30 November 2006

Christopher King's Emancipation Proclamation.

In the spirit of moving on with my life, as I noted I would be doing in my signature post, I have accepted NH AG Kelly Ayotte's offer (1, 2) of Voluntary Nonsuit with no finding of liability for Unauthorized Practice of Law for my attempts as NAACP Legal Chair to help Willie Toney. As noted, it is an offer we could have reached just about a year ago, when the case was opened, when I offered to come in and explain everything, as a former AAG to a current AG, in point of fact.

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NAACP Legal Defense Fund's Ted Shaw correct on voluntary race-based remedies in education.

Is the maintenance of racially-balanced school districts a compelling governmental interest, and may race be used as one of several factors in a determining where elementary students attend school? As a former NAACP legal redress chair I am following this case with rapt attention and offer my opinion:

In a word, yes. Counselor Shaw is absolutely correct. Listen to today's Diane Rhem show for further details about the two voluntary programs accepted for review in the Sixth Circuit (Louisville) and the Ninth Circuit (Seattle). Read the NAACP LDF page for briefs and background, including lower court decisions affirming the voluntary plans.

The notion that de facto segregation (it just happens without government force) today is somehow unrelated to de jure discrimination (done by direct order of government) that was still going on in my relatively young lifetime is fool's folly.

Counterpoint program guest Roger Clegg missed the point when he claims that the programs only claim to address de facto segregation as opposed to de jure segregation because of America's twised history on race, in general, as noted in my comments about Michael Richards and Mel Gibson in my signature post. I don't know, but perhaps if Mr. Richards had grown up with more blacks he wouldn't be hurling the nigger invective as he did last week -- he would instead be working with blacks, as my Jewish friends have done for the past 30 years as noted below.

For more evidence of continuing racial antipathy, check out these little 13-year-old Prussion haters Lamb and Lynx Gaede, known as "Prussian Blue", who write songs supporting Der Fuhrer. Shaw was right about them, too.

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28 November 2006

Justiceforkids watches Ohio U.S. Congressional hopeful Mary Jo Kilroy lose a close one. Or did she?

Fact is, nobody really knows who actually won that race. Deborah Pryce was named the winner by a nose -- i.e. 1/2 of 1%, or 1,055 votes separates the pair so an automatic recount looms large. Please Join us while my friend Loretta Heard (RIP) takes us on a tour of one of the most memorable Columbus School Board meetings ever, as I seek information about my client's broken nose. Something about being appalled as a black person by Attorney Kilroy's actions in calling the police to threaten public protesters, but I'll let you watch the Justiceforkids video "Advocacy in Action: Then and Now" to hear it for yourself, as I hate to misquote anything.

But all is not lost for Ohio Dems: Ted Strickland and my former boss Lee Fisher were elected Ohio Governor/Lieutenant Governor and Democrat Marc Dann is the new Attorney General. Lee was AG when we defeated Kilroy's law office in this case. Congratulations to those who made it!

26 November 2006

Sun rises for NAACP legal chair Christopher King; sets for groom Sean Bell and his families in NYC.

There will not be any new entries on this blawg relative to my attempts as NAACP legal chair to seek redress for a young man who faced 3 drawn police guns and a visual body cavity search for loitering. Hell I was just trying to make sure this sort of thing never happened. I will, however, be following the case of Sean Bell's fatal shooting at the hands of police, while wondering why his groomsmen (also shot by the police) were handcuffed to their hospital beds, apparently without a warrant.

I'm certain people will try to vilify Reverend Al Sharpton as he attempts to get to the bottom of this. They tried to vilify me in New Hampshire, too -- with bogus Felony Extortion charges and bogus Unauthorized Practice of Law charges, both of which were dismissed prior to trial.

As I noted in the previous post, the sun rose for me at precisely the same time it permanently descended for Sean Bell, his bride and their respective families. May the investigation be thorough, and may he rest in peace -- same as I wish for NH Officer Michael Griggs, apparently murdered in the line of duty.


Related Issue: Mr. Bell and his friends may be Crime Victims. I don't know if NY has a Crime Victims' statute as Ohio does (update: it does but caps lawyer fees at a paltry $1,000.00; I got +twice that in Ohio) where I got my client, Michael Isreal, adjudicated to be a crime victim at the hands of the police in a Driving-While-Black incident on April Fool's Day 1996, as noted herein. Mr. Isreal is the man who sings Negro Spirituals in the KingCast short film, "American Lawyer I" at the acquittal of Columbus, Ohio School Board/City Hall protester Jerry Doyle.

Who is Jerry Doyle? Well I've said a lot about him (and my School Board friends Bill Moss and Loretta Heard, RIP) that you can Google by running their names and mine, but for now I'll let you read this 1999 Columbus Alive feature on Mr. Doyle. You'll never see another story like that again, since the Columbus Dispatch bought them out.

Anyway, I was commended by forward-thinking folks at Columbus Public Schools on Martin Luther King Day for my efforts as a zealous Civil Rights advocate.

Here comes the sun: NH AG Kelly Ayotte to dismiss Unauthorized Practice of Law case against former NAACP chair Christopher King?

As noted in last week's signature post in which I am seen reading Carl T. Rowan's Thurgood Marshall biography "Dream Makers, Dream Breakers" to family matriarch Mother Ann at my law school graduation, this blawg has served its purpose at this point. The offer from Attorney Ayotte is decent, and involves no admission of liability or payment of funds whatsoever. Basically I just keep on doing what I'm doing as I clerk for firms like CP Law Offices as noted herein. The offer will be discussed with learned counsel (actually 3 different partners from 3 different firms) this week, as KingCast also ponders the wonderment of a trial and all of the fun footage that would provide if my Motion for Summary Judgment is not sustained. A trial with the AG would of course also showcase my skills as an extremely competent, well-polished barrister.

Coincidentally, I graced the Ohio AG's office with my skills.
BTW yes, it's that Kilroy.

As noted in this 18 Sept. '06 post, I offered the AG's office to settle this case out months ago for the same terms; they refused just as former Jaffrey Chief Dunn and former Cheshire County Prosecutor Albrecht initially refused to dismiss the Extortion charges they hit me with when I sent Dunn a simple Demand Letter as NAACP legal chair, now both of them are dismissed from office. And the charges were indeed dismissed. Watch KingCast short films Arraignment Press Conference, Lawyerman and Oreo.

What happened was, I hit them both with some very public motions (in Ayotte's case a successful Motion to Strike hearsay and several others noted herein-para. 6) and set the results on this blawg and everything changed, mit der quickness. Achtung, Baby.

"Mother Ann, I know I'll face some challenging times when I get into Civil Rights advocacy," I told her.

It sure seems that way. But I know she's smiling down on me with her signature post, telling me to "keep on keepin' on, Son.".

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22 November 2006

Why Robert Kennedy appears in "Live Revolution" KingCast short film; why "Bobby" will be a success.

While I have quit posting in this blawg I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Bobby Kennedy appears in the KingCast short film "Live Revolution" for 3 reasons:

1: Being politically observant for 2 decades we knew America would soon tire of Republican rule, and then need the most earnest Democratic legend we could find. That's Bobby.

2: Family matriarch Mother Ann liked him the most, over Joe, Jack & Teddy. So did I.

3: He played tennis in the ghetto streets with the likes of Stan Smith & Arthur Ashe -- who told me to go to law school when I interviewed him at Walnut Hills High School in 1989 during his education motivation tour. And that in turn begat the law school nonprofit started by my fiancee and me, the Education Coalition. Click on high-schoolers.

Emilio Estevez has come a long way from Repo Man.

20 November 2006

KingCast and Christopher King thank Mother Ann and chill the blawg.

"Keep on keepin' on, Son," you always told me. Well Mother Ann, that is what I have done, and in this Zen moment I hereby relinquish this blawg for others to ponder and for me to get on with my life again, now that I am essentially free from the wrongful attempts to criminalize me in NH. To recap, those efforts included charging me with Attempted Felony Extortion -- for writing a simple Demand Letter to a police chief regarding an issue of police abuse when I was NH NAACP legal chair. I know that you and your first husband -- as a lawyer -- would appreciate the push for Civil Rights the same way you appreciated looking over my shoulder to hear me read passages from journalist Carl T. Rowan's "Dream Makers Dream Breakers" (story of Thurgood Marshall) at my law school graduation.

Speaking of law school (Case Western '93) Seinfeld got me through it with Jim and Susan Margulies, now donors at Hawken School: Read the "Fair Play" link below. I will never be able to watch the reruns without a sad face after Michael Richards' nigger this, nigger that rant. Discussion about my prior use of the "N-word" is available at this post.

Anyway, I have seen Prosecutor Albrecht hastily resign under an ethics investigation. I have seen Jaffrey Chief Martin Dunn be suspended, asked to leave for $25,000.00 and now he has apparently been fired for cause, according to Judge John P. Arnold. Their case against me was dismissed and I have had most of NH AG Kelly Ayotte's pending Unauthorized Practice of Law case destroyed on hearsay and Civil Procedure failures.

I have made some sort of peace with Nasha NAACP President Gloria Timmons, and have received accolades from Daily Kos, NH Indy Media and friends. Now I am exploring some nice employment options from those who have followed my circumstances and believe in me.

And as noted in this post from earlier today, I (along with Columbus Alive, which is now owned by the Columbus Dispatch) have definitely said a few things about First Amendment protester and activist Jerry Doyle, who continually exposes rampant abuse of trust in Columbus Public schools totalling well over $200K in one instance alone.

James O'Brien's book will be out next year and I've started legal video podcast site KingCast and Justiceforkids with a former administrator of the year, Ms. Kennedy Kent and her husband, James Whitaker -- my 1990's videographer after I was an Ohio AAG. Not bad for the son of cotton-picking negroes from the Dirty South and at 41, I'm just getting started.

I'll keep you posted with any significant developments in the UPL case, but that's about it. It's been quite a ride, even though we're no longer in the little Red Jetta together.

Peace to you in Heaven, and peace for us on This Earth.

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KingCast says you can fight City Hall, but the more things change.....

11 Oct. 2011 -- Update on Jerry Doyle's physical death... his spirit will keep on keepin' on.

I worked for Jesse Jackson in 1984. I worked for Dick Gephardt in 2004. In between I looked like Buddy Holly (or Elvis Costello) and believed you really could fight City Hall, as indicated by the look on my face in this JPEG'd story from the 1999 Columbus Alive -- which was too old for them to even bother to archive. Here's a bit on Jerry Doyle more recently so we can see what happens to him as he complains about the documented +$200K theft in the Columbus School Board by Sherry Bird Long, which landed her a whopping $40/mo payment plan (1/2/3).

BTW, Jerry and I were right about speech policy in Columbus Board meetings as this case that I initiated resulted in a ruling by even arch-conservative Federal Judge Graham that the Board was in violation of viewpoint-based prior restraint principles of law.

NOTE from 2011: Very interesting how certain key documents of mine vanish from the Internet. The complete story from Columbus Alive is now.... gone. I will check for hard copies.

18 November 2006

Christopher King talks with Gloria Timmons. No parody.

So this morning Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons flags me down at the gas station. I stop and we talk; she had an eyelash in her eye actually and I let her use my Rotho Ice to flush it out. She was unaware of NH AG Kelly Ayotte's continuing "case" of Unauthorized Practice of Law and said that she had in fact been praying for me. That makes sense because I've not seen any affidavits from her or anyone else since I got that Hearsay evidence stricken from the record.

I told her that I never wanted things to turn out the way they had, but I felt that my back was up against a wall with their WMUR press conference identifying me as an Extortionist, which as we all know by now is totally false; the case didn't even make it to a Jury even though Chief Dunn (now fired) and Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht (in self exile after the ethics investigation surfaced) -- tried to arrest me twice.

Do I actually forgive Gloria or VP Melanie for incorrectly saying that the NAACP doesn't sue or threaten to sue, or for going State's witness for the rabidinous forces of Dunn and Albrecht? In a word, no.

Does Gloria actually forgive me for the things I've said on this blawg? In a word, no.

But as black people were we willing to share a hug and ponder what really happened out there in Jaffrey and to wish each other the best in our futures? In two words, you bet.

A fascinating turn of events, actually. Now we will wait to see what develops with my Motion for Summary Judgment, Motion for Partial Jury Trial, Motion for Default Judgment and Request for Judicial Notice of Chief Dunn's termination for cause.

Your move, Counselor Ayotte.


PS: Next post..... King shuts down the blawg? Go back the read the very first post forecasting a general discussion on Civil Freedoms, then look what the blawg has become, solely because of the ridiculous criminal/UPL charges. The blawg has served its (readjusted) purpose, i.e. to highlight the lunacy of said charges against me -- the last of which should all be dismissed soon -- and to help usher out two bad law enforcement officials. So I suppose in some ways it couldn't be a better vehicle for its general purpose. But as I told the Court in the above motions it is time for everyone to move on to something new, even as we respectfully note the value and power of the First Amendment to withstand invidious discrimination, 7 times in this case.

17 November 2006

KingCast reviews Dumb and Dumber with NAACP's Gloria Timmons and Melanie Levesque; files Judical Notice request.

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels have got nothing on Nashua NAACP's Gloria Timmons and Melanie Levesque. Only these two idiots could renege on their "love and support" for a bright, earnest brother like me and redirect it for guys like hastily-resigned Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht and recently-fired Jaffrey, NH Police Chief Dunn, whom the town twice tried to pay to go away, as much as 25 large. Betcha' he wishes he took it when he had it :)

Daily Kos says "Congratulations Mr. King!"

Anyway, on Dunn's termination vis a vis NH AG Kelly Ayotte's Unlicensed Practice of Law "case" against me, here's my Request for Judicial Notice and Motion for Default Judgment. Service dates have been changed to the 17th.

The bigger issue, then:

Q: When it is permissible to stick 3 police guns in someone's face and give them a visual body cavity search for loitering when their white friend tells the police they are just waiting on his girlfriend to leave work?

A: Whenever Chief Dunn, Bill Albrecht, Gloria Timmons and Melanie Levesque say it's okay, that's when.

Related KingCast video: Live Revolution, featuring Gill Scott-Heron on the soundtrack and featuring Dunn, Timmons and Levesque in a virtual drive-by through the window of the SAAB after they called their WMUR Indictment press party for me.

16 November 2006

Cheshire County Judge Arnold to Jaffrey Chief Martin Dunn: "Dude... you are so fired!"

We didn't know where he was for a Good While, as he was drawing medical leave, like.... forever, but now we know he is toast. Perhaps his attitude in general, as noted in the bottom of this post, "Civil Rights Conundrum" led to it. Who knows, it's just good that he's gone. One less witness for Kelly Ayotte's "case" against me for Unauthorized Practice of Law, 'yo. He'll get real far in front of this Jury I just requested, right? Methinks he'll be going over like a Led Zeppelin.

Plus, as noted in this Mass Cops forum entry, he couldn't win a case to save his life, including the ones against former Jaffrey Officer Aaron Deboisbriand (whom I believe he fired over a personnel dispute) or me. Hell, for that matter his case against me didn't even make it to trial, 'yo.

He tried to lock me up twice and failed, 'yo.... which in turn led Daily Kos to say: "Congratulations, Mr. King."

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Here we are in our respective elements, in my opinion:

KingCast presents the Civil Rights conundrum: Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Many lawyers have discussed with me the ongoing nature of the ridiculous campaigns against me by Jaffrey Chief Dunn, hastily-resigned Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht and NH AG Kelly Ayotte, in the sense of how to best bring a Civil Rights issue before an unsympathetic ear as a lawyer or as a leader of a Civil Rights organization. Go for the gusto and get a licensed lawyer to immediately sue?

Or do you or try to work things out with a warning letter first?

When I was NAACP Legal Redress Chair I wrote a Demand Letter to Chief Dunn in the same vein as the public comments issued by NAACP executive Jerry Mondesier (1 & 2) but privately. In an email to Jaffrey Chief Dunn involving the 3 police guns and visual body cavity search that Willie Toney sustained for loitering I said that is a good way to keep issue low key and try to resolve matters with some community outreach and sensitivity training. I thought that would be a Good Way to do things, instead of having a duly-licensed attorney just drop the whammy with a friggin' Federal lawsuit, right? I even offered to hold a classroom discussion with the Good Chief where we could discuss the issues in an open forum with the specific stipulation that if anyting specific about the case came up that it would not be admissible at trial. Sounds reasonable, right?

But as I mentioned in this Nashua Telegraph forums post "Some facts about Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons," instead of doing any of that, he got me indicted with the help of Timmons and VP Melanie Levesque, whose penchant for lying is well established.

It all goes back to that pesky NAACP Mission Statement that was materially altered some time after I wrote that Demand Letter to Chief Dunn, but that ain't my fault. But it sure is my issue now that it has been foisted upon me, isn't it? Nice.

Next post I will discuss my First Amendment record over the past fourteen (14) years in further detail.

14 November 2006

NH AG Kelly Ayotte vacations with Flava Flav, Reverend Horton Heat, and My Cousin Vinny; contracts motion sickness.

Parody. While Attorney Ayotte and I both ride bicycles, and in fact have mutual friends, I don't think she has hung out with Flava Flav, Reverend Horton Heat or My Cousin Vinny. But I do fully intend to give her a case of motion sickness -- all valid and sustainable motions, mind you -- for the hell she's putting me through. And as I will detail in my next post, the simple fact is that I am 3-0 in employment cases since I started clerking for CP Law Offices and am now 9-1 in First Amendment cases involving the police, 9-4 overall; that's my turf. Just ask Chief Dunn -- if you can find him.

"I remember Flav from his days with Public Enemy when I was in high school," said NH's leading legal lady of Flav, pictured middle, with Night Nurse Sarah and actor Bill Hamel from the American Lawyer series.
"But he's aged really well and shown a lot of maturity. And I must say he packs quite a wallop in his briefs.... First he prevailed on the Motion to Strike my Hearsay evidence, then he filed a Motion for Summary Judgment to which I've yet to respond, and now this Motion for Partial Jury Trial with his Cousin Vinny as seen in the thumbnails, and with Attachments 1a, 1b, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. And I hear he's got a pending subpoena with Reverend Horton Heat for my lead witness, NAACP's Gloria Timmons. I gotta' say I'm a bit woozy from all the action."

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Non Sequitur: Kelly, the U.S. Death Penalty is riddled with racism.

13 November 2006

KingCast watches my Cousin Vinny cross-examine Charlie Bauer in NAACP First Amendment case.

Parody. It won't go exactly like this, but it will be close:
Q: You got any bias against me that might cause you to lie?
A: No.
Q: Well didn't you and your client laugh at the prospect of me being gang-raped in prison before the Extortion charges were dismissed?
A: No. Well, okay, I snickered a bit.

Q: You told the Court I failed to respond to your discovery requests, didn't you?
A: Yep.
Q: But all the while you were in receipt of the responses seen at Exhibit A, weren't you?
A: Yep. I just said it to get Judge Lynn mad at you. I was abusing my privilege as a Good Ol' Boy.
Q: And you know Judge Lynn ripped me a new one as seen in the Justiceforkids/KingCast video because of that, right?
A: Yeah, I figured since it didn't look like it would happen in prison I would go for it wherever I could, you little jigga'boo.
Q: And just to be clear, Sir, you never contacted me about any discovery dispute before going to the Court, did you?
A: No, that would have been the professional thing to do, plus I knew you had responded anyway.

Q: And did you in fact receive this email chain, also sent to regional NAACP, noting that I had contacted Attorney Andru Volinsky to represent Willie Toney before I knew that he would be Chief Dunn's suspension attorney?
A: Ummm, yeah.
Q: And are you aware that Chief Dunn -- who is a witness in this case -- never provided such emails as exculpatory evidence in my criminal trial?
A: Ummm, I dunno. Whatcha' talkin' bout Willis. Get it? He's an uppity jigga'boo, too, King.

Q: Yeah, whatever. Sir, did I ever say or write anything to you that indicated I was still a licensed attorney that you can produce today?
A: No, not really.

Thank you. Your Honor, I'm done with this guy.

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12 November 2006

Comedians we like part trois: Mark DeMayo stars in Showtime special: "White boyz in the 'hood."

Mark/DeMayo recently told me he'll be on Showtime this week, Thursday, 16 Nov. 11 p. Check him out 'cos he's a damn funny bruvva'. Check this link for the back story on how we met several months ago, why he reminds me of Lenny Bruce, and a quote from that performance that makes you laugh about corporate greed manifest by companies like NAACP buddies Exxon.

Comedians we also like: Tom Daddario, King Richard.

Non-sequitur: Chris King & Reverend Horton Heat say:
"It's Subpoena Time!"

11 November 2006

KingCast and Reverend Horton Heat say, "It's subpoena time!"

Yep. Duces tecum and sung to the tune of "It's Martini Time!" Any and all records, documents, letters, emails and communications received by soon-to-be-nailed at trial Gloria Timmons:

a) that demonstrate or record the deliberations, findings of fact and conclusions of the New England Area Conference (NEAC) relative to my suspension and dismissal as NAACP legal redress chair as referenced per Attachment 1 and;

b) that led Nashua NAACP President Timons to write, on or about 20 Jan. 2005 "Who knows it may not be any grounds to remove you. Everyone loves and support (sic) you," as noted per Attachment 1.

c) that prove that Nashua NAACP President Timmons "got outvoted" (Timmons Depo. p. 121) to place Respondent as legal redress chair, in direct contravention to her 16 Nov. 2005 email stating she "felt comfortable addressing the executive committee about [Respondent's] selection."

There will also be a Motion for Jury Trial on any and all factual issues about what we all thought the powers of the NAACP should be (at least prior to the new, decontented NAACP Mission Statement) pursuant to NH RSA 491:14.

Skip to the comments section to read the Motion and some nice Deposition testimony from Ms. Timmons.

Now that's Rock'n' Roll!

"I seen a young man vigorously trying to stand up for Truth, Justice and the so-called American Way."

Not as young anymore, but still doing it. Watch American Lawyer #1 and the Justiceforkids videos for the back story.

Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons gets nailed at trial.

Attorney Horan and I never got a chance to kick it to her like that on the dismissed criminal case, but if my Motion for Summary Judgment on the Unlicensed Practice of Law case is not sustained, I'll be more than happy to approach her on these material issues involving the First Amendment, the decontented NAACP Mission Statement and the organization's "love and support" for me, all as noted in this post.

Gloria: Have you provided NH AG Kelly Ayotte all of the emails between us? Because if you haven't she's going to look awfully stupid when I finish with her; it will be more embarrassing than the smack down she already took on the hearsay evidence and failure to follow the Rules of Civil Procedure.

The peanut-head gallery wrote in the other day that this is "black on black violence," and it is exactly what The Man wants. Wrong. The Man wants the NAACP to "run me over" as Timmons threatened to do as noted in my successful affidavit. Frankly, I ain't havin' it. See "Day in Nashua" at KingCast.net and the Final Decree denying Timmons' attempts to silence me here.

Related email: NAACP says you need a written complaint to initiate an investigation of police abuse, but not for a titty bar.

Related email: You can't restore a good name if you haven't one in the first place.

Anyway, I captured true black on black violence best in this sepia shot from the streets of Cincinnati in 1990 :)

10 November 2006

KingCast and Christopher King present: The Chinese Wall.

Who hires a guy like me? Some critic (anonymous, naturally) wrote in the other day that I'm receding in life, like my hairline, etc. etc., blah, blah, blah.

Well first off, my hairline is only marginally receding: At 41 there's still not a hint of grey in it, and I clip it close because I like it that way. Big Hair for me was the 90's and this is soon-to-be the 10's. But more important than that, I am well aware that this entire blawg and my web presence about my tenure as NH NAACP legal chair is as indelible for me as it is for my detractors, like Jaffrey Chief Martin Dunn, hastily-retired Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht, NH AG Kelly Ayotte, NAACP's Gloria Timmons & Melanie Levesque.

All of these people continue to draw salaries despite discipline in office or ethical investigations or the telling of outright lies -- while I struggle to put my life back together to be the valued employee I once was, having co-founded Justiceforkids, making KingCast movies and prevailing on a bogus Attempted Felony Extortion case for get this: Threatening that the NAACP would sue a police department for their cops pulling 3 guns on a guy and subjecting him to a visual body cavity search for the crime of LOITERING.

That whole case was an insane fiasco, and the downside nonetheless is that a lot of employers will reject me for that. The upside is that I know that the ones who don't will not end up treating me or other people in the manner that American Tower or the NAACP did: They covered up workplace labor violations and changing Mission Statements as noted in this Open Letter to Governor Deval Patrick. Right now, the hunt is extremely promising, but that is the private side of my life that no one in the blogosphere will ever know about. That is a Chinese Wall. All they will know is the persona of a man who faced the cannons of the New England hate mongers and landed on his feet.

In the end America is indeed a Free Country -- as long as you are willing to take some lumps to prove it.

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Peace to all, and here's to an honest life and a strong hairline :)

KingCast and Christopher King bid goodnight to Ed Bradley, Gerald Levert and Jack Palance.

I had the honor of meeting Ed Bradley, one of the World's finest journalists, at a rip-roaring show featuring all of J.B.'s boys George Clinton, Maceo Parker and Bootsy Collins -- all on stage at once -- where this picture was taken. He was an eminently approachable figure, full of life and vitality that were taken by health complications related to leukemia far too early, at 65.

As a former reporter I (and many/others) will dearly miss his presence; he was indeed a "reporter's reporter."

Damn. I guess they do come in threes, with homie Gerald Levert passing along with veteran actor Jack Palance -- who at least got to live a full life. We were all so proud of Gerald (son of Ohio legend Eddie from the O'Jay's) when we were in high school, in the Heights and now he's gone at 40; a year younger than me. Ouch. That's why I stay upbeat because no matter what kind of bullshit I face, I've still got my health.

Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons "loved and supported" Christopher King until the Mission Statement changed.

Gloria Timmons never had a problem with me, and we discussed my whole life story when I went to her to help find employment at the NH Job Security Office, where she told me in her dilbert, "New Hampshire is full of crackers, anyway." She continually lies her head off about me.

Proof? Some I will wait until the Unauthorized Practice of Law trial in January to bust out, but for now just read this email she sent on 20 Jan '05, almost an entire month after I sent the Demand/Letter to Chief Dunn, and almost 3 weeks after she heard back from him on 4 Jan. '05. Dunn, BTW, stated in his Deposition that he was not aware I had read these police reports prior to issuing the letter, but anyone reading the letter can clearly see otherwise.

The difference in Gloria's stance is the new NAACP Mission Statement, as noted in this open letter to Massachusetts Governer-elect Deval Patrick, regarding Boston NAACP President Lenny Alkins, to whom I copied the Demand Letter the day after I wrote it. Got proof of that, you bet. If I sold out like that I would hide my face, too. People who really "love and support" me write letters like the one on the left.

For my peanut-head gallery gawkers: If you have any other questions on credibility (as with bias, always at issue at trial) please read NAACP Veteran Chair Cleaven Ferguson's Affidavit at this post -- the real one, not the one that Timmons try to force him to notarize. That's called witness tampering per RSA 641:5.

If my Summary Judgment Motion the UPL case is not sustained, it will be a fun trial, at least for KingCast and the Internet community; less so for the haters. Time to turn up the heat & break out the rotisserie hog pit again, or "rotillery" as Timmons erroneously called it.