19 February 2020

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Daughter of Ordained Priest and Bangor City Councilor Hal Wheeler Ghost Out After Settling with Carrington Mortgage.

Anglican Priest Raised a very unappreciative daughter, Johanna Wheeler
Folks in Bangor are reading along. I'm sure they will find the lawsuit fascinating.
People who think they are smarter than me usually get schooled but good.
She is no exception. Wait for it.
Pops is @315 Silver and their new place is right across the street.
They will be found and served.

Note: I help people save their homes or get loan modifications or other settlements from time to time. Most people, such is this single mother, appreciate it.

Some don't.

Here's a post the affirms the downfall of Western Civilization folks:

I helped Johanna Wheeler after she reached out to me about her mortgage: I got her a TRO in Federal Court -- more than the State process ever did, and she freely told that to many other people at the FB page "Carrington Mortgage Services Sucks!!!  She has already stated as much to others as seen in the thumbnails I was her "secret weapon" in Northern California Case No. 19-CV-09077 YGR.

She didn't even know how to use the ECF filing system so I showed her and did it for her and got a TRO even though she already had lost her foreclosure case in Maine and had a damn Writ of Possession entered against her. 

In the battle we demonstrated that Carrington forged her signature on her Note, Dual-Tracked her and self-dealt her home at 36 Ruth Avenue, Hampden ME 04444 while she and a HUD Counselor were busy with repeated HAMP loan modification documents and more. They foreclosed and there is no Note nor Allonge in the Court file in person or online. 

She even had Dear Old Dad Hal Wheeler write a letter to the Court about her handwriting and made a point to tell me that "He's also an Ordained Minister." He called me when the going got tough. I have phone records. 

Well he obviously didn't raise her right because right when come time to settle she stopped talking to me and ghosted my black ass while bragging about it with someone else on the page who happens to be a friend of mine. Never one word of thanks to me though, right? Right. But anyway that's why I have the thumbnail above, get it? Yah. That's OK she will hear from me again and she's not gonna like it too much you can count on that.

By this time the WYPIPO had blocked me.

Meanwhile people were supporting me on the FB page as you can see above and there was no Defamation whatsoever but the fucking WYPIPO took down the post and blocked me from even seeing the page. That's OK guys. Do what you have to do. And I'll do what I have to do and teach this ghost and her Papa a lesson real good. 

PS: The CEO Bruce Rose called her "an idiot" in an email she was not supposed to see. I was offended for her. Ha. I've got a few choice words that I'll not repeat in public and next to such words "idiot" would be complimentary.

18 February 2020

KingCast Presents: Stills and Video -- Bernie Sanders Tacoma Dome February 2020.

#Bernie on the Mic #TacomaDome #Zeiss lenses 

OK folks that podium shot I was like a mile away on the press pod right. And that is a heavy crop as you can see from the original. Got my focus perfect and went for it. With a 35mm on a crop frame so OK call it 50mm. Not bad. 
#PortugaltheMan shot came out pretty good too.

Peace, Love, Bernie.

13 February 2020

KingCast Laughs as Tim Eyman and King County Court Slam Washington AG Bob Ferguson on I-976 $30 Car Tabs.

Disclosure: I was paid by the Campaign for some of my work on coverage.

Judge Marshall Ferguson: I had to leave the hearing early but I had a good feeling about him from the git. I could tell by his line of questioning early on that Tim Eyman might be pleased by his ultimate Ruling. See below. Hats off to Attorney Steve Pidgeon too -- I caught up with him several weeks ago and shot a video for the campaign.
That having been said, I told you a long time ago that while WA AG Bob Ferguson has done a few things mostly on health care that I soundly support, he has been a complete sellout on matters involving homeowner protection on fraudulent foreclosure. Take a look at my Mortgage Movies January 21 2016 journal entry and watch the video:

10 February 2020

KingCast Presents: Notice of Appeal on Facebook Censorship Focusing on Unconscionability and First Amendment Matters.

NOTICE OF APPEAL to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals filed by Christopher King. (Appeal fee of $505 receipt number 0971-14162658 paid.) Notice of Appeal Focusing on Unconscionability and First Amendment Matters (King, Christopher) (Filed on 2/10/2020) 

....after all how could I make a good documentary about Facebook's bullshit without an Appeal?


31 January 2020

Remember the Nasty Wells Fargo Lawyer Howard Apgard who Called a Homeowner a Nigger: He's a Lying-Assed Active Drug Addict.

I mentioned this back in Oct. 2014:

My new informant worked for Howard Apgard in 2012-2013, around the time period he called my video client “a nigger.”

“I’ve heard him call people the N-Word all of my life…. Mr. King I watched your video and verified the voice – I could tell his voice from a mile away. He’s known me since I was BORN.

He got her fired for stealing and cashing checks without reason but it was all bullshit:

She was buying heroin and pain pills with pre-signed checks that he wrote, then he got pissed because she switched his pain pills for melatonin.

He was sniffing oxycontin.

He was injecting heroin.

She saw him passed out on the floor of his house with a bottle of wine spilled all over his carpet. She came home to find him asleep in snow “with his private parts hanging out in my backyard.”

Her dad and Howard grew up together. Dad died of overdose.  

“Don’t have a public funeral”  says Howard. He didn’t show up to his best friend’s funeral because it was an overdose situation. 

And she was still buying heroin for him after he got me fired “I technically stole from him but is was to give him inert drugs…. Now I’m six years sober and clean so living life well is my best revenge. If your client ever needs a witness I’ll be there with bells on.”

Here are the prior videos involving this fucktard. I accidentally erased the text of this post but basically he was working for Wells Fargo as a foreclosure lawyer on a predatory loan case and he referred to my video client Shirley Golphin as "a nigger."

Then he denied it. 

And it is a FACT that this fucktard somehow got a lenient sentence from the Bar Association even though he was also actually practicing law in a state in which he was not licensed, to boot.

07 January 2020

KingCast Sees Judge Rand L. Gelber Violate VA Whistleblowers on ADA Advocacy and First Amendment.

This case involves allegedly unlawful retaliation by the VA that started with unlawful treatment in the workplace that graduated to unlawful bullying in Court by largely Democratic Judges who allowed Supervisor Voncelle James to commit Sworn Perjury when Plaintiff Robert Bozgoz tried to serve her a Federal Complaint.

Judges Zuberri Williams, Rand L. Gerber, Debra L. Dwyer on Stateside and Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson have all conspired in this. Williams from the start allowed the bogus criminal case against the Bozgoz’s to go forward even though it was clear the Voncelle James’ husband was aggressive towards the process server and even though Service of Process is NEVER a criminal issue unless the Server is in some ways threatening. Then Judge Dwyer’s de novo hearing was a joke and the Court deleted crucial testimony and argument by ADA Advocate and Lieutenant Colonel Margaret Sue Bozgoz.

The Court did it yet again when it finally nol-prossed the bogus criminal charges in a December Hearing at which I was present. You will hear audio from the Court that we had to demand after the Court once again initially provided only a portion of the Hearings. In the audio you will hear a very nasty Judge Gelber ignore the law on the ADA by not even allowing Ms. Bozgoz or me to walk up with Mr. Bozgoz and because of this, he predictably froze and forgot to clarify that he must still be able to send LEGAL DOCUMENTS to Voncelle James’ husband Kahlil James so now he remains scared and traumatized by a VA and legal machine that caused Veteran Whistleblower Jamie Fox to sue and Settle a year ago.

Ethics Complaints against Judge Gelber for ADA, First Amendment and general issues of Deportment will be filed with POTUS along with a copy of this video.

Meanwhile, VA Lawyer Alan Burch has not agreed to accept Service of the 5th Amended Complaint on behalf of Voncelle James’ husband so he’s in on the Game as well.

And I have more Veterans ready to provide testimony and video of their traumas with the VA.

Folks: Robert Bozgoz was a Judge Advocate General, Major. Sue Bozgoz his other ADA Advocate has trained with the VA and is a Liutenant Colonel. She has watched her compatriots fight for this Country and die on the battlefields and this is the treatment they receive from a largely Democratic Judicial regime. It is shameful.

Ethics Violations of Maryland Judge Rand L. Gelber:

Rules Rules 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 and 2.8.

It is clear by the unedited audio of the Gelber Court hearing that His Honor did not treat Robert fairly as to ADA requirements.

It is clear by the unedited audio of the Gelber Court hearing that His Honor unlawfully harassed the ADA Advocates and thereby placed Mr. Bozgoz, a former JAG Attorney, into a negative posture because by not even allowing Ms. Bozgoz or Christopher King, J.D. to walk up with Mr. Bozgoz and because of this, he predictably froze and forgot to clarify that he must still be able to send LEGAL DOCUMENTS to Voncelle James’ husband Kahlil James so now he remains scared and traumatized by a VA and legal machine that caused Veteran Whistleblower Jamie Fox to sue and Settle a year ago.

This is speculative but still possible. His Honor’s conduct simply made no sense whatsoever and as such, favoritism on behalf of the VA might be is a logical inference.

His Honor’s handling of the case, in violating known ADA Law and First Amendment and related laws pertaining to Cameras in Court, shows incompetence and lack of cooperation.

Again, for all of the reasons noted above, Robert Bozgoz did not receive his Right to be Heard at all and was materially prejudiced as a natural consequence.


Montgomery MD Judge Rand L. Gerber Violates VA Whistleblowers on ADA Advocacy & First Amendment. by Christopher King on Scribd

His Honor’s tone was completely condescending and rude, as noted by another Veteran retired Army Captain Millie Daneils, present for the hearing, see attached.

KingCast Presents: Celebrating the Life of Eric Swangstu at 50: Down by Law.

That's a Down Brother right there. 

Eric is the kind of guy who walks into a room and makes everyone feel like a Hero when you really haven't done shit. Eric is the Real Deal and we love you for it, Brother.

You will always inspire us.

05 January 2020

KingCast Presents: A New E28 Owner and BMW of Seattle with a 535is Back in the Glory Days.

A super sweet 1988 BW photo here. In 1988-1990 I was still shooting BW on a Nikon 4004s and 8008s. Could not afford F1-F2-F3 and could not afford a BMW E28 for another 8 years.

And BMW Seattle?  It's a brew house now. I drink beer on the patio right where these men were standing where I believe I spy l-r a 325es, 535is, 535is, E32/735i. The other 80's Seattle BMW Dealer was a Northside BMW/SAAB joint I will pull my service records for Maxine and post the address later. Capitol Hill formerly housed Seattle's Automobile row.  Note to self on this Hartge E28 H5S:  It is not healthy for me to harbor so much hatred for one man LOL.

New guy. I was down south coming up from Olympia and he was in his work truck and the colloquy ensued: 

“Man I love the Euro plate how did you manage that?” 

“I’m the second family owner….. it was in the files so I put it on…. I have all the records on this car going back to 1987 when it was purchased in Zurich with that plate on it. I have service records from back when there was a SAAB/BMW dealer in North Seattle how cool is THAT!” 

“Awesome. I just got my first E28…. It was dirt cheap and I was going to flip it then my wife drove it and she says nuh-uh you ain’t flipping this one I’m DRIVING this one!” 

“You on myE28.com?” 
 “Well you are now!” 

Solid. And he's a Veteran. Wait till I tell him about the VA and the Sue Bozgoz and other cases

PS: My favorite BW photo, and potentially the "best" impromptu photo I have ever taken, or may ever take, was in 1989 or 1990 in Cincinnati's "Over the Rhine" neighborhood.