link hit the nail on the head because unless a professor is wildly tastless, i.e. misogynist, racist, homophobic -- and without intellectual purpose or counterpoint -- that professor should be permitted to stay in his or her position unless or until the students raise an issue. It is an issue for the marketplace of ideas to sort, rather than fodder for knee-jerk reactionary dismissal.

But on further review, the details in this Boston Herald editorial shed substantial light on the matter because there were student complaints and his commentary about "rich white kids" seems out of place here. As I noted in this post about the Innocence Project finally clearing poor black men of rape charges, if he had said "the rich students at Duke prevailed in the rape case," that seems to be on safer ground to me because it doesn't really point the finger at them as much as it does the legal system. I dunno.

Mr. Winset was leaving already, but this remains a compelling issue for others in a private instution because if they wanted to sue, they've probably got no State Action: Even though Emmanuel likely receives government monies, it's for students. So all one has is a Good Faith/Public Policy/Breach of Contract argument. Seems like a professor we trust with young minds should have more protection than that, doesn't it?

But we'll have to craft it on a case-by-case basis.

Meanwhile, read the comment to my recent post about violence in the Columbus Public Schools.

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24 April 2007

KingCast celebrates Innocence project's liberation of Jerry Miller and Darryl Hunt.

After 25 years of wrongful imprisonment for a nasty rape, Jerry Miller is now finally a free man, sort of. In the interview I heard today on NPR he was asked if people would view him as if it never happened.

"Would you?" he asked. Her answer was less-than-clear and you could tell the question took the interviewer by surprise. Mr. Miller is flanked by one Barry Scheck, Esq., whom I met some 15 years ago in Terry Gilbert's office when I clerked for him in Cleveland.

I have no idea of the abuse he took for all of those years as an accused rapist; I was only wrongfully accused of something that could have locked me up for 7 years but I do encourage that brother to stand strong, because he too, can change laws, go from Douchebag to Darling, and have U.S. Senators and local police help him uncover unlawful acts of others.

BTW the same thing happened to Darryl Hunt.

Bottom line is wrongful convictions occur all the time, so you Death Penalty zealots, including those of you in Nashua need to think about that.

Related post: Things went better for the wealthy boys at Duke.

Namaste, Jerry and Darryl.

KingCast bids goodnight to David Halberstam.

Sure Boris Yeltsin died too, but that's too bloody International for my scope. I'm focused on Gosh-Danged America, where we've got plenty of things on which to focus, and David Halberstam did precisely that -- with a view of the World market, of course =^.)

As a former reporter, I dig what he had to say, as noted in Lisa Leff's AP story:
Halberstam told journalists during a conference last year in Tennessee that government criticism of news reporters in Iraq reminded him of the way he was treated while covering the war in Vietnam.

"The crueler the war gets, the crueler the attacks get on anybody who doesn't salute or play the game," he said. "And then one day, the people who are doing the attacking look around and they've used up their credibility."

Same things happen when you go against the grain in general, as I note to Nashua Lieutenant/Prosecutor Tim Goulden in KingCast video "Day in Nashua," when I say "You rub the system the wrong way, Tim and they're gonna getcha.... they're gonna' gitcha!"

As to what Writer Halberstam said: Remember from this post with video (Love the NOFX "Idiot son of an ***hole" cut) that we do have a War President.

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23 April 2007

KingCast whips of the day: 1955 Rocket 88 and 1988 Ferrari Testarossa.

I have never driven a vintage Rocket 88, but I saw a 1955 the other day on Route 3 and honked as I passed in Lucky Number 7 with a big thumbs-up. See, Ike Turner (despite his faults) penned what is arguably the first Rock'n'Roll song entitled, of course, "Rocket 88." Best lyric:

"You've heard of jalopies/you heard the noise they make/come and take a ride in my Rocket 88."


Speaking of '88s, I have driven a 1988 Ferrari Testarossa. See, back in the day, say 1999/2000 my roomie Lajos Silberstein was the off-site mechanic for the Columbus Toy Barn. As you can see, they don't play and neither did Lajos' Ducati, like this one. So yeah there was always something crazy to drive around Northern Columbus and we didn't abuse the privilege but we sure had some fun.

Lajos is an amazing mechanic. He was David Sadowski's Superbike wrench when he won Daytona in 1990 and I got to talk a couple times with David in the late 90's; he's is a great guy. Lajos showed me how to rebuild the engine in my BMW 2002tii -- all the way down to the block and bearings, everything, and I painted my own engine block. His father, as noted herein, was a holocaust survivor. My favorite one-time story was when I'm yanking parts out of the engine bay of a damn Lotus Esprit Turbo, a great car to drive but a nightmare to work on. I'm tagging and labelling everything. He walks over and the following colloquy ensues; he's looking at me incredulously:

"Just put it in the box, man."
"But how do you know exactly what bolts go to what?"
"It only goes together right one way."

Two days later we drove it back to the Toy Barn, good as new. Which meant that it was probably going to break again soon, but hey we didn't design it.

KingCast and Kirkpatrick's Corner store file complaints against Vericomm and MBF leasing for false, deceptive and criminal conduct in Nashua.

As noted in today's Nashua Police/NH AG/FTC Complaint letter and in original post and update, these guys are bad news, and we're not the only ones to say so. Of course we'll be checking on the progress of the Diversity Fraud Action in Maryland: CLCD, Inc. v. Vericomm Corporation, Maryland 8:2006-CV-01961, but meanwhile here's a few quotes from online watchdog "Rip Off Report" and our local signed complaint to NH AG Kelly Ayotte; we headed down to the Nashua PD and have a file number 07-23311-OF: 1/2/3.


"They sign you up for a bogus lease drawing monies out of your bank account, many hidden fees are drawn. They are not responsible for providing the service or savings they promised and then say you are not allowed to get out of the lease." Kim - Venice, California U.S.A.

"I am in the same boat, I spoke to a lawyer. He said that the contract they have us sign is so bad that it can be considered a scam." Maxim - Gainesville, Florida U.S.A.

"I too signed a one page contract that blossomed into a five page contract with no way out. I tried to join the pending class action suits, but could not." Kym - Hoffman Estates, Illinois

"He never mentioned anything about a 48 month lease on their machine @ $69.99 per month deducted from our store bank account. Auditing our account I noticed that they deducted $80.71 each month and not $69.99....I am hoping for a class action lawsuit. These people are lowest form of disgusting pig puke, and I'd love to see them go down!" Bud Pacific Palisades, California.

"He said he was going to come back from Kinko's with the paperwork I signed but he never did, and he never showed me those extra pages with the small print." Suman Adhikari, owner of Kirkpatrick's Corner store, Nashua, NH."

NH U.S. Sentor Judd Gregg says go for it:

20 April 2007

KingCast update on the Nashua NAACP: The Meeting.

Folks in the community have taken note of my skills and efforts as Southern NH NAACP legal chair, and today I met with someone connected with the NAACP and we will carry our discussions off line. Fortunately, s/he knows the real story and appreciates me, and for that I am forever greatful...... Namaste.

KingCast whip of the day part deux: 1973 BMW 2002tii.

This is part one from yesterday. Okay, so what if maybe 3 people in the World have a 2002tii this nice. Those of us who don't still got to experience the ride of a lifetime that drove Automobile Magazine deep into the hills of Bavaria to drive this totally restored 1973 model. The interior is so spartan it hurts, but it's way cool, and has a functional dashboard. Look at that view of the road, and that simple-assed engine you can actually work on without a computer and a lab. I replaced a head gasket myself on mine one night under the halogens when I was living in Va. Beach.

Try that with anything after the early '90's, yeah, right. Except for airbags and ABS brakes they can take all that yaw control, electric steering, variable valve this and that and throw it out the window when you put it next to owning a nice tii, at least on a dry day =^.)

If BMW is the King of sports sedans, the tii is the original Prince.

19 April 2007

KingCast whip of the day: 1978 BMW 320i

Yeah, it's an E21 and not an E10, but whatever, it is a rust free Texas car, and pretty. It's also a lot cooler and more engaging to drive than 98% of whatever most folks buy at the used car lot. Dig the mileage.

So as if on cue, I actually say an '83 320i today in Nashua, and then I see a bumper sticker on an Audi Allroad that read:

"My other car is a BMW 2002tii."

The owner and I had a good laugh over that, because owning a tii is that worthwhile. Dig this Automobile story about the totally remanufactured Inka Orange 1973 model. You will always tinker with it, either to make sure it runs but more typically to make it run even better. You drive it and you swear that you are single-handedly representing everything that BMW was ever about. And while it is quick, it's not as fast as a 535is, nor is it quick enough to make you think you can outrun a damn police car, recklessly endanger others and then actually kill yourself like these guys last night in that '07 Plastic Fantastic shown below.

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KingCast and a black man in a wheelchair meet Matt Damon, Danny Glover and Great Benefit Insurance Co.

When I'm not yelling about corporate abuse on my websites I'm actually doing something about it, often with Crnilovic-Phillips Law Offices, as noted herein and in the KingCast short films "American Lawyer II and III." And as it turns out, they helped one of the aggrieved store owners from the ongoing Vericomm/MDF Leasing scam on an immigration issue on prior occasion.

Back in December of 2004 I actually wrote two (2) demand letters: One to a stupid, hateful cop and one to a stupid, hateful insurance company. By now we know how the cop one eventually turned out, but I've never mentioned the insurance one because it was going to be used at trial in the bogus extortion cop case if they tried to say I withheld my status as an unlicensed attorney from anyone.

Here's w'happened:

A little black man in a wheelchair (Eric Blankety-Blank) got his World rocked by a reckless food store owner in a Chevy Blazer on or about 23 December, 2004. His Birthday. I knew him in passing, and just missed seeing the accident, which occurred about 200 feet from where I stand (skate) at City Hall. It was raining, his chair was shattered, and I thought I might have witnessed my first fatality -- but fortunately he survived without orthopedic damage but a whole lot of soft tissue strain, you bet. We spoke about the issue and about the Insurance Company.

"They're not giving me anything for my chair, or nothing," said Eric.

"To hell with that," I said. "I'm gonna' effin' [expletive deleted]"

Two months later, after I got an affidavit from the medical equipment provider about their actions and attitudes toward them, Eric got a $17,500.00 check, a new wheelchair and one in the well. I had wanted at least $25K but in the end with the second chair (they cost $7,500 or so) it was a fair settlement because they were pretty much paying for his fear and for what would have been told about their attitude and actions at a trial.


John Grisham's "The Rainmaker" is one of my favorite movies, but if you think that the Justice system is going to ride down on a high horse like Danny Glover and actually kick Insurance Companies like "Great Benefit" in the teeth as he did, you are sadly mistaken -- especially if you are a young and solo practitioner. As Mother Ann would tell me, You fight your best battle and take what you can get, and in that Eric Blankety-Blank was so thrilled he became a KingCast supporter and a friend.

"Douchebag to Darling" is one of my favorite blawg entries.
Read it to see why.

18 April 2007

KingCast Vericomm & MBF Leasing update with Nashua Police Lieutenant Tim Goulden.

23 Aug 2011 Update: You know they won in NY but Senator Kelly Ayotte still failed to do anything about it as NH AG and she sucks now on the CFPB and CDO Fraud issues.

Yesterday in this post concerning what I believe to be criminally unfair False and Deceptive business practices of Vericomm and MBF leasing, I noted a call into Nashua Lieutenant/Prosecutor Tim Goulden. Sure enough, today, at 6:49 a.m. bright and early as I sped (well, not sped, but drove) to court in Mass he returns the call. We talked about the Bea Francoeur Constitutional immunity traffic case before finishing up on this matter.

I'll volunteer this: Things are lookin' good for Justice.

PS: Goulden, FWIW wins best supporting actor for his role in KingCast short film "Day in Nashua." See, he gets it. He knows that as a former AAG I'm not big on doing crimes; I'm big on reporting them. Including American Tower Corporation's "sneaky options scheme" as noted by CNN here, and other shenanigans featured in James O'Brien's upcoming book, as well as KingCast short films American Lawyer I and II."

KingCast observes that violence in schools is nothing new for Columbus.

After the Virginia Tech shootings, we know that enhanced protocol to protect students of all ages will be coming soon, but don't look to Columbus Public Schools for any guidance there because they can't even handle schoolchildren. Yeah, they don't have a great track record of protecting kids there from broken noses or even gang rape, so they lash out when parents or guardians want to talk about it.

As noted in this post, Board member Loretta Heard (RIP) rips then-president Mary Jo Kilroy, Esq. a new one for violating First Amendment Rights. It's in the justiceforkids video, "Advocacy in Action: Then and Now."

PS: Don't forget about current Columbus Superintendent Gene Harris' unheralded "No Confidence" vote or the $200,000.00 in diverted funds by Board Administrator Shirley Bird Long.

17 April 2007

KingCast asks: Will the real Dorothy Icove sit down!

And drive the tour bus! She was such a trip. Really, there are a handful of teachers who change your life, so her son had no problem sending me this picture from her eulogy. She's one of the reasons Megan and I returned to Cleveland Heights High as the Education Coalition in Law School to address those high schoolers. And as fate would have it, he'll be in NH soon for a camp excursion.

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Vericomm and MBF Leasing bring their false and deceptive business antics to Nashua.

23 Aug 2011 Update: You know they won in NY but Senator Kelly Ayotte still failed to do anything about it as NH AG and she sucks now on the CFPB and CDO Fraud issues.

The Jackie Robinson post is still on hold not because of the Virginia shootings or my former English teacher Dorothy Icove, but because I've been interviewing local business owners who have been aggrieved by Vericomm and MBF Leasing. As their respective links indicate, these guys are a total bait & switch operation.

Heck yeah Vericomm's been sued for fraud before, that's a 2006 Diversity Fraud Action, CLCD, Inc. v. Vericomm Corporation, Maryland 8:2006-CV-01961

I love breaking stories on the blawg; and of course this would happen today as my biographer James O'Brien's paper "Boston NOW" premiers as a blog-feed newspaper. It is truly the wave of the future.

Here's how the scam works:

The Vericomm dude pulls up to your community store and offers you good rates on your credit/debit card transaction management. You see the rates and agree (they lie about those rates, BTW), and you sign only the front page of the document seen as Attachment 1. Since English is often not your first language, this is done quickly, with the representation that it's just a signature to switch over the service to Vericomm.

The MBF Leasing letterhead is kept folded under, and once they've got your signature they just add the rest of the information to the form, which is actually -- get this -- a 48-month lease for a new machine that they send you with rates I've heard to be $99.95/mo. to $179.00/mo. at the A & P on Lock Street. You want out of the contract, they try to charge you $5,000.00 according to Suman Adhikari, owner of Kirkpatricks' neighborhood store.

"I can buy that machine for $300.00" says Mr. Adhikari, adding that he never saw the fine print pages (1/2/3) and that the Vericomm dude just drove off with his signature with a promise to copy the paperwork at Kinko's and bring it back. He never did, and the next time he saw the page he signed was months later when he started getting MBF Leasing bills. Conspicuous by their absence are any initials "S.A." on the fine print pages.

"They sent me a machine and I sent it back the next day and told them to leave me alone, now they just keep on calling me," said "RP" at the Lock Street store.

I'll be following up with the Hudson Stop convenience store as well.

Now I'm off to the Telegraph, and to my local attorney friends, then perhaps on to the State and U.S. Attorney's offices. Those guys are so busted.

16 April 2007

KingCast discusses the Virgnia Tech tragedy and Stevie Wonder, "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing."

I'll make this short, with respect to today's tragedy. My neighbor is a firefighter (a position of honor) with soon-to-be college-aged children. They are a great family and I wished him the best for them because when you go to school, you go to learn, not to be killed.

I have nieces entering college and frankly, I cannot imagine the pain that these families will encounter. I hate to think that some of it could have been curbed with better protocol, but that question will be addressed by area courts for years to come, and rightfully so: Apparently they were never certain that the killings had subsided, yet hours elapsed before warnings or bulletins were issued.

Stevie Wonder? Because several friends of mine and I discussed the matter over Inner Visions "Don't you worry 'bout a thing," because we are in disbelief at the cruelty and hatred we see almost every day. We have to believe in a Better World.

I think we can do better, as I learned in high school.

One thing I also don't appreciate as a former reporter is the way that mass media is showing lots of cops and guns on this case; gets U.S. citizens ready to surrender to the American Police State as noted in these/two posts involving police spy cams and other Monadnock mayhem; like it's a test bed for this activity. Not cool.

KingCast presents: The response from Dorothy Icove's family on "Goodnight, Kurt Vonnegut."

I'm going to wait until tomorrow to post my Jackie Robinson entry in light of what I just received from Mrs. Icove's family as I want that to lead for a day. What I failed to mention in the Vonnegut post was that she was at her peak and awarded teacher of the year in 1982 when I studied with her just after I left Hawken.


Thanks for the mention of our Mom on your recent blog on Kurt Vonnegut.


David is a engineer, professor and published author. See, FWIW, the Icoves are Jewish, as many of my friends were and are at Hawken, Cleveland Heights High and beyond. But that didn't stop us from getting along and learning together and having shared experiences. There was no "hymietown," just our town.

That's what Life is all about, and that's why quality people like David are looking forward to James O'Brien's biography about the crazy things I've seen in 42 short years. The George Plimpton profiterole encounter probably won't make it in, but it was pretty funny.

KingCast presents: The George Plimpton profiterole encounter.

I casually but delicately located the profiterole before the grey-haired gentleman in the booth, who chuckled with his party of 4 thoughout the evening. Their conversation was smart, almost exactly what I had envisioned for George Plimpton, whom this man actually resembled enough to be his twin brother.

"But he's dead," I thought.

But that didn't stop me from talking a little poopy to him, anyway:

"And a profiterole for Mr. Plimpton, here," I said, tossing the alliteration with full-on condescending waiter smirk.

"How did he know that,?" asks the lady across the table.

"We knew each other in a former life," we both said as if on cue.

Here's the funny part: Turns out the guy's name is O**** Plimpton, possibly a relation after all. It was too uncanny and both of us just looked at each other, like "What just happened here?" I mean, what if it was his brother? That would sound stupid:

"Hey you're George Plimpton's brother, can I have your autograph?"

In the end, they left me more than 20% so I think they were picking up what I was putting down :)

15 April 2007

KingCast and Mike Wilbon present the last word on Don Imus.

I put it thusly: If cousin Mike walked into the PTI studios tomorrow and said "Those Lady Vols sure do look like some trailer-trash ho's...." my next conversation with his mother would be "Hey, Auntie Cleo, that sure was a good run Mike had at ESPN..... how's his severance package lookin'?"

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KingCast birthday dinner and a gigantic "Thank You" to all of my supporters.

Saturday was an active day, with some inline skating, a visit to a Gerry Garcia art show and dinner and libations at the newly-expanded San Francisco Kitchen. Sarah accompanied me to the bar where of course we had some sushi and the shrimp & walnut melon dish. SFK needs a new website, BTW so perhaps my teams can assist with that when we finish the new one for Progressions Lounge so they can show off those new do-it-yourself cooking tables and the beautiful bar with its eclectic lighting scheme. There is one light in particular on the back wall that's just too cool for words.

While there, I had the opportunity to rap with former Nashua School Board President Kim Shaw (seated in red), her husband Rob, and Alderman-at-large Brian McCarthy and his wife, whose name escapes me at this moment. Ms. Shaw and I will have lunch one day as she is definitely more of an ally than foe, as noted in this post where she publicly stated
"I wish to commend Alderman Teeboom and Mr. King for their civility and professionalism in addressing this difficult issue.... when the public sees this type and level of discourse it really helps everyone."

As such, she joined board members Sandra Ziehm, Alderman Teeboom and board member and attorney Dennis Hogan, who in this post publicly stated
"I've reviewed the matter and I think that Mr. King ends up being right.... I would not rush out to test Mr. Cleamons just yet."

To all the others who have supported me, including a Republican Educator, WSMN 1590's Jennifer Horn, Nashua Mayor Bernie Streeter, my film maker, my writer James O'Brien, NGPDJ, my intellectual property attorney Jeffrey L. Kosiba and to my family and my teams at KingCast and Justiceforkids.net I give you all the love in the World.

And of course I can't forget Mother Ann for telling me to "keep on keepin' on, son."

You should see a book by year's end and for Mother Ann: I will visit you at your last resting place in this World and share it with you.

13 April 2007

KingCast applauds Nashua Telegraph's new TCast video blog.

The handwriting for newspapers is not on the wall: It's on the Internet. As such, as a former reporter 17 years before starting KingCast, I noted my enthusiam in for the paper's use of multimedia, including today's new TCast weekly feature. I noted in my first entry on NH State Rep. Bea Francoeur's Constitutional Immunity traffic ticket case that
"it's a truly progessive newspaper, and they have posted a blog-style correspondence file of the case, just as I posted the correspondence file between the New Hampshire School Boards' Association and me regarding the ongoing First Amendment restrictions the Association favors at public school board meetings."

As I note in the comments section on the second NH State Rep. Bea Francoeur Constitutional Immunity entry to local attorney Melissa Kowalewski, we will one day feature more current events on KingCast; right now my crew is busy finishing a killer video website to replace this one. But already the text of this First Amendment policy case with Alderman Teeboom scrolling below is written in like manner to the text of KingCast as well, and the feature goes on to note our expansive use of media and bourgeoning technology (1/2).

"There's the First Amendment guy" said members of the Telegraph as I strode up to a recent Reggae Show.... "You have definitely changed Nashua." I can handle that; making a difference in the community. And certainly I've been called worse :)

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KingCast explains how and why Don Imus went too far.

While some people in the media told me they believe the whole Don Imus thing was scripted, I don't necessarily agree with that and even if it was, the dialogue it has generated needs to be principled and very clear when we are discussing matters of racism, sexism, xenophobia. Remember, he was an idol to me as a kid in Cleveland, as noted both prior/entries.

As such, I provided a discussion board here at the Nashua Telegraph Forums page with a short poll, and provide the following excerpt:
It's really simple and no one can blame hip-hop, Chris Rock or any of that for his transgressions because he exceeded the scope of his privilege.

For example, if I call a woman a "bitch" she had better be a close friend or my sister, right? Like I told Georgiadog standout tennis player Jane Cohodes who was busy kicking my ass one day with ruthless precision, "Bitch why you gotta' be hittin' them lines like that?" And she says before we break for beers, "cos I'm the Queen Bitch, that's why." Done with a high-five, a smack on the ass or a kiss, whatever. But women are in the club so they can toss it out more freely, even if arguably they shouldn't, same thing with blacks using "nigga.'"

Also, I discussed with some patrons from behind the bar a few nights ago the fact that you can't compare the Rutgers lady hoopsters with Britney Spears because she put herself in the limelight to have sexual banter all about her; these black women are striving to educate themselves, give back to the community and play some basketball, dammit. Generating revenue for the University and State, I might add.

Last but not least, all of this came to me as I watched The Departed last night because it's okay for Italians to call each other guineas and whatnot, but even I don't do that with the families of any Italian women I've dated, nor do they go the "nigga'" route with me.

And if I call someone a "nigga'" (I pretty much don't even write the word anymore in public except in a forum like this) he's someone I personally know or have a certain bond, like these Irishmen in So. Norwalk on St. Patrick's Day 2006 and you can hear us talk about immigration:

.....And the saddest part of all of this: I just heard that the Governor has 6 broken ribs on each side and a broken leg from an accident he had en route to meet with the players, school officials and of course, Don Imus.

12 April 2007

KingCast watches as Don Imus takes a powder; Robert McChesney remains vigilant.

Yeah, and I don't mean the kind he used to shove up his nose, I mean his ass got fired. Obviously CBS broadcasting has read my recent blawg entry and responded accordingly. Thing is, as my buddy Robert McChesney reports from FreePress.net in his Stop Big Media campaign, the issues of media control and viewpoint projection remain large, and the sad part is that they really fired him because of lost revenue, lets get real.

Meanwhile, Imus is scheduled to appear in New Hampshire on 4 May 2007 at an historic site visited by Frederick Douglass. As I took second place in the Midwest Frederick Douglass Moot Court competition in law school I plan to be there to meet my former role model; pass out some blawg entries and have a grand old time :)

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