07 July 2020

KingCast Sees Judge Wade Padgett Violate First Amendment, Georgia & ADA Law in Bogus VA Whistleblower Criminal Case.

A reporter -- Sandy Hodson and the Augusta Chronicle -- are  being sued for basically being shills for the corrupt VA because she is helping them to criminalize whistleblowers like Jeffrey Blochowicz. 

She never even attempts to contact the whistleblowers while putting at least one of them in a very negative False Light... so much so that police protection was called for him because she helped make it appear that he was a violent white man who harmed a black man in the wake of the Gregory Floyd tragedy. The case never should have even happened for lack of subject matter jurisdiction, lack of proof on the merits, and many other reasons but the punk Defense Lawyer Hank Crane FINALLY --- after much pressure -- filed a Speedy Trial Motion to Dismiss. The kicker is that this case has been sitting like the stale turd that it really is... for years already. Crane didn't do shit until a number of us directly confronted him because his ass is part of La Machine as well. Tsk, Tsk.....

Folks are working on the lawsuit now and I can't wait to see their final product so I can post it here.


04 July 2020

KingCast Says: I Love America Because We Are Free to Criticize America.

This was a live Facebook video... with horrible visual optics on a perfectly clear day. I have no idea why an $1,100 iPhone could make videos that appear to be shot with a potato. And I have to get another mic for it too because I stepped on my last one and it's clear that the phone is worthless without one. 
I'm about to stop going live because of this and just shoot my DSLR and post. But anyway I love my Country. Just because I have LEGITIMATE CONCERNS does not make me a traitor, a hater or a black racist against whites. But we can't just wish the past (and present) away when my video client is called a moulie at New York Life, and when I cannot say that I was being treated like a nigger on Facebook -- when a white woman is free to refer to herself as "cracker trash." Lawsuit update. It's bullshit. And the people who stick their heads in the sand are the real traitors. Meanwhile I'm also quite sure that YouTube has totally castrated my black ass these days. I used to get LOTS of hits, but this is what happens with corporatization of everything. These companies are basically all pieces of shit and they have usurped the function of the public street corner but with virtually no accountability whatsoever. It's rape, pillage, plunder, rinse repeat. Ciao.

01 July 2020

KingCast Explains Why BLM Must Denounce Statue Desecration and Violence.

G-Day folks, I am not in favor of Looting or Statue Desecration and I want BLM to openly condemn all of that.

Uncle Tomism creeping into the house Mr. King?

Not on your life.

I have a materially different route that will make for a materially better World and it's called BLAM!

Black American Moments in U.S. History. 

The Statues must be surrounded and put in context with Counter-speech and education in our schools not only for the benefit of the students in elementary school but for their teachers who are suffering from a white-washed eduction ab initio.

I know Arthur Ashe is excited right now but also pained by what his soul is seeing. I've read his books. I've interviewed him. I think the desecration of his statute and that of others would greatly trouble him. As it is I visited his statue in Richmond when I lived in VA and when you see it, you know it stands in eloquent rebuttal to the others:  Give a black man even close to the same chance and look what he can do.

But don't erase the old. Make it a point of honest communication and sharing, because without it, we will go nowhere.

Back to BLM..... they need to address the economic situation more, such as NYLife calling my video client "a mollie" and losing and settling lawsuits that Major Press won't talk about.

KingCast Sees Derelict Lawyer Hank Crane Finally File VA Whistleblower Jeffrey Blochowicz Speedy Trial Motion to Dismiss.

A Motion to Dismiss on the merits and lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction should have been filed months or years ago, fact. I had assumed, incorrectly, that Speedy Trial had been waived. Will the snaky Augusta Chronicle “reporter” Sandy Hodson report this or ever tell the true story? A False Light Defamation lawsuit will clear things up.
See the Back Story here.

Derelict Lawyer Finally Files VA Whistleblower Jeffrey Blochowicz Speedy Trial Motion to Dismiss. by Christopher King on Scribd

20 June 2020

KingCast Presents: Two Buses for Men who Just Didn't Care for Trivial Meaningless Life.



Yesterday Alaska Officials and a massive Chinook Chopper removed Christopher McCdandless's Magic Bus from the Denali wilderness because it had become a deadly attractive nuisance. But Liko Kenney's bus in Easton/Franconia to my knowledge is still there although I have not seen it in a couple of years. Liko's friends and I have partied on that bus. I have slept on that bus when it was cold AF outside, keeping a timer on my phone to make sure the stove didn't go out LOL. 

Take a look at Circle of Stones: The Liko Kenney story. Hollywood is on hold right now but a couple of paths are emerging on this. Peace and Love, Aloha. 

PS: I am now reviewing power/torque/thrust specs on that chopper. The latest mainstream generation is the CH-47F, which features several major upgrades to reduce maintenance, digitized flight controls, and is powered by two 4,733-horsepower Honeywell engines. It will top 200mph. Wow.

14 June 2020

Unity Walk Arlington WA 2020 with KingCast and Three Dog Night.

Police have the toughest job in the World. We have to make their lives as simple as possible. They also owe us a duty of good policing. There is a certain universality to the importance of eradicating bad law enforcement. And of course we need to open our ears and listen while never assuming the worst, right. So simple. 

Many thanks to all of the Event organizers, the Mayor and Arlington Police for allowing us to gather in good Spirit.

Related: The Liko Kenney Story and Website.

01 June 2020

KingCast Says: Request all the Extra Time you Need Folks -- Facebook is Still Full of Shit in the 9th Circuit KingCast v. Facebook Case No. 20-15188.

United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

KingCast Appellate Brief (link)
Yes I write a Good Brief. And they know it.

The Classroom Sessions with Tony DoupĂ©
that YouTube keeps dialed down.

Notice of Docket Activity

The following transaction was entered on 05/29/2020 at 2:49:33 PM PDT and filed on 05/29/2020
Case Name:Christopher King v. Facebook, Inc., et al
Case Number:  20-15188

Docket Text:
Streamlined request [5] by Appellee Facebook, Inc. to extend time to file the brief is approved. Amended briefing schedule: Appellees Facebook, Inc. and Jennifer Marie Malone answering brief due 07/20/2020. The optional reply brief is due 21 days from the date of service of the answering brief. [11705455] (JN)

Notice will be electronically mailed to:

William S. Hicks: whicks@keker.combill-hicks-8487@ecf.pacerpro.comlmandin@keker.comlaure-mandin-6675@ecf.pacerpro.comathompson@keker.com
Christopher King: suefacebook007@gmail.com
Paven Malhotra: pmalhotra@keker.comefiling@keker.comllind@keker.compaven-malhotra-2221@ecf.pacerpro.comlaura-lind-0223@ecf.pacerpro.com
Matan Shacham: mshacham@kvn.comefiling@kvn.commatan-shacham-0988@ecf.pacerpro.comjacquelynn-smith-8972@ecf.pacerpro.com
Gavin Michael Thole: gthole@keker.com

22 May 2020

KingCast Says Jeffrey Blochowicz is Yet Another Falsely Criminalized VA Whistleblower.

Scapegoated and Gaslighted.... Just like Robert and Margaret Sue Bozgoz (in litigation) and Jamie Fox (litigation settled). More on this over the weekend but for now I find it interesting that Mr. Blochowicz's own lawyer allegedly has not filed a formal Motion to Dismiss these bogus charges. 

Then when I called him he refused to call me back but did spent some time checking on my blog, fascinating. Meanwhile the Talk of the Town is that they are going to "Dead Docket" it, which is basically a nolle prosequi, meaning the State could theoretically come back after him with this bogus patient abuse case indefinitely. I have a similar bullshit thing in my background too. The cop and the prosecutor were both dirty AF and got shit-canned, fact. It's like a badge of honor. Or just a bullshit abuse of power and a waste of taxpayer and judicial resources, not to mention a relentless tool of oppression.

Curiously, his attorney -- see below -- reportedly has a penchant for telling Mr. Blochowicz that he has to get his wife in check or else he will quit representing him. She's no dummy though, in fact I believe she is a Doctor or holds a Doctorate Degree right. And more importantly on this case her opinions are spot on.

And from what I understand, said lawyer never filed a Motion to Dismiss of any kind. A lawyer has a duty to zealously represent a client within the bounds of the law, and a minimal thing to do in this situation would be to file some type of Dispositive Motion.  I'll check to see what they call such a Motion in Georgia. Wait for it.

Anyway I made some calls, taped some calls. 
The American Public is the benefactor, I guess. More like the fleeced. Folks in VA are are watching. The first hit seems to have originated from Attorney Hank Crane. He promises to fight for you. Really.