11 July 2019

IBM Agrees with KingCast on Restricting 47 USC §230 Protections for Facebook, Just in Time for Oral Argument 17 July 2019.

Ryan Hagemann @Federalist Society
So there are a few lawyer ass-clowns who can't stand me and what I do in this World and one of them on a certain BMW forum said that my legal pleadings in KingCast v. Facebook, 19-CV-1987 are basically hogwash and indecipherable. Wow Good Thing I don't have to say too much on my own then, I'll just quote from Facebook Amicus Counsel David Lukmire and IBM.  Lukmire also wrote Amicus for Microsoft too LOL so I'll just let these Learned White Men make my arguments for my ignorant nigger ass. LOL HAHAHAAAAAA..... 

I look forward to Oral Argument and I'll make sure to pay for the audio too. Let's let the Whole Wide World see how incoherent I am in a Courtroom LOL right. Right. From Bloomberg:
Ryan Hagemann, an IBM government and regulatory affairs technology policy executive, said in a blog post that internet companies shouldn’t automatically have legal protection for what third parties post on their platforms. Instead, their liability exemption -- part of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act -- should be based on the condition they take action to curb harmful uses of their services, he said. “A measure designed nearly a quarter-century ago to foster an infant internet needs to keep pace with the enormous social, economic, and even political power that the online world today commands,” Hagemann wrote. 
The comments from IBM add an industry voice to a growing list of advocates and lawmakers in Washington who support paring back the legal exemption for tech companies struggling to curb the proliferation of fake content, hate speech and election meddling on their platforms. 
On Tuesday, Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham said he would like to collect best practices from industry, government and the non-profit sector and then regularly audit companies’ compliance as the basis for granting liability protection. Republican Senator Josh Hawley introduced a bill last month that would require the biggest tech companies to prove they treat content in a politically neutral way before they could benefit from the legal shield.

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