31 July 2006

KingCast and Justiceforkids still question Columbus Public Schools Attorney Giselle Johnson's ethics.

Just an update to a previous post, check the comments and read the public records request from JFK to the School Board regarding attorney fees.

Our new movie, "Then and Now" should launch this evening on Justiceforkids.net, just in time for the school board meeting tomorrow.

KingCast shows jacked-up Jaffrey, NH Police Roll Call.

Now that Chief Dunn has taken a sabbatical of sorts, any new patrolman candidate will contact Lieutenant Bill Oswalt -- the same fellow who was in command while Dunn was on suspension, IIRC. They need two (2) new officers -- and a fully-functional phone system -- but Chief Dunn has brought such a stain to the area that they must be giving heavy incentives for anyone to come, eh?

"May we interest you in a free, lightly-used copy of Civil Rights and Police Procedure....."

30 July 2006

KingCast presents: Hodad's Bar & Grille!

The reviews say it all for this Hampton Roads fine + casual dining spot. That's my tennis-playin' brother Randall and me hanging out in 2004 on one of my return visits; I am well overdue for another one. A bullshit indictment will definitely hamper your travel plans, folks. If you go be sure to ask for him and bartender Chandler; she rocks! When I lived there I was drivin' the little Bimmer and puttin' up lotsa' wireless towers. The review above is for Lock's Point restaurant, same kitchen, same great food, but the bands played over at the bar by the outside deck at Hodad's..... That's where the kewl folks hung out, but they let me in regardless =^.)

KingCast pays homage to BMW, the king of sport sedans.

Cracks me right up that so many young BMW people -- even at BMW stores -- had no idea what I was driving a few years ago (a '74 2002tii) when I told them "I need a shift knob for a 2002" they come out and see my car and ask "where's the 2002?"

"Right in front of you."

Really cool 2002 article #1 from BMW.
Really cool 2002 article #2 from Privateer.

Anyway, I'm bored while my film crew is finalizing colour and sound on "Then and Now," so I linked to my favorite (affordable) car, and also figured in light of recent Tracksy activity that I would now link to my favorite and most accurate description of the clusterfuck that occurred between American Tower Corporation and the NAACP, with both of them hating my guts. One of them paid for for it in cash -- although I had to lose the tii to Alex Vogel Restoration in the melee -- and one of them is paying for it every day on this blawg.

Irony -- or not: Mr. Vogel's shop, where I love to hang out, is right smack next door to the Dublin Police Station, where Chief Letourneau came from that fateful night to help draw guns on Willie Toney. We've got footage of me dancing on the bumper of the now mint-condition tii and we'll use it one of these days, but probably not before I buy another one.

And for trailblazing female automotive journalist Jean Lindamood-Jennings (Car & Driver, Automobile) yes, dear you have no idea how many hours I spent next to your beautiful 3.0CSi coupe, arcticblau with the 5 spoke Campagnolo rims.

Long live old BMWs; get parts for them at 2002AD.

KingCast notes: If Mel Gibson had been a nigger, or a poor white man, they would have whupped his ass and shot him.

Instead they tried to cover up his actions, which he himself has said were out of control. Here's the current blog peace from TMZ.com (KingCast is comment #100) and here is the one with the 4pp. PDF of the cover-up. At p5, 8 lines from bottom, it reads: Gibson "attempted to escape arrest."

As NPR and I showed you, they beat niggers for less in Chicago, and in Jaffrey, NH they pull guns on niggers, give them visual body cavity searches, hit them with bogus "stalking" charges -- and then try to go after a zealous NAACP official who approaches the government for redress on behalf of the nigger with (failed) Extortion charges!

Using a now-vacant, on indefinite medical leave, Chief of police in Jaffrey, NH who consistently treated me in the manner of an asshole.

And the NAACP, punch-drunk but cash-rich from all the corporate dick they inhale, goes right along with the program, in violation of NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415 (1963). Nice.

Any minute now, we'll take a look at the short film, "Then and now" at KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net to see where I've stood on the issues -- keeping my knees clean -- over the past decade.

KingCast presents: A comment on Qana.

this is an audio post - click to play
One World
Do I think the (German) Holocaust was one of the worst things the World has ever seen? Yes. Did my significant other and I visit the Holocaust Museum in 1994, shortly after it opened to pay our respects? Yes. Did she and I both weep? Yes. Were most of my childhood and subsequent friends and mentors Jewish? Yes.

But did I live with a Lebanese family for a summer in undergrad? Yes. And do I think Isreal and the U.S. are up to No Good in Lebanon and elsewhere, which has an interesting antecedent in 1996? Yes.

Regard "Truth Will Set you Free" law student-blogger qrswave's post on this, with slideshow images. qrswave and other bright folks have dropped by on this blog from time and time or blogrolled me; we keep in touch on the important things and I'm certain he will enjoy our new jointly-hosted video on Justiceforkids.net and KingCast.net premiering in the next few hours, "Then and Now," because he hates government corruption, lies and deception just as much as I do.

29 July 2006

NHPR publishes KingCast on NH Doctor Terry Bennett vis a vis NAACP and Jaffrey Chief Dunn.

It's an interesting thread. Dr. Bennett -- ahem -- acquits himself fairly well in theory, regarding his comment about white women and obesity, but in application take a look around New Hampshire: How many white men do you see with obese white women? A ton :)

So I stand by my comments. That's the beauty of the First Amendment -- something that Ransmeier & Spellman's own Charlie Bauer, Esq, Mary Jo Kilroy and NH Superior Court Chief Justice Robert Lynn, who presided over this fiasco, are about to see in blinding detail when "Then and Now" premieres tomorrow evening or thereabouts on Justiceforkids.net and KingCast.net.

PS: Hey "Smoking Gun" Charlie, how's your client enjoying his sabbatical? Perhaps you'll wish to join him after you watch yourself on video -- in open court -- refuse to shake my hand in the same fashion your sidekick Maria Proulx did just outside the door of said court.

KingCast.net: Because payback is a motherfucker =^.)

KingCast receives ad hominem diatribe on Strickland vs. Blackwell.

Comment #2 from this post just in from Columbus basically says Strickland is
a) a homosexual who hangs around people who might be pedophiles;
b) alleges through innuendo linking Strickland with John Wayne Gacy, that he too, exhibits "classic behavior of gay pedophiles,"
c) alleges that Strickland's wife is a lesbian.

My response is that even if all that were true, the writer has done nothing to dispel the popular, and correct notion that Ken Blackwell is a lying and evil piece of shit who lied on his blog about his affiliation with the Council for National Policy, not to mention the Diebold debacle and his pending qui tam litigation filed by RFK, Jr. Heck, if I were in Columbus I would vote for Bob Fitrakis anyway, at least he had the balls to represent Jerry Doyle in the fight against corruption in Columbus Public Schools, as I did successfully in 1998 as you can see in "American Lawyer #1" at KingCast.net.

And wait until you see our new movie in the next day or so, "Then and Now," featuring, inter alia, Loretta Heard blasting Mary Jo Kilroy, Esq. and see exactly why Messrs. Doyle and Fitrakis (and I) were all correct then... and now.

Breaking news: Read this Columbus Dispatch link about GOP Chairman Bob Bennett firing GOP paid shill Gary Lankford and the comments section to this post to see if the GOP may have had something to do with disseminating this hateful information in the first instance.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: Straight, but not narrow.

KingCast presents: One more reason Jaffrey Chief Marty "Absentia" Dunn is an asshole.

Someone at NH Underground asked me if I caused his departure and I noted that between folks who exercise their First Amendment Rights like Bad Cop News and myself -- showing him commit perjury -- it may be possible. I don't know.

What I do know is that he has consistently acted in the manner of an asshole toward me. He're an excerpt from my reply:
Marty wrote to the NAACP brass about me: "You are obviously a disturbed individual. Your fantasies about your past accomplishments is remarkable.....I wonder what else I will find when I look into your activities in the five states you've moved into and out of in the past 5 years."
What an asshole. I moved a lot because I was busy working in telecom erecting towers that police often use in their endeavors to catch criminals and to otherwise serve the public.

Chief Dunn: I personally helped in negotiations with EMS and area Police on dozens of occasions you fucking hater. And when you wrote that, I had actually been living in the same zip code in NH for nearly 3 years anyway.

Watch the new movie, "Then and Now" set to premier at KingCast and on Justiceforkids any day now.

Note: The Ku Klux Klan stuff in the photo is a parody, but that Massey-Ferguson does resemble an albatross. It's in the nose, the beady eyes and the shape of the head, 'yo.

28 July 2006

KingCast receives kudos from Nashua through Michael Gannon's family.

Michael Gannon's sister dropped in to holler today. The bogus wiretap case against him for taping police at his own home continues to disintegrate, just as the "case" against me continues to do the same, with Jaffrey Chief Dunn all AWOL and shit.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: We'll never call in sick.

KingCast sees Exxon share $10.4B quarterly rape proceeds with NAACP.

New York Daily News' Bill Hutchinson reports:
"Exxon Mobil's bloated revenues were the second-highest quarterly profits for a publicly-traded U.S. Company -- behind the $10.9 billion it earned in the fourth quarter of 2005."
Coincidentally -- or perhaps not -- I told you about the NAACP and corporate fellatio just the other day, in which my Uncle noted the presence of such such sexual activity is precisely what made me expendible. And just before that, I showed you why Saudi-lovin' oil magnate Dubya' is busy drillin' for crude nuggets up NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon's narrow black ass.

An astute mind at Daily Kos summarized the problem nicely right here with some musical accompaniement by Ike and Tina Turner. Keep in mind that Exxon is a major contributor to the NAACP, natch.

Suggested listening: Myth of Rock, by Consolidated!; Disposable Heroes of Hipoprisy and Spearhead/Michael Franti, whose new Album "Yell Fire" just debuted and who appears on this blawg with respect to American Tower Corporation's failed attempt to eviscerate it.

Suggested viewing: "Day in Nashua" at KingCast.net. I tell you why in the comments.

27 July 2006

KingCast prepares to launch "Then and Now."

Every time we put something up on line time seems to stand still in a post-production maze of ideological differences, that when coupled with an infectious excitement amongst the camp, escalates things to a fever pitch. "Then and Now," set to premiere sometime this weekend, may well be our best work yet -- because it's actually been ten (10) years in the making and will be co-hosted on Justiceforkids.net.

This five (5) minute piece will stand in eloquent rebuttal to anyone -- such as the shallow NAACP-lovin' "liberals" at Daily Kos -- who claim to have a doubt about my professionalism in a courtroom, or about the way the courts in this country really work to deprive people of their basic fundamental rights.

KingCast asks: Is Jaffrey all Dunn yet?

this is an audio post - click to play
Truth hits everybody
There's a new Sheriff in town -- and his name is Bill Oswalt. Jaffrey NH Police Chief Dunn, who can't buy a job to save his life, has taken a medical leave from his position and there is no date certain when he will return, reports the Peterborough Transcript and Bad Cop News.

"It is indefinite," said Town Selectman Chair Frank Sterling.

I suppose you want me to show some class here, right? Some measure of respect for the fallen? Well fuck that, not after the bullshit he's put me through. Pick a fight with me and I'll knock your ass out like Sonny Liston, foo'. I save the respect for former classmates like Tom Cole Hawken '81 or John Lenear, my Call & Post Editor -- who actually deserve it. I hope that hater Dunn and his sidekick Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons feel the pain, dammit. Got some good video coming this weekend to aid in that endeavor. But I wish his family all the best. It's not their fault he turned out to be such an albatross.

KingCast.net: Float like a butterfly....

KingCast says goodnight to Tom Cole, '81.

Unbelievable tragedy has again struck the Hawken Community. First Grant Roth, Esq. left our midst far too early because of a congenital heart defect. He was very tight with David Cole, Esq. with whom I attended Case Western Law school. But I've actually known Tom and David since 1972, I guess -- back when Tom stuck "little" David through a laundry chute and broke his arm IIRC :)

We all went to Hawken School, and like every young man we believed ourselves immunized against our own mortality. Grant was a great guy. Tom was a great guy. And David is still a great guy; he grew to be a pretty big guy since Hawken; bigger than me and with a ferocious return of serve, god I hated serving to him during our law school breaks. Breaks of serve that was, more against me than him! We were DC and CK, always shootin' the shit, always cool.

I spoke with him about a year ago not long after he bought a summer camp in New Hampshire (more on this momentarily) about the madness that has become KingCast.net. And we are all friends with one Terry Gilbert, Esq. and we are all progressive Cleveland East siders: Tom and David's family were the minority owners of the Cleveland Browns who wanted to do right by the City but who ultimately got duped by Art Modell's Baltimore Raven pick-up-and-go swindle -- no privity of contract between the city and the Browns because of Modell's "Stadium Corp" -- leaving an entire town morally broken some 15 years ago.

Those of us fortunate enough to be alive today bear an incumbent duty to make a difference in this World; that is what KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net is all about, and that is why David runs Camp Robin Hood in New Hampshire, which is where Tom was headed when he died of a heart attack. Now I have to call David and I just don't know what to say. The news in my email box from school is in the comments section.

DC: You and Jamie hang in there my brother. Keep the faith in your toughest time, and when you feel like you can laugh again go watch soccer mom Molly make a cameo in "Little Man." It's stupid and mindless, mindless and stupid -- and makes no pretense at being anything else. But about half an hour into it, I laughed my head off for a few minutes, so that and seeing Molly again were worth the price of admission. Now I will go cry for you.


Justiceforkids.net is making a difference in Columbus Public Schools.

Dig this 21 July post questioning the ethics of former School Board Attorney Giselle Johnson with respect to how they are backpeddling on the Due Process hearing with Ms. Perkins and her son. And our "Then and Now" movie short is almost ready for folks like Mary Jo Kilroy and her successors!

Now here is an most interesting email from JFK to Columbus School Board requesting more information about payroll and attorneys that they must provide -- sooner or later......
July 26, 2006 - 2:04 p.m.

Superintendent Gene Harris
Columbus Public Schools
270 E. State Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

cc: Columbus Board of Education Members

Dear Superintendent Harris:

We are still requesting to review and/or copy the public records of the attorneys paid with taxpayer's dollars under the Ohio Public Records and Freedom of Information Act.

All signed contracts, any amendments to signed contracts, agreements, invoices, and request for payments and payments as well as compensations according to Board action applicable to administrative positions made to the attorneys named below from the 2002 fiscal year to the present:

Linda Mosbacher
Robert St. Clair
Marcie Scholl
Barbara Levy
Ron Alexander
Michael Latas
Kimberly S. Kondalski or Watkins, Bates & Carey Law Firm
Gentile & Cooper Law Firm
Giselle Johnson

Karin Rilley
Loren Braverman

In addition, we are requesting the Board minutes and/or board information which indicates these monies allocated to the above attorneys were approved by the Columbus Board of Education.

We are requesting the board decision allowing Giselle Johnson and Karin Riley to end their signed contracts that took effect August 2004, but were not scheduled to end until July 31, 2006, especially since you are again requesting the Board contract with Giselle Johnson and allowing her to represent the Columbus Board of Education in matters that constitute serious and harmful conflicts of interest. WE WANT TO REVIEW AND/OR COPY BOARD APPROVED AMENDMENTS TO GISELLE JOHNSON AND KARIN RILEY'S CONTRACTS.

Please have said documents ready for review and/or copy by Friday, July 28, 2006. We would like to have some time to review these documents before the Board meeting to be held August 1, 2006.
KingCast and Justiceforkids.net can't wait to see w'happens next.....

KingCast watches Nashua PD drop Michael Gannon case like a hot potato.

Okay, so Dvorak Uncensored linked to this blawg and to KingCast.net because I told you right here that the whole case was bullshit; i.e. charging a man with felony wiretap violations for audio-video taping the police at his own home. Well apparently Nashua PD is now aware of the error in their ways, as they failed to bring their probable cause case yesterday in Nashua (Union Leader story) instead sending it off for the Grand Jury, which will probably throw that bullshit out -- along with the new charge of tape tampering -- quicker than you can say "malicious prosecution."

A Grand Jury would have thrown my case out in Cheshire County, as well if Prosecutor Albrecht would have actually let me come before said Jury (as I requested) and if he had not improperly told said Jury that I had no Good Faith basis that the NAACP would sue Jaffrey PD because, according to the Nashua NAACP and him, the entity does not sue, or threaten to sue parties. Yeah, right.

Anyway, funny how all the media has stopped covering my case though, except for the Keen Sentinel piece which was fundamentally flawed correction issued here because of all the trickery set forth by Prosecutor Albrecht in my case on the day of trial -- dropping the felony charges to trick me into agreeing to a bench trial, then adding a contempt of court charge in order to circumvent well-established NH law (i.e. State v. Erickson, State v. Summers and progeny) that the prosecutor cannot materially change a Grand Jury Indictment.

KingCast is hip to your tricks, Bill. And we've got most of them preserved in video for future viewing pleasure.

26 July 2006

KingCast welcomes NH Dr. Terry Bennett and the First Amendment.

Dr. Bennett's successful First Amendment defense (noted here on NHPR) of his extremely unprofessional conduct is going to be great for Cheshire County Judge Arnold if any measure of prosecution is to continue against me. Here's why:

Everybody knows that any criminal case against me for anything is sheer and utter poppycock, particularly in light of the case law established in NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415 (1963) as this syllabus shows, and in light of the fact that the testimony and exhibits will show that all I did was issue an extremely professional Demand Letter and attempt to forward a case of likely police abuse to several duly-licensed New Hampshire attorneys, none of whom found it frivolous or thought that I was holding myself out as a licensed attorney. In so doing I used the First Amendment speech of a Civil Rights organizer, again in line with Button, supra, complaining that police treatment occasioned against Willie Toney was wrong -- "irrespective of race" -- as I clearly noted in this Peterborough Transcript story back on arraignment day.

So then New Hampshire stands in a unique position: As the last state in the Union to respect Dr. Martin Luther King, it can allow a totally unprofessional white male doctor to hide behind the cloak of the First Amendment for issuing racist statements while slamming me for using the First Amendment to forward legitimate concerns of police abuse!

To wit, a man who faced three (3) drawn guns, a visual body cavity search and a bogus "trespassing" charge that he beat pro se. Funny, this feels a lot like what happened to me in Ohio, where white folks got away with making racist comments and I got in trouble. I'll let my lawyers and my writer worry about that, but Dr. Bennett was able to enjoin any disciplinary action based on his First Amendment Rights, just as any Civil Rights Organization should enjoy the First Amendment Right to issue a Demand Letter to the police after careful review of relevant police reports and dismissal of the underlying charges against the Defendant.

It's simple: The mere fact that your speech upsets someone should not subject you to professional or criminal sanction, especially when that speech is tied to a First Amendment case like NAACP v. Button, supra -- as Philadelphia NAACP President Jerry Mondesier would concur.

Suggested viewing 1: "Press Conference" at KingCast.net

Suggested viewing 2: Judge Arnold in "Oreo," at KingCast.net

Blawg Yahtzee: What I said about Dr. Bennett on 27 October 2005. Besides being an ass, he's ignorant because I can personally tell him that plenty of white boys try to get next to my gal pal Sarah -- she's got a certain way about her and she's sexy. Too bad they just can't measure up, so I'll take spoils to the victor, Dr. Bennett: You wish you had some nookie that good but she'll give you a heart attack you old Viagra-huffin' racist motherfucker.

25 July 2006

KingCast notes: NAACP is bound to fuck somebody every day.

If it's not Nashua NAACP Executive Committee member Claire Holston popping my cherry, it's former National President/CEO Kweisi Mfume allegedly fucking a subordinate, or current National President/CEO Bruce Gordon making the two-headed beast with Dubya' and other MNC's.

KingCast.net: Fucking hootlarious.

Update: Boric Acid and other contaminants mailed in threatening letters to the NAACP. That's ridiculous; perhaps we can get couple of the guys from MassCops.com to help investigate while they're not busy sutting down my comment thread while showing their fucking ignorance on the etymology of the word "blawg" ("It's blog, dawg") and calling the NAACP the "National Association of Asshole Colored People," as noted right fucking here.

KingCast site of the Day: Anonymous Lawyer

Congrats to Jeremy Blachman, Esq. on launching his new book, Anonymous Lawyer. I've been following this for some time, received his email today and look forward to reading it, just as a whole bunch of people will enjoy reading the James O'Brien book about me, which is more of a multi-media effort of course because it will contain references and links to online video from KingCast.net, my video podast site. Based on our review and information, ain't no other lawyers have a video podcast site using actual courtroom footage, relating to First Amendment cases BTW. Pretty cool, huh? Even if I'm not regarded as a media blogger, that simply makes the story all the more compelling in a teasingly spiteful way =^.)

So once people see what truly happened to my license in Ohio, and what is truly happening out there in Jaffrey, NH and see what kind of worker I truly am, they will no doubt react in like manner to this New England area school teacher and right-minded folks at Daily Kos.

That's what people are talking about.

23 July 2006

KingCast presents: Blackballed NIMBY fighter.

Not In My Back Yard with that 125' monopole wireless communications tower, you don't.
Well, fact of the matter is, I did. Never once late on a zoning application from Va. Beach all the way up to Richmond. Did many a balloon test; drove up to them in the (sometimes) trusty BMW 2002tii. Never once denied. Made good friends with municipalities all over the place (see comments section for explanation of "stealth" towers). Made certain that single (white) mothers got the towers on their property whenever possible, BTW to help with finances. That's the same sort of spirit that led me to write this email to American Tower in 2000 while I worked for Pyramid, actually -- as noted over at KingCast video "American Lawyer #2." I'm good at erecting towers; that's why I was a good corporate shill for the bastards at American Tower Corp.

But since I busted on American Tower and got them hit with a $300K overtime judgement you but I'm blackballed in that and many other industries. Now I can show you that all that noise they teach you in Law School about Truth, Justice and the American Way is just that: Noise.

Chief Dunn and Gloria Timmons: Despite what both of you agree on, and you both consider me a "grandstander" (actually a word supplied by liarhead Attorney Charlie Bauer at Gloria's Deposition as noted on 13 Nov. 2005) those accomplishments are hardly figments of my imagination. The both of you are a blight on the landscape of Civil Rights; like a washed-up walrus on the beach, you're blocking my sun.

Blawg Yahtzee: The 5 years of my life that Marty is looking for.

22 July 2006

KingCast presents: Word! A media war.

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The Who

People try to put us down.... just because we g-g-g-get around....

This is Word! #1.

Blawg Yahtzee: Daily Kos Tip Jar + What people are saying about KingCast.net.

KingCast witnesses more NAACP malfeasance; this time in N. Carolina for misuse of corporate funds.

Looks like somebody didn't know the internal rules, yet again. I've been noting for some time now that NAACP does not know its ass from a hole in the wall -- even coming after me for doing what I was supposed to do as Legal Redress Chair in Nashua, NH (BTW the last state in the Union to honor Martin Luther King) pursuant to NAACP v. Button. In this case area President Stephen Hairston is accused of wrongdoing; we'll see how it goes. In my case, as witnessed in Button, supra, they repeatedly lied under Oath and tried to have me arrested in a bogus Attempted Felony Extortion case while jumping in the sack with Jaffrey NH Chief Dunn. Again, I will legally haunt these negroes until the day I die.

Ooooh, ooooh, Mr. Kotter I know, I know: Remember the 2 September 2005 subpoena that NAACP attorney Angela Ciccolo, Esq. got away without answering? In said subpoena I asked her about relevant information on the fact that Earnest Johnson -- an NAACP Louisiana State President had misused letterhead, which was what I was accused of doing as a mere Legal Redress Chair who had no formal training at the time I allegedly miscued. Anyway, that case against me is in a shambles now, you bet.

[Update]: They sort of cleared those niggas, but never an explanation as to why the niggas in Nashua got away with what they did -- and there is an interesting irony here: In the premier of Niggas, I showed you how NAACP Executive Committee member and ass-bleeder Claire Holston used the Nashua and Hudson Chamber of Commerce rosters for her own personal playground after I people on the board of my non-profit group (second paragraph) were kind enough to forward them to me for the betterment of the organization as a whole. A whole that is -- not one asshole.

The parallel: Hairston on another occasion was accused of using the membership roster to call voters in an election.

And even then, Nashua NAACP President Timmons, who allegedly "loved and supported me" lied about being in receipt of the Hudson Chamber of Commerce roster; read her sworn deposition testimony at PPS 2 from this 8 Jan. 2006 post reflecting on my interview with former Boston NAACP President Louis Elisa.

In any event, I have posted this entry and the one above it to WSJ writer Dan Galindo at dgalindo@wsjournal.com.

NOTE: All of that pales in comparison to what we're reviewing right now, but loose lips sink ships.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: Rockin' the Casbah.
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The Clash

KingCast site of the day: Pandagon blog.

Oh, and that's not just because they reference this blawg on the Ken Blackwell issue. It's because we have similar sensibilities politically and both of us enjoy the full multimedia/envelope that the Internet has to offer, which includes the ability to post ridiculous Blackwell campaign ads for public inspection.

Blawg Yahtzee: Ain't I a media blogger?

21 July 2006

KingCast says goodnight to John Lenear.

Dear John,

I am saddened at your departure from this World. God knows we had our disagreements when I worked at the Call & Post that led me to the IndyStar, but most of those were internal. I know you and I agreed on all the major stuff, like Ken Blackwell. And ironically -- or perhaps not -- I wrote of our boss, John Bustamante, Esq. just after you died this week, though I had no idea of your passing until an hour ago when my mother told me. You were my first boss in my first real job after graduation as a reporter and now I can write and you cannot. I thank you for everything, Man -- arguments and all. Now I gotta' go John. I'm crying for Pete's sake. Okay, I'm a man and all.... so I'm misty-eyed, 'yo.


KingCast notes that NAACP + Bush have already forged an alliance on NCLB.

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Love fest parody
Damn I forgot when I told you about the para-military complex Love-Fest yesterday that these two have been doin' the nasty for some time now, leaving some shit-stained-sheets in Connecticut. Sadly, the sexplay involves children.

Justice for Kids asks: Is Columbus Attorney Giselle Johnson unethical per EC 9-3?

Attorney Johnson was my evidence-dodging nemesis for a coupla' years when I sued Columbus School Board for the Due Process violations of my erstwhile beer-quaffing buddy Mary Jo Kilroy -- who looks for all the World like she could use a cold one in this picture :) Now she's left and/or been fired by Columbus Public Schools and has pending Bar complaints against her by for her conduct in connection with said employment, but that isn't stopping her or the school district from allowing her to represent the district in the matter of SE-1830-2005 (Lance Perkins).

PS: Mary Jo, the editing is coming along just fine; you can watch Mrs. Heard blast your ass for calling the police to intimidate School Board public speakers next week on Justiceforkids.net and KingCast.net =^.)

20 July 2006

John Kerry slams Ken Blackwell; supports KingCast!

Well not really; instead he was busy telling me I should have worked for him instead of Dick Gephardt in between takes for his "no blood for oil" TV spot, which ironically -- or perhaps not -- was shot from the end of my driveway, exactly where I shot Cockpit #1. Anyway, he lost in no small part due to the arguably lawless activity of Ken Blackwell and Diebold, Inc. -- the subjects of this prior blawg entry today.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: Carefully watching the World around us, taking notes and making movies.