30 March 2007

KingCast predicts the future of First Amendment law, reggae and tennis legends.

I told everyone I would change First Amendment Policy/Law in Nashua and beyond, and I did, and still am, with the support of NH AG Kelly Ayotte. Then I blogged about John McEnroe, Toots and the Maytals and reggae in general and my involvement in it, and the next day up comes reggae to Nashua. And the day after that I saw the ad in the Globe during a court hearing noting the legends tour coming to Boston May 2-6. I gotta' get tix for more than one day, for certain. There's the man of the 80's and still a great player today, with his new-style Dunlap Maxply, giving up only footspeed and a bit of endurance to these young boys, despite their awesome array of power strokes.

Look at that preparation, wow. What a volleyer; just made the shit up as he went along and whatnot, like, oh, I'm bored.... let me try this.

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29 March 2007

KingCast welcomes Jah Spirit and Reggae to Nashua!

You know you're living in a real city when the school board rescinds its anti-First Amendment policies and you get live reggae: Incredibly, hours after I posted yesterday's pro-reggae entry involving Buju Banton, Toots and the Maytals and outlining my history with reggae, Jah Spirit is featured on the Telegraph's Encore front page. The group now has a Thursday evening residence at Peddler's Daughter so of course I'll be checking that out, even though lead singer Michael Wolfe claims his group isn't as political as others.

My crew can deconstruct reggae in ways that would make most Americans' heads spin, and we tend to favor the political, such as Buju when he belts out "I, Buju may not be familiar -- with how the country run, but why them fighting Sensemila making way for coke to come...." Or Bob Marley in most songs on "Survival," or Peter Tosh doing "Africans," as noted in this post involving Barack Obama.

PS: A great time was had by all, including half of the Telegraph staff, then I went to the Amber Room where I met Lennox -- who used to sing with Jah Spirit. He'll be there next week, and so will I!

28 March 2007

King defeats McEnroe, 6-Toots, 6 Toots.

One of the undisputed top 5 reggae artists of all time is in Boston tonight, and while I won't get a chance to see him this time, I caught Toots and the Maytals a few years back at the same venue when one of my Jamaican brothers from American Tower was working sound. And of course having represented and co-managed Skankland Reggae club in Columbus, Ohio I was so moved as to dance a bit on stage with him and some of those fine sisters he's always got near him a whole year before John McEnroe played guitar with him, also at Avalon :)

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Now playing in Lucky Number 7: Time Tough: Toots Anthology, Buena Vista Social Club, John Scofield A Go-Go, Charles Mingus: Changes Two.

NH State Rep Paul McEachern agrees with KingCast: The Death Penalty is another unlawful murder.

Cross-post: Telegraph forums. The New Hampshire House agreed by a 185-173 vote that the State will continue to attempt to murder convicted murderers.

I noted in this post that "The Death Penalty is wrong, ipso facto," and in that post there is a link to where I refer to Officer Michael Briggs' alleged murderer Michael "Stix" Addison as an excremental figure.

Yesterday State Rep McEachern (D-Portsmouth) said the exact same thing:
“I do not believe that we as a people should give government the power to end the life of any human being, no matter how despicable that human being may be........ I understand the natural urge for revenge against that person, but for me it is a question of whether we give government that power.”
But whatever the case, Addison is still accused of a heinous crime but not yet convicted of anything, a point apparently lost on the Union Leader: To follow, read this post, containing an email to KingCast from Sam Reese Shepard, the son of a man whose trial spawned "The Fugitive."

Related KingCast video: "Arraignment Press Conference."

cc: Sam Reese Shepard.

26 March 2007

NH AG Kelly Ayotte supports Christopher King and KingCast on NHSBA content and viewpoint-based public comment restrictions.

The more we think about it, the more we see that Attorney Ayotte's position (1/2) is in total lockstep with ours regarding the ongoing New Hampshire School Boards' Association (NHSBA's) model policy restricting critical free speech at school board meeting. That's why we sent today's letter as thumbnailed above (1/2)to Attorney Ted Comstock. Even though she declined to immediately issue an outright opinion, she noted in this post that it is a high priority on her to-do list, such that she is
"....[G]iving careful consideration to whether this issue should be addressed in the next Right-to-Know law memorandum."

Here's the correspondence file between KingCast and the NHSBA, and here is a recent post noting that responsible media including Newton's WZBC 90.3 supports Sunshine Week and transparent government.

Related post: We supported Attorney Ayotte on her First Amendment drug company data mining case.

Related post: Noted Civil Rights Attorney Terry Gilbert says I've paid the price for being a First Amendment advocate. True that. Now I'm reaping the rewards in ways I'll probably never discuss on this blawg, and it's All Good =^.)

25 March 2007

KingCast presents: The history of the BMW 2002 Turbo.

Although I had a '74 2002tii, I (nor most other BMW devotees) have never come close to owning a 2002 Turbo. As this Daily Kos/Limousine post indicates with an old M-B 300SEL 6.3, there's nothing quite like an old German whip at opposite lock. Here's the history of one of the first turbocharged production cars in the World, the BMW 2002Turbo.

The reverse lettering on the chin spoiler was there to let you know it's time to get the hell out of its way.

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23 March 2007

Note to Union Leader: You shouldn't call it a "Briggs murder" until the Jury reads a verdict.

That's reporting 101, folks, from a former reporter. Here's their link that runs afoul of journalistic principles, and one may read more about the Death Penalty here -- wherein I also make it abundantly clear that I am no apologist for Officer Brigg's alleged murderer, Michael "Stix" Addison.

I also note that NH lawmakers are trying to terminate the Death Penalty.

Here's an email comment just today from someone who knows all-too-well about the false accusations made against his father, in what may be the World's most infamous wrongful conviction case, as I note in the KingCast video "Arraignment Press Conference."
Hello -Sam R. Sheppard here - via JOH....glad to hear from you. Looks like you continue to do good work on the East Coast.
Best - SRS

22 March 2007

Daily Kos builds KingCast a limousine!

Yesterday they got all upset because I called some of them a bunch of armchair-revolutionary limousine liberals while exposing their contempt for the First Amendment as noted herein, so today I found this odd-looking vehicle at my doorstep: A vintage SAAB 900 Turbo limousine! What a cute idea, although some of them wanted to send me the SAAB 9-5 hearse, but I guess they couldn't locate one soon enough.

I passed on the 900 limo, however because if I can't have a classic Mercedes Pullman -- based on the honking 300SEL 6.3 -- pictured ass-out at Nurburgring -- nothing else is worth having :)

Non-sequitur: Pops rocks the Jag -- whenever it actually starts.

21 March 2007

KingCast visits Daily Kos again :)

This is hootlarious. Here's what I said about some of them and Markos Moulitsas' little fascist regime a few months ago, and my position enjoys the support of many other bloggers as well. May the good folks on the board keep on keepin' on, though -- As Mother Ann would say.

Update: Sure enough, they've cut me off the site and falsely said I was a "crook" and "disbarred," both of which are totally false and defamatory statements, but which is fine with me. I really couldn't care less about most of them; just stopped by for a day to show them they were wrong, anyway :)

And read the comments to see how they cut out comments they don't like; here's an excerpt:


I don't give a shit what you believe. (0 / 0)

Because what I say is All Good, as I noted to Mia [Donlen, a licensed attorney with whom I wouldn't trust my Constitutional Rights on a bet]:

Hey Mia the goddamn opinions are indexed.. On my blawg. The City Attorney's opinion, for example, is JPEG'd there for easy reading, for example.

And so are the newspaper stories and the editorials, all linked right there so you can go there and read them or not, I don't give a shit.

And you have entirely missed the point when you write:

"Making employee personnel information public at school board meetings? That's some heroic shit."

[Dear Mia] The battle is not over private personnel matters but rather how these employees function in their work capacity.

Read the letter to NH AG Ayotte, fool.


"The policy’s attempt to pass Constitutional muster by noting that "other channels are provided" fails on its face in light of the preceding authority as Leventhal v. Vista Unified School District, 973 F. Supp 951 (S.D. Cal. 1997) points out in declaring such speech restrictions Unconstitutional, "debate over public issues, including the qualifications and performance of public officials (such as a school superintendent) lies at the heart of the First Amendment." Id. at 958.


KingCast explains why Nashua Selectman David Rootovich wins the New Hampshire First Amendment Trifecta.

When we brought KingCast and Justiceforkids to New Hampshire, the First Amendment was quite dormant. Since then we/prevailed against restrictive, viewpoint/content-based public comment restrictions at the Nashua School Board that were initiated by fired Superintendent Julia Earl. But before we could finish that, we worked with Alderman Fred Teeboom who sent a simple email to Aldermanic President Rootovich, who changed a policy that forbid naming of names in Aldermanic meetings within -- get this -- 48 hours. So he wins by at least a furlong.

And bringing up a distant third? Well it would be Attorney Ted Comstock and the New Hampshire School Boards' Association, which as noted in this post, is waiting until May to address their recommended viewpoint-content based restrictive policy unless we sue them first. Here's the correspondence file where I issue them a failing grade.

Meanwhile, NH AG Kelly Ayott's response to a request for legal opinion is encouraging, but slightly off-track because it deals with the Right-to-Know Law more than the First Amendment straight up, no chaser.

PS: That's the real Seabiscuit, or the little engine that could, proving you can, in the words of Boston writer and financier John Feloni, "[Go] from douchebag to darling!"

20 March 2007

NH AG Kelly Ayotte gives careful consideration to Christopher King and KingCast on NHSBA First Amendment speech restrictions.

As noted in this morning's post, I was looking for a response, and I got one -- albeit far from declarative. Here's my letter, and here's the response (1/2) which centers more on the Right-to-Know Law than the First Amendment outright (1/2). Be that as it may, it is good to know that the office is
"....[G]iving careful consideration to whether this issue should be addressed in the next Right-to-Know law memorandum."

Obviously I believe it should be. Nashua City Attorney Stephen Bennett concurs, my former client Jerry Doyle is diggin' it, and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz is ecstatic, but I have not yet heard back from Harvard grad Barack Obama as noted herein.


KingCast presents: Frogger!

Ahhh, yes, the 99.

KingCast goes after Eddie Azamor's stolen daughter with an affidavit, a good cop and community support.

As noted in this post, I am checking facts and assembling a grass roots network to seek return of Eddie Azamor's daughter from Brazil, where she was taken by her mother against court ORDER. I have forwarded Mr. Azamor's Affidavit to Nashua Detective Thomas Bergeron, as Mr. Azamor has spoken highly of him on several occasions.

Other supporters will be revealed in due course, and in short order.


KingCast telephones NH AG Kelly Ayotte on NHSBA restrictive speech issue as WZBC 90.3 supports Sunshine Week and the First Amendment.

Last week KingCast gave mad props to Newton's WZBC, and in turn we received an email in response, as copied in the comments section, supporting Sunshine Week and efforts like our NHSBA initiative to keep government transparent and responsive to the people. It may be time to visit more radio stations about this issue, just as I did with Nashua WSMN 1590's Jennifer Horn.

I telephoned the AG's office today and I am awaiting a return call; my conversation with NHSBA director Comstock is memorialized in the comments section to the NHSBA link, supra.

19 March 2007

KingCast receives calls from NHSBA Director Ted Comstock on Sunshine Week First Amendment public forum issue.

New Hampshire School Boards Association Director Ted Comstock has indeed called me and we have been involved in a vicious game of phone-tag regarding my request that the Association -- which receives taxpayer dollars for its operating revenue -- excise the recommended policy that eliminates free speech as school board meetings. Here is the most recent Sunshine Week post with my letter to NH AG Kelly Ayotte for advisory opinion, and here is the correspondence between us to date wherein I gave the Association a failing grade on its First Amendment Policy.

Update: We spoke today and I am less than thrilled with Attorney Comstock's response even as I look for the best, because it indicates that changing the policy is not a top priority, but frankly any First Amendment violation is a top priority, ipso facto. The Nashua School Board found it to be such, and scheduled a meeting the day after I threatened to sue them and they read my rough draft as noted here. Why is America so litigious, you ask? Because some people won't do the Right Thing until you sue them, that's why. Read the comments for a synopsis of our conversation.

I have not yet heard back from the Attorney General's office, but Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz is down with KingCast on this one, I'm certain.

17 March 2007

KingCast on BC Law student Adrienne Reynolds Barstool Sports layout: Much ado over nothing.

You go girl -- with your Barstool sports layout -- even if your breasts are fake, which they appear to be as commented in this law school thread. Most lawyers are boring as hell, whether they arrive that way at law school or get there during it, so we at KingCast and Justiceforkids applaud a woman doing something different or anyone or anything that lawfully shakes up the establishment. You should have seen my Case Western law school talent show joke, punchline:

"Hell I've been a lawyer for 6 years and I don't walk around here like this......." (sexual content).

Got a huge chuckle and then stone cold silence =^.)

Non-sequitur: Nothing fake about Lara Johnson, plenty fake about Ken Blackwell and Diebold.

KingCast says: Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Last year I was under indictment (which I crushed 1/2) and hanging out at O'Neill's in South Norwalk celebrating the legacy of a determined former slave with some cool Irish blokes; we talked about immigration, and I said "Erin go braugh! to my (negroes) from across the pond."

I have since stopped posting the N-word, BTW.

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15 March 2007

KingCast asks: Is it hypocritical to be "pro-life" on abortion rights as you favor the Death Penalty?

I dunno. Just food for thought. Here's a Bowdoin opinion on that. Then Dubya, a "pro-lifer" sends our boys and girls out to kill and die for oil and a U.S./U.K. foothold in the Middle East.

"That's personal," said my boss, a well-educated Brazilian brother.

"Totally," I concurred.

And another thing: If we say DP is only for police-killers, I can safely say that no cop's life is worth more than my nephew's or nieces. No way. Or any child's. I'll take a bullet for them or another child but not for a grown man or woman. Screw that, I'm having too much fun. So let's make the law, then.... DP is only for children and police officers. Yeah, let's go with that one, why don't we. Sounds earnest yet capricious enough.

BTW Dubya's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was heavily-involved in Planned Parenthood.

And here's today's earlier post on the New Hampshire Death Penalty, perhaps of some relevance in this madness.

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NH AG Ayotte, Governor Lynch fight for Death Penalty as NH Lawmakers fight for its repeal.

Many NH Lawmakers, including one whose father was murdered in cold blood, oppose the Death Penalty and are actively working on a bill to support its repeal, which Governor Lynch said he would veto. Attorney Ayotte concurs, citing a low crime rate in New Hampshire as justification for State-imposed murder. Live Free or Die, emphasis on the "die" part.

As a former AAG, and as noted in this Sunshine Week post, I'm currently waiting for Attorney Ayotte to issue a ruling regarding what most view as a patently Unconstitutional First Amendment speech restriction against guardians, parents and taxpayers recommended by the New Hampshire School Boards Association. I certainly hope she rules in favor of the First Amendment.

However, I'm not about to keep a civil tongue regarding what I said regarding Michael "Stix" Addison's Capital Murder trial: It's wrong because the Death Penalty is wrong, ipso facto. I said it here where I indicate I have no respect for Mr. Addison, who may have murdered Michael Briggs, a fine officer and gentleman, well-respected in his community. In that post there is a link noting that former State Rep. Renny Cushing is anti-Death Penalty, even as his own father was gunned down by a rogue cop who was his neighbor.

Apparently, the threat of the Death Penalty was no real deterrent.

Related KingCast video: "Arraignment Press Conference," in which I discuss perhaps the most infamous case of wrongful imprisonment: The Sam Sheppard case, which came in the door of Attorney Terry Gilbert's office as I was leaving to work for the Ohio AG in '91. Here's the Nova website on it.

cc: Sam Reese Sheppard; Renny Cushing.

13 March 2007

KingCast site of the day: WZBC 90.3 FM Newton

They do some really nice things, like playing Siouxsie and the Banshees and a superb 2005 version of Kraftwerk doing its signature song, Autobahn, as I drove into work today. I betcha' they favor a strong and vigorous First Amendment, too, so I just emailed this entry regarding Sunshine Week to them.

The SAAB was good for Kraftwerk, but just not quite as good as das BMW :)

12 March 2007

Brad Delp and Johnny D's: More than a Feeling.

When you cross over 40 you start noticing deaths more acutely, and it certainly made my eyes open to hear of New Hampshire neighbor Brad Delp's passing this week at 55; I've heard he was a truly nice guy and a genuine fellow. And if you are over 40 and you ever listened to any rock music, making out to "More than a feeling" was a Rite-of-Passage :)

Brad and his boys from "Beatlejuice" played often at Johnny D's, a place I frequented when I lived in Somerville a few years ago. My favorite show there was the Mahavishnu Project. It was off the hook.

11 March 2007

Sunshine week, transparent government, the First Amendment and NHSBA's free speech clampdown.

Cross-post: NH Indy Media, Telegraph forums. As some of you may be aware, I am never far from my roots as a reporter and former AAG, which is precisely why I timed my request for advisory First Amendment opinion for Sunshine week. Again, as noted in this letter and related blawg entry, I requested the NH AG opinion because the New Hampshire School Boards Association actually has a recommended policy that forbids open comment from the public during school board meetings. Whoa. So what is Sunshine Week, you ask?

In short, it is an historically symbolic week coordinated by the American Society of Newspaper editors in which reporters all over the U.S. come together to hold government accountable; make it open and transparent. The primary focus is on hazardous materials and emergency disaster plans, but the thrust of the issue goes into all matter of governmental policies that involve open communication and freedom of information. In Nashua, the Telegraph (always out in front on these issues, I might add) wrote these compelling stories (1/2) in today's paper.

Bloggers are coming up in the World, as noted in this Washington Post story, and I'm glad to know that my teams at KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net were the first to put actual courtroom footage on line -- from my own First Amendment court cases, no less. Note the quote from Dennis Ryerson at the IndyStar. Dennis was my boss for a while just before I went to law school. Now I help change First Amendment law and policy, and that's something I always wanted to do with that law degree.

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10 March 2007

KingCast presents: Sushi and the Bitchin' Camaro.

So I got my Red Leaf $8 buffet sushi fix for lunch and then headed on over toward home on a certain highway, whereupon Lucky Number 7 and I were accosted by first generation Audi S4 and a '77 Camaro, blue with white racing strips, a ram air intake and a whole lot of Jegs stickers. We all ran about even, which I am sure infuriated the Bitchin' Camaro guy 'cos his car was poppin' and hissin' and whatever JC Whitney Cherry Bomb exhaust he had on that puppy was drawing all kinds of unneccessary attention. The Audi guy, his family and I were laughing hysterically. What a hoot.

PS: The Dead Milkmen are still playing!

09 March 2007

Christopher King's open letter to NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Senator Barack Obama on NHSBA First Amendment restrictions.

Here it is, relative to this post because the NHSBA recommended policy against Free Speech reads as follows, in pertinent part:
Speakers may offer comments on such school operations and programs as concern them. In public session, however, the Board will not hear personal complaints against any person connected with the school system.

To which I wrote, in pertinent part:
The policy’s attempt to pass Constitutional muster by noting that “other channels are provided” fails on its face in light of the preceding authority as Leventhal v. Vista Unified School District, 973 F. Supp 951 (S.D. Cal. 1997) points out in declaring such speech restrictions Unconstitutional, “debate over public issues, including the qualifications and performance of public officials (such as a school superintendent) lies at the heart of the First Amendment.”Id. at 958.

Here's the index of attachments.
At KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net we hope for the best in our struggle to help secure basic Inalienable/Rights for common folk.