07 July 2020

KingCast Sees Judge Wade Padgett Violate First Amendment, Georgia & ADA Law in Bogus VA Whistleblower Criminal Case.

A reporter -- Sandy Hodson and the Augusta Chronicle -- are  being sued for basically being shills for the corrupt VA because she is helping them to criminalize whistleblowers like Jeffrey Blochowicz. 

She never even attempts to contact the whistleblowers while putting at least one of them in a very negative False Light... so much so that police protection was called for him because she helped make it appear that he was a violent white man who harmed a black man in the wake of the Gregory Floyd tragedy. The case never should have even happened for lack of subject matter jurisdiction, lack of proof on the merits, and many other reasons but the punk Defense Lawyer Hank Crane FINALLY --- after much pressure -- filed a Speedy Trial Motion to Dismiss. The kicker is that this case has been sitting like the stale turd that it really is... for years already. Crane didn't do shit until a number of us directly confronted him because his ass is part of La Machine as well. Tsk, Tsk.....

Folks are working on the lawsuit now and I can't wait to see their final product so I can post it here.


04 July 2020

KingCast Says: I Love America Because We Are Free to Criticize America.

This was a live Facebook video... with horrible visual optics on a perfectly clear day. I have no idea why an $1,100 iPhone could make videos that appear to be shot with a potato. And I have to get another mic for it too because I stepped on my last one and it's clear that the phone is worthless without one. 
I'm about to stop going live because of this and just shoot my DSLR and post. But anyway I love my Country. Just because I have LEGITIMATE CONCERNS does not make me a traitor, a hater or a black racist against whites. But we can't just wish the past (and present) away when my video client is called a moulie at New York Life, and when I cannot say that I was being treated like a nigger on Facebook -- when a white woman is free to refer to herself as "cracker trash." Lawsuit update. It's bullshit. And the people who stick their heads in the sand are the real traitors. Meanwhile I'm also quite sure that YouTube has totally castrated my black ass these days. I used to get LOTS of hits, but this is what happens with corporatization of everything. These companies are basically all pieces of shit and they have usurped the function of the public street corner but with virtually no accountability whatsoever. It's rape, pillage, plunder, rinse repeat. Ciao.

01 July 2020

KingCast Explains Why BLM Must Denounce Statue Desecration and Violence.

G-Day folks, I am not in favor of Looting or Statue Desecration and I want BLM to openly condemn all of that.

Uncle Tomism creeping into the house Mr. King?

Not on your life.

I have a materially different route that will make for a materially better World and it's called BLAM!

Black American Moments in U.S. History. 

The Statues must be surrounded and put in context with Counter-speech and education in our schools not only for the benefit of the students in elementary school but for their teachers who are suffering from a white-washed eduction ab initio.

I know Arthur Ashe is excited right now but also pained by what his soul is seeing. I've read his books. I've interviewed him. I think the desecration of his statute and that of others would greatly trouble him. As it is I visited his statue in Richmond when I lived in VA and when you see it, you know it stands in eloquent rebuttal to the others:  Give a black man even close to the same chance and look what he can do.

But don't erase the old. Make it a point of honest communication and sharing, because without it, we will go nowhere.

Back to BLM..... they need to address the economic situation more, such as NYLife calling my video client "a mollie" and losing and settling lawsuits that Major Press won't talk about.

KingCast Sees Derelict Lawyer Hank Crane Finally File VA Whistleblower Jeffrey Blochowicz Speedy Trial Motion to Dismiss.

A Motion to Dismiss on the merits and lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction should have been filed months or years ago, fact. I had assumed, incorrectly, that Speedy Trial had been waived. Will the snaky Augusta Chronicle “reporter” Sandy Hodson report this or ever tell the true story? A False Light Defamation lawsuit will clear things up.
See the Back Story here.

Derelict Lawyer Finally Files VA Whistleblower Jeffrey Blochowicz Speedy Trial Motion to Dismiss. by Christopher King on Scribd

20 June 2020

KingCast Presents: Two Buses for Men who Just Didn't Care for Trivial Meaningless Life.



Yesterday Alaska Officials and a massive Chinook Chopper removed Christopher McCdandless's Magic Bus from the Denali wilderness because it had become a deadly attractive nuisance. But Liko Kenney's bus in Easton/Franconia to my knowledge is still there although I have not seen it in a couple of years. Liko's friends and I have partied on that bus. I have slept on that bus when it was cold AF outside, keeping a timer on my phone to make sure the stove didn't go out LOL. 

Take a look at Circle of Stones: The Liko Kenney story. Hollywood is on hold right now but a couple of paths are emerging on this. Peace and Love, Aloha. 

PS: I am now reviewing power/torque/thrust specs on that chopper. The latest mainstream generation is the CH-47F, which features several major upgrades to reduce maintenance, digitized flight controls, and is powered by two 4,733-horsepower Honeywell engines. It will top 200mph. Wow.

14 June 2020

Unity Walk Arlington WA 2020 with KingCast and Three Dog Night.

Police have the toughest job in the World. We have to make their lives as simple as possible. They also owe us a duty of good policing. There is a certain universality to the importance of eradicating bad law enforcement. And of course we need to open our ears and listen while never assuming the worst, right. So simple. 

Many thanks to all of the Event organizers, the Mayor and Arlington Police for allowing us to gather in good Spirit.

Related: The Liko Kenney Story and Website.

01 June 2020

KingCast Says: Request all the Extra Time you Need Folks -- Facebook is Still Full of Shit in the 9th Circuit KingCast v. Facebook Case No. 20-15188.

United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

KingCast Appellate Brief (link)
Yes I write a Good Brief. And they know it.

The Classroom Sessions with Tony DoupĂ©
that YouTube keeps dialed down.

Notice of Docket Activity

The following transaction was entered on 05/29/2020 at 2:49:33 PM PDT and filed on 05/29/2020
Case Name:Christopher King v. Facebook, Inc., et al
Case Number:  20-15188

Docket Text:
Streamlined request [5] by Appellee Facebook, Inc. to extend time to file the brief is approved. Amended briefing schedule: Appellees Facebook, Inc. and Jennifer Marie Malone answering brief due 07/20/2020. The optional reply brief is due 21 days from the date of service of the answering brief. [11705455] (JN)

Notice will be electronically mailed to:

William S. Hicks: whicks@keker.combill-hicks-8487@ecf.pacerpro.comlmandin@keker.comlaure-mandin-6675@ecf.pacerpro.comathompson@keker.com
Christopher King: suefacebook007@gmail.com
Paven Malhotra: pmalhotra@keker.comefiling@keker.comllind@keker.compaven-malhotra-2221@ecf.pacerpro.comlaura-lind-0223@ecf.pacerpro.com
Matan Shacham: mshacham@kvn.comefiling@kvn.commatan-shacham-0988@ecf.pacerpro.comjacquelynn-smith-8972@ecf.pacerpro.com
Gavin Michael Thole: gthole@keker.com

22 May 2020

KingCast Says Jeffrey Blochowicz is Yet Another Falsely Criminalized VA Whistleblower.

Scapegoated and Gaslighted.... Just like Robert and Margaret Sue Bozgoz (in litigation) and Jamie Fox (litigation settled). More on this over the weekend but for now I find it interesting that Mr. Blochowicz's own lawyer allegedly has not filed a formal Motion to Dismiss these bogus charges. 

Then when I called him he refused to call me back but did spent some time checking on my blog, fascinating. Meanwhile the Talk of the Town is that they are going to "Dead Docket" it, which is basically a nolle prosequi, meaning the State could theoretically come back after him with this bogus patient abuse case indefinitely. I have a similar bullshit thing in my background too. The cop and the prosecutor were both dirty AF and got shit-canned, fact. It's like a badge of honor. Or just a bullshit abuse of power and a waste of taxpayer and judicial resources, not to mention a relentless tool of oppression.

Curiously, his attorney -- see below -- reportedly has a penchant for telling Mr. Blochowicz that he has to get his wife in check or else he will quit representing him. She's no dummy though, in fact I believe she is a Doctor or holds a Doctorate Degree right. And more importantly on this case her opinions are spot on.

And from what I understand, said lawyer never filed a Motion to Dismiss of any kind. A lawyer has a duty to zealously represent a client within the bounds of the law, and a minimal thing to do in this situation would be to file some type of Dispositive Motion.  I'll check to see what they call such a Motion in Georgia. Wait for it.

Anyway I made some calls, taped some calls. 
The American Public is the benefactor, I guess. More like the fleeced. Folks in VA are are watching. The first hit seems to have originated from Attorney Hank Crane. He promises to fight for you. Really.

19 May 2020

KingCast Sees Forty-Seven Attorneys General Investigating Facebook for Antitrust Violations.

I am writing my Facebook 9th Circuit Appellate Brief (due by midnight tomorrow) and putting a few choice items about the historical perspective of our servitude to this POS operation right, and I went to update the part about 13 Attorneys General investigating Antitrust issues. 

Well whaddya know? It's not 13 anymore. It's 47 now. Time to figure out who the 3 holdouts are, and why.

And Giphy now too. All the while here we sit focused on #coronavirus and #COVID-19.

12 May 2020

KingCast Honors Unfortunate Hero Liko Peter Kenney on 5/11.

Short Trailer

Don't worry Liko, we got this. Your Pops and I spoke on 5/11 and Davey ripped
one MEGA CONCH that I'll be sharing soon, too.
Rest in Power my Brother.
Circle of Stones website.

03 May 2020

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Explain a Problem with Dominic Holden and Other Alternative Press Journalists.

Note: Former #SeattleStranger writer Dominic Holden showed up on my page out of nowhere to try to trash talk me twice in the last week. But when I tried to draw him into a larger conversation about what I coined "conspiracy by happenstance” he had nothing to say. 

Well guess what? I have much to say about this exchange and this weekend I will have a short video about it. Here is your backdrop about issues that I am professionally well-qualified to discuss. I ran a damn Title Company and have saved a couple dozen homes in the past decade and negotiated dozens of mortgage arrangements, fact. I will not tolerate any bullshit from this so-called Alternative Press when I was working for Alt-Press and Major Press before this guy could fucking pee straight. He was born in like '79 and I was working for Alt-Press in '87.

Next time don't bring a knife to a gunfight hombre.


Here's w'happened:

I stated that it was odd that the news coverage about a Christian Doctor who committed suicide did not reference the presence or absence of a suicide note. I wrote obits for a major daily and you know, I'm a journalist and a guy with a brain so I'm entitled to say that, right?
It must be a conspiracy.
Don't know about that Dominic Holden but what I *D0* know is that there is no discussion about our immune systems and staying healthy as noted in the Atlantic, instead all we get is talk about money and drugs and corporate loopholes that allow the fucking Lakers for example to pocket millions. Can we agree on that, huh?
Furthermore, as noted years ago when I selected your co-writer Ansel Herz to co-host a mortgage event we focused on how the government programs were set up to benefit the banks and not the homeowners.
I am in production right NOW with a video with Attorney Scott Stafne to discuss our help options for homeowners who are again shafted by big banks who can demand full forbearance back IMMEDIATELY instead of blending it into the life of the mortgage or putting it on the back end. So whether or not that is an outright conspiracy -- I tend to call it conspiracy by happenstance -- people are getting FUCKED. So can we agree on that?
PS: Not to mention the Stranger -- while he was still there I believe -- wrote a story that accused Michelle Darnell of being in favor of more taxes on the middle class because they were in favor of Cyrus Habib in that particular election.
I have had just about enough of this complete lack of journalistic integrity. If you want a public debate on the issues I welcome it bro, otherwise don't you ever step to my page and try to fuck with me again. These are important issues!


28 April 2020

KingCast Presents: Trent Williams: Another Michael Vick in the Making. The NFL Must Take a Stand.

Y'all know one thing about me is that I LOVE DOGS. And that means ALL DOGS. 

After Trent Williams' dogs apparently dragged a neighbor's dog through the fence and savagely killed it (more in depth) he reported stated "Your Dog died like a bitch." 
[KingCast Note: Not cool, to say the least]. Texas resident Linda Flowers tells me that she can hear him cocking his shotgun when she is outside in the yard in a show of further intimidation.
I don't understand why the City does not care about this. His dogs get out all the time and have cornered humans but the City never coded them as Dangerous dogs...." 
"Yah I know. My Ex and I went through it here in Seattle where the City turns a blind eye to obvious infractions, including the basic fact that the idiot who killed Livi had been issued a Cease and Desist not to even be operating a kennel, and she had too many dogs on site too so they gave her a minor fine over that but nothing else. Your Defendant is like Michael Vick, Jr. in his negative heyday.... and she was mean to me too and tried to make it all our fault!  And turns out she had reason to know the dog that killed Livi had dangerous propensities. I will be pushing for Livi's Law. I have been delayed but trust me I have not forgotten. News coverage is essential to educate and to raise awareness so keep it up."
Ms. Flowers had to erect a solid fence to keep a wall between her dog and says that fellow NFL star and neighbor Brandon LeFell is pissed-off too. All of this is going to come out in the litigation and I will be following and posting documents while sending her family love and best wishes in their time of healing.

Silver Lining:  After her Lab mix Sandy was murdered she bought a German Shorthaired Pointer. That obviously warms the cockles of my Heart.

But the NFL has to take a stand. Don't hold your breath though: They have a hard enough time trying to curb and to cover up Domestic Violence towards their players' partners of the human variety, much less dogs.

27 April 2020

KingCast Presents: More Courts Protecting Dirty Bankster Lawyers -- The Mark Rattan File.

As I figured after waiting a year for any Decision, the Court found every way it could to diminish the heinous conduct of Attorney Mark Rattan and Referee Winiarski. You may recall the basic facts as the Court cited to them in today's ruling, which coincidentally came on the same day that a Washington Court denied my Facebook Appeal, fancy that:
The complaint explains that plaintiff “King, a journalist and videographer,” attended the disciplinary hearing “for the purpose of making a visual record.” (Id. ¶ 114.) Nevertheless, at the hearing, attorney Mark Rattan allegedly “physically assaulted” King to prevent him from recording the proceedings. (Id. ¶ 116.) According to King, James Winiarski -- the referee over the hearing -- did “not even admonish Rattan” for the assault, but “instead expressed his own discomfort with the presence of King, in the capacity of what he himself characterized as ‘the press.’” (Id. ¶ 118.) Worse, the next day, after “express[ing] his intention to lodge a complaint for violation of his rights,” King was further removed by Referee Winiarski from even being present at the ongoing proceedings. (Id. ¶ 119.) King also complains that Keith Sellen, the Director of OLR, abused his discretion in responding to King’s grievance against attorney Rattan by only requiring that Rattan complete a diversion program, the outcome of which “was likely to be no more severe than a private reprimand.” (Id. ¶¶ 158-60.)
You can just feel the contempt for my position seething throughout the Opinion, right. Right. They don't want anybody -- much less a nigger such as myself up in there documenting their Dirty Deeds, literally. Whatever. We're off to Hollywood whenever it opens up again, and all of the POS crackers can piss up a rope. At least I have their ugly actions thoroughly documented for current and later reference, and they can't do a thing about that :)

Raw video days one and two. You can see who was professional, and who was a complete and utter asshole.


KingCast Presents: New SUB Seattle's Best Motorcycle Shop!

Seattle Used Bikes: Be There or be Square.

26 April 2020

KingCast Presents a Quick Birthday Tribute to Two Spirit Partners: Anna Elizabeth Anderson-Lewis and Liko Peter Kenney.

As the Day draws to a close my co-writer and I are waiting for Davey Kenney to call us back to blow the Conch on Liko's 37th Birthday and Aunt Tootie's 83rd. I took awhile to retreat to the woods to reflect on both of them, and to be grateful for the Spirit they both left with me, and the World in general. 

I am saddened always but the honor of riding through life with their individual and collective Thirst for Life is what predominates, and I feel blessed to be able to carry that Spirit forward and to honor them. Which is precisely as it should happen.  Much more  work to do tonight but this comes in First by a Country Mile.

PS: All many of you know there have been a LOT of passages in my World in the past 3 years. I'm sure others have suffered worse and they got through it and so do I. Honestly I am very healthy about all of it but some moments are more challenging than others but the Spirit of everyone that moved on just gives me that gust of wind so I can keep jettin'. Soundtrack inspired by Miley Cyrus SNL performance no doubt: Pink Floyd - Meddle. Specifically Fearless

20 April 2020

KingCast Presents: East and West Coast Facebook Censorship Lawsuit Oral Argument Updates

Fascinating that I didn't get an Oral Argument in the State Court regarding attorney fees considering you routinely get Oral Arguments there, and I have personally shot video there of other folks' Oral Arguments over the years. Mind you the rejection was prior to COVID-19 shut down.
Fascinating that I have to go to the 9th Circuit in the Federal Case to be heard on Unconscionable Contracts when the Presiding Judge in KingCast v. Facebook 2019-CV-1987 wrote a minor Treatise on it while my case was pending.  Wadler v. Custard 2017-CV-05840.
Whatever. Put it all in the documentary.

16 April 2020

KingCast Notes that Stafne Law and Advocacy COVID-19 Coronavirus Forbearance Assistance is Now Available.

Unlike ten years ago, there is no specific Federal structure such as HAMP for homeowners to use as guidance. This is intentional to help the banks steal your home. The terms of your forbearance will depend on your ability to define your situation, and we will help you put your best foot forward while simultaneously setting a strong framework for potential litigation. We help you assemble your documents and forward them to your Servicer or Lender on our letterhead with a promise of Good Faith, backed-up by the implied threat of further action if necessary. 

COVID-19, Stafne Law, CARES Act, Coronavirus, pandemic, WHO, Trump, Congress, Cuomo, Death, ventilators, KingCast, Christopher King J.D., Scott Eric Stafne, Washington, foreclosure, HAMP, mortgage, homeowner, Stimulus Checks Unlike ten years ago, there is no specific Federal structure such as HAMP for homeowners to use as guidance. This is intentional to help the banks steal your home. The terms of your forbearance will depend on your ability to define your situation, and we will help you put your best foot forward while simultaneously setting a strong framework for potential litigation. We help you assemble your documents and forward them to your Servicer or Lender on our letterhead with a promise of Good Faith, backed-up by the implied threat of further action if necessary. 

COVID-19, Stafne Law, CARES Act, Coronavirus, pandemic, WHO, Trump, Congress, Cuomo, Death, ventilators, KingCast, Christopher King J.D., Scott Eric Stafne, Washington, foreclosure, HAMP, mortgage, homeowner, Stimulus Checks

15 April 2020

KingCast Agrees with D.C. Attorney General Racine: Facebook is a Place of Public Accommodation... and First Amendment as Well.

The following excerpt is from Freedom Watch/Loomer  v. Google, Facebook et al. DC. Ct. App. No. 19-7030. The same and very similar arguments are present in my Appellate litigation in the 9th Circuit as well. It will be fascinating to watch how both Courts handle it. Attorney Klayman is not too keen on supporting what I do in this case or in another case of mine that parallels one of his (Loomer v. Rashida Harbi Tlaib for abusing the Press) but that's OK. I'll discuss all of this in my documentary later. Anyway read up folks:

The principle that general statutory language reaches new and unexpected technologies applies with special force to the DCHRA. The DCHRA was specifically “intended to ‘provide a regulation of sufficient scope and flexibility to be responsive to future needs for the protection of civil and human rights,’ since ‘there may be contexts and reasons for discrimination tomorrow that we do not anticipate today.’” Jackson, 999 A.2d at 120 (quoting legislative history). Thus, the mere fact that websites and digital platforms were an unanticipated context for discrimination in 1977 is of no moment, provided that they fall within the statutory text. Many plainly do. 

 2. The statutory text encompasses internet-based entities and digital platforms today. 

 Because the term “place of public accommodation” in the DCHRA has never been limited to physical locations, it embraces websites, internet-based entities, and digital platforms that otherwise meet the statutory definition. Granted, the list of statutory examples does not specifically mention websites, the internet, or digital platforms. See Op. 11 (JA 206) (“Not one of these examples is an online or virtual platform.”). But that is both unsurprising and immaterial. Unsurprising, because no one had ever heard of these technologies when the DCHRA was enacted in 1977. Immaterial, because a statute’s reach is not limited to the applications its drafters anticipated. “While every statute’s meaning is fixed at the time of enactment, new applications may arise in light of changes in the world.” Wis. Cent. Ltd. v. United States, 138 S. Ct. 2067, 2074 (2018). 

The case was fully brief earlier this month and we will await the Court's Decision this summer but one thing is clear folks: The days of ultimate autonomy of Facebook are drawing to a close one way or another. And well they should. You can't create the World's largest speech platform in history then go around censoring people who don't even violate your own rules. That is called Substantive and Procedural Unconscionability, and this the basis of my Appeal.


06 April 2020

KingCast Grimaces in Shock as Walmart Ignores $185K Mediator Award for Racism Against Black Hair Care Vendor.

Walmart Walks Out on $185K Mediation Recommendation on Racism Case

In Honor of Madame CJ Walker. See generally LeBron James' Warner Brothers four-episode Netflix biopic "Self-Made."

They are hailed as the Black Brady Bunch.  He’s a veteran police officer who ran for Sheriff. She’s the entrepreneur and brainchild of Hair911, selling quality human hair kits to Walmart. They were rejected in the program they wanted to be in, so they had to go store to store and built up to 80 stores despite being constantly subjected to accusations of falsified invoicing.
This lasted for a year and-a-half as they complained to Walmart and proved up their invoicing.

Then when they got to a new store in Alabama the Manager had no time to meet with them and put them off onto an assistant.

Two days later they received a string of hateful, racist emails.  They filed a Complaint about this and two days later they inquired about them and engaged in Protected Activity of Complaining about racism. Shortly thereafter Walmart terminated their contract without notifying them of the results of the so-called investigation. The police said they conducted an investigation but it is unknown whether they subpoenaed any relevant phone records of Walmart employees or the carrier Bandwidth.com.

Walmart and their lawyers then selected a professional mediator with ten years’ experience on the bench. They said they were coming in Good Faith. Then when the mediator recommended that Walmart pay Hair911 $185,000.00 they completely ghosted, taunting the family and daring them to file suit. Trust me, they will soon file suit.
We have crafted this video using actual mediation audio that is lawful in Georgia, and formal litigation is forthcoming. I have known this case for months now as I helped prepare it so that the victims could obtain Counsel.  The Parties and Counsel in the Hearing:

Daryll and Lisa Triplett/Hair911 -- Plaintiffs

Hon. J. Antonio DelCampo  -- Former Judge and Mediator

Michael Hoffer -- Counsel for Plaintiff

Robyn Oliver Webb – Counsel for Plaintiff

Robert Williams – Walmart in-house Counsel

Richard Valladares – Walmart Counsel

Hair911 v. Walmart -- $185K Mediator Recommendation on Racism IGNORED by Walmart. by Christopher King on Scribd

30 March 2020

KingCast Laments the Passing of Generation of Baileys.

Note: Blogger is giving me and a lot of folks a huge hassle right now. Photos cannot be added. Stay tuned.

And so it has come to pass that the sole remaining Bailey from my Mom's family has transitioned out today to be with her brother and sisters. Anna Bailey, a/k/a "Tootie" after a comic book character for some reason, helped me take care of Mom when she was felled by early onset frontal lobe dementia ten years ago. 

We had the good fortune to be near each other on the East coast so I would either hop a bus or ride my bike over to see mom in Hartford and I would stay at Tootie's house where we would sit up and talk all night about life, love, politics, news and whatever came to mind. She was also the closest in age to Cecilia and my Mom Betty Jean and she most closely resembled her too. 

She is also part of my fascination with Seattle, as she lived here in the 70's (that is a picture of a snowstorm in Redmond) and I almost got to come visit her and my cousins Brian and Stuart in 4th grade but alas they had just moved to Detroit, uggghhhh.....

She is of of two "second Moms" in my life and I miss her already. I knew I might not see her again several months ago when she came to Chicago for Aunt Cleo's Celebration of Life, and sure enough she, Aunt Cleo and Uncle Franklin and Betty Jean all transitioned out in a grand total of, get this -- eighteen (18) months.

That is uncanny. But really it isn't. That is the result of some sort of Divine, Cosmic Occurrence that is bringing these four together to meet their seven brothers and sisters, many of whom left this World way too young. But while they were here they all brought so much Joy, Passion and Good Spirit to life that they have left an indelible footprint on my Soul, and I thank each and every one of them for that.

I love you Auntie.


06 March 2020

KingCast Sees Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board Sued for Unlawful Seizures as they Target Seattle Hempfest Entertainment Director.


9:00 am Friday the 13th 
Thurston County Superior Court
2000 Lakeridge Drive SW, Bldg 2 Olympia, WA 98502

NOTE: This Motion was WITHDRAWN because the State filed bogus 
criminal charges against Levi and the legal team decided to focus
solely on those for the moment. I apologize for any confusion
but you can blame the corrupt LCB for that.

Marijuana Seizure Values: State of Washington - $25.5M. The rest of the Country - $27M 

Levi Lyon is entertainment director of Hempfest here in Washington who is at the head of a lawsuit that threatens to expose the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board as a completely corrupt entity with no true enforcement powers. Mr. Lyon has a documented history of progressive education about responsible marijuana use. 

But today he sits in potential ruin at the hands of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board after they confiscated his Vans as criminal tools because Mr. Lyon’s partner was smoking marijuana in a registered RV at a Disc Golf, Food and Clothing Drive. Undercover agents attended the event then later showed up with warrants that did not contain any signed Affidavits for the vans. In a Zoom interview Mr. Lyon recalls there being a problem with the Warrant in the field that day. 

Advocates with Stafne Law Advocacy and Consulting asked for his files but have never seen any sworn Affidavit supporting the seizure of the vans. Weeks later a Good Samaritan obtained a different signed Affidavit that the Agency used to obtain electronics from the van, but no one has any proof that Officer Robbie Slattery is in fact a Licensed Peace Officer authorized with full authority here in Washington. In fact there is pending legislation now with Bill No. HB 1626 - 2019-20 that would allow LCB to enforce State Laws but it has not been enacted. 

Meanwhile the DEA reports that Washington State has led the entire Country on Civil Marijuana Forfeitures for the past two years, with $25M being 5 times the take in second place California. Washington alone comprises half of the take for Seizures in the entire Country. Industry lawyers and legislators in Washington who are advocating for full legalization under HB 1945 have noted a conundrum that allows for the disturbing growth of abusive forfeiture laws: 

Marijuana remains legal to buy and to own and to smoke in private…. Which is precisely what Mr. Lyon and his crew believed they were doing in their RV that day. Had they been drinking in the RV it is a safe bet that the buses would still be in their possession. 

LCB already had its testing procedures revoked amidst corruption allegations relative to HB 2502 assigning the process to the Department of Ecology. And word on the Street has it that LCB is now using youth with fake Passports to entrap pot shops. Some shops tell me they no longer accept Passports because of this. Washington LCB is an Agency fraught through with crippling issues as it continues to violate Procedural and Substantive Due Process like it's going out of style. Hopefully it is indeed, going out of style. This Action in Replevin is a step in the right direction.

LCB also fails on RCW §10.93 Mutual Aid/Limited Authority Police Officers, as HB 1537 (2015) failed:
A Hearing is set in the Thurston County Superior Court at 9:00 am. Friday the 13th where video coverage will be provided. The Constitutional and Statutory Right to run video has been well-established throughout my career in general and in the Thurston County Superior Court to be specific

To see an informational video and more information please visit his web page at 

01 March 2020

KingCast Watches Bozgoz VA Whistleblower Defendants Scatter Like Cockroaches: Is Robert Wilkie Next?

More background on Amy Berman Jackson vis a vis Big Pharma and Prince Harry, etc.

We start with my last post and video about the Voncelle James Courtroom Debacle for which I still owe the Judge a former Bar Complaint for trying to protect the VA from exposure of its dirt. It's coming. Meanwhile Y'all remember Whistleblower Jamie Fox from my early posts about the Robert Bozgoz Whistleblower situation right? Back when I told you that the VA must fire Robert Bozgoz's boss Voncelle James I told you that the VA, operating under Robert Wilkie's predecessor James Shulkin and his predecessor Bob McDonald gaslighted her and tried to have her involuntarily committed and criminalized her. Says Fox:

"My privacy violations started in July 2017 when Wilkie took over. I was involuntarily committed for 46 hours starting on Oct 24 2018." 
Well they lost their attack and her case settled. This week she just wrote a global email referencing the Bozgoz Family and me. Further, as it turns out there is an active lawsuit (Direct link to American Oversight and Democracy Forward Foundation v. U.S. V.A. & Robert Wilkie, DC List  19-CV-2519) for failing to turn over Shulkin emails to and from the "Mar-a-Lago" Crowd and yet we wonder why the newly-established Whistleblower Office within the VA is actually a filter to spot, net and fire Whistleblowers under the Trump - #45 Administration.
What does the VA do when Whistleblowers expose the corrupt? The Corrupt get scattering like cockroaches, that's what happens.

Deputy Secretary James Byrne got the hook a month ago. On 5 Feb Wilkie fired James Byrne. They asked him to resign. He said no. They had to get security to walk him out of the building. Wilkie said he simply lost confidence in him. Byrne is the same person who ordered Voncelle to order Robert back to work against his dr orders. He also run ORM retaliatory game. He is the strategic planner. 

Alan Burch's Supervising Attorney Jessie Liu took a hike.

Voncelle James took a powder and is now stationed in Operations as of 21 Jan after it is reported that she was shredding papers a month earlier. Too late honey must of that stuff is indelibly-placed on computer files anyway. Nobody knows what the hell she is doing.
And last but not least Scuttlebutt has it that Robert Wilkie is on his way out as well, potentially because of the above-referenced lawsuit. At least he would have just about quadrupled Shulkin's reign of five -- count 'em -- 5 months. The VA is fundamentally flawed internally and on the client side as this 2014 Editorial "How Veterans Can Fight Back Against VA Abuse."

But now keep in mind it's not just partisan politics here. Remember Democrat Judge Amy Berman Jackson is in bed with Big Pharma and Prince Harry and the Invictus Games, etc. They are getting tax dollars by using veterans and wounded warriors. They exploit them through the wounded warrior and Invictus games. The main sponsors are hidden, such as JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, and of course The Good Judge and her pals have hidden stock as I have noted in this post and video to Tucker Carlson.

  Washington, DC— Today, Democracy Forward and American Oversight sued Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie for failing to recover and preserve emails his predecessor, David Shulkin, sent from a personal account used to conduct government business with outside advisors. Shulkin specifically created this private email account to shield his discussions of VA business with the “Mar-a-Lago Crowd”— three individuals tied to President Donald Trump’s private Florida club who have advised the VA in violation of federal law as the suit alleges. 

The Federal Records Act requires the preservation of all agency records, and failure to do so violates the law. In April and May, respectively, Democracy Forward and American Oversight issued letters to Secretary Wilkie putting him on notice of these violations and demanding that he take action to comply with the law. Today’s filingcomes after Secretary Wilkie failed to act. 

 “The Trump administration can’t hide how deep the Mar-a-Lago Crowd’s influence ran at the top levels of the VA by ignoring the law,” said Democracy Forward Executive Director Anne Harkavy. “Business done in the name of the American people is government business, and has to be preserved by the government, even if it’s conducted through private email.”  “Members of the Trump administration have routinely used private email and backchannels to conceal their work from scrutiny,” said Executive Director of American Oversight, Austin Evers. “The VA has an obligation to recover Secretary Shulkin’s emails to determine what he tried to keep out of the public eye.”