29 July 2019

KingCast Bids Goodnight to Boston's Kevin McCrea.

Kevin: "Education is the deterrent to crime....."

I shot Courtroom video of STM Productions v. Apple over objection by Apple attorneys. 
The case settled.

Back Story.
NECN profile.
Boston Globe yesterday.
Meanwhile my friend Kevin died last night of a heart attack. He’s fit. Athletic. Motorcycle rider and connoisseur. World traveler. Skateboarder.

I did Election video for him when he called Menino out for his graft modus operandi and we hung out all the time. His home was an Historic Boston house where Malcolm X stayed when he was there and working at Walley’s jazz bar. The living room was yellow in honor of the family that owned it then. The particular color blanks me right now but it is the family surname IIRC... I’ll remember.
Curry. That’s it. 

We played endless pool games together over scotch and watched lots of nature TV on his high-def system... Kevin was a lover of Life and I can’t believe he’s moved on. Unbelievable 

27 July 2019

KingCast Presents: Four Forgotten Photos from NoCal July 2019.

How Will the Public and Platform Users Benefit from the Whopping $5B Facebook FTC Settlement?

NPR: Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook got off easy. They never interviewed him, only his lawyers and they never delved deeper into anything. They just took the money and run a la Steve Miller Band, whoo haaaa....

I don't know how the highest-ever FTC Settlement will be spent or exactly what is going to happen on the Platform. I note that it does not appear to address the outright racism running rampant on the Platform however.

Here's what the FTC says about it, and here is the press release

And since Facebook can't or won't complete its Civil Rights Audit as to that particular issue, it is left to me, the lone nigga' of the apocalypse to litigate that as people like Dr. Boyce Watkins sit on the sidelines with popcorn watching.

Correction: Civil Rights Audit update. It came out a few weeks ago but conspicuous by its absence is any discussion over censorship of blacks who show up to discuss Civil Rights. 

26 July 2019

KingCast Celebrates the Life of Cleo Wilbon.

I am trying to find a collection of old and less-old pictures I have of my brilliant Aunt Cleo Wilbon. 

I may have more to say later but for now just know that she was an elder to our Momma Betty J. King, and she was an inspiration to the entire family for leaving her sparse Western Tennessee roots to go to college and become a teacher, then Administrative Staff in Chicago Public Schools.

She called me in to talk with her students on a few occasions when I was a young lad, and that helped me consolidate the education and background that my parents had given me to let me know that I could, and would, have a public voice. 

The last time we met a few months ago we discussed the serendipity of how we were chilling out a few months prior to that when the VP of Facebook Mark S. Luckie broke the news about racism on campus and on the platform. 

Definitely more pics to follow. 

Rest in Power Auntie Cleo. For me, I know that my Momma, your brother Franklin, and my other Cleveland Aunties Evon, Marilyn and Margaret all joined you within the last calendar year because y'all had a Master Plan. This much, I know. 

I love you always.  Give Livi the Wonderdog many hugs when you see her, and I still want a SHINY SPOON!!!!  

17 July 2019

David v .Goliath: KingCast v. Facebook Oral Argument -- No.Cal Federal Dist. 19-CV-1987.

 Remember last week we learned that even IBM Chief of Public Policy favors curbing the purported absolute immunity offered by 47 §USC 1987? 
Note: There was a Court Reporter present so I'm stuck to ordering the 
regular written Transcript and then recording the Hearing with two voice actors.
I'll get to it shortly. We have a family crisis right now
that will require travel and lots of money. But it will happen soon.
Well this video contains most of my full Oral Argument as to facebook.  I'll put the text in later today after Court. You will discover that Courts often misconstrue what I say, or ignore what I say. That won't happen now. Wait for the audio recording any day now folks. They invited me down here, well dammit I have definitely come to the Party. One thing I hate, is a Party-Pooper so I made sure to rock it. You'll see.
Damn. Gotta do it the old fashioned way. That's why I had requested audio in the First Place but we didn't get to that in Court. So now I gotta pay $4-6 a page depending on how fast I want it, then head to my friend's studio with two other voices and read the transcript into audio form to put it on YouTube so the whole World can hear exactly what was said, verbatim, at that hearing. 

Anyway by then producing this video and sharing it in open Court whilst offering the Court the opportunity to directly follow up with questions I prevent that from happening.

When the law changes we will all say "That nigger told us so."  And I can say that anywhere I like --- except on Facebook. But white folks can call themselves crackers, which is a direct violation of the application of their purported hate speech policies as part of their contract.

Here then, is the first half:

I have some preliminary housekeeping matters: 

First is the request for a full audio recording to be available on Pacer. The Court has seen by way of Defendant's own cited case that I was not heard on the McLeod case in which the Court is aware that NH learned counsel believes the Court should have allowed inspection of individual legislator's emails. 

 Second, I am confused by the appearance of a fourth lawyer on the eve of hearing after I had been instructed not to email him because he was no longer part of the case. 

Third, there is the matter of the Judicial Notice as the USA today has written a story that directly parallels my experience of censorship. Fourth, the matter of the diligent search for information. Facebook Counsel indicates that Facebook might not be able to identify the defamatory users. My industry sources indicate that Facebook is able to do so. So I am waiting for that searchMy mother is here to watch over the proceedings. 

I would like to share a moment in honor for her and for former Justice John Paul Stevens. They were both visionaries, with my mother telling me to get a blog long before it was even fashionable. 


May it please the Court: As someone who has earned a Mayoral Commendation in New Hampshire and changed First Amendment Law in Nashua, I approach the Court will all the earnestness at my command. Just remember that we are dealing with a company that strived to be a Nation State and one which is so dead focused on oppression that they have banned my blog “how to sue facebook” but now allows me to post my own personal blog even though the content is exactly the same. You want the Third Reich, Nation State well we have the Fourth right in front of us. 

Next, FB VP Mark Luckie’s observations about race are only part of the picture because in this case the emails between Counsel and the State Court will reveal that Plaintiff only filed his dismissal with Prejudice in order to run video in the Court and to Stipulate to Damages being less than $75,000.00 prior to opposing Counsel ever making any appearance. 

As such, this is more akin to an Amended Complaint and that was the entire point. Further, even if the 42 USC §1981 Claims could not be litigated now because of Plaintiff’s Voluntary Rule 41 Dismissal in State Court, his comments still go to Breach of Contract, Fraud and Good Faith and Fair Dealing. 

But Regardless of how the Breach occurs the Breach occurs: I just don’t get special damages that would occur under 42 USC 1981 and the Court doesn’t issue a special Jury Instruction on it. It is the same principle noted in the Daarna case -- i.e. the same set of operative facts can provide liability on several claims. There’s nothing new here and it happens in lawyering every day of the week See Darnaa, supra and Reeves v. Carrollsburg Condominium Unit Owners Association, 1:96-CV-02495 (1997)(sustaining Plaintiff’s Summary Judgment claims in a case in which a Plaintiff asserted both §1981 and regular Breach claims). 

Hassell v. Bird, S235968 (Cal. July 2, 2018) is instructive because it involves the very sort of material that the Statute was designed to address per Attorney Lukmire: Defamation. Defendant’s defense in this case sounds directly as a protector under the Good Samaritan clause whereas Hassell lies directly in Defamation. The Hassell Court noted: 

“[w]here, as here, an Internet intermediary’s relevant conduct in a defamation case goes no further than the mere act of publication—including a refusal to depublish upon demand, after a subsequent finding that the published content is libelous—section 230 prohibits this kind of directive.” 
But in this case Attorneys Lukmire and Dyer argue for Objective review to determine whether there might be contractual or Civil Rights issues implicated.  And IBM's Director of Public Policy, the NAACP and 77 Civil Rights and media groups concur.  IBM's Hagemann:
“A measure designed nearly a quarter-century ago to foster an infant internet needs to keep pace with the enormous social, economic, and even political power that the online world today commands,” Hagemann wrote. 
The comments from IBM add an industry voice to a growing list of advocates and lawmakers in Washington who support paring back the legal exemption for tech companies struggling to curb the proliferation of fake content, hate speech and election meddling on their platforms. 
Note: I also I argued that Congress did not intend an absurd result by enacting the DCA yet allowing Facebook to breach its contract at will, without consequences makes for what is known as an illusory contract and that’s an absurd result indeed! 

The Court was definitely interested in my main argument and also asked me if I could issue another Complaint that would take a different tack then I explained about how Facebook allows me to post from my Chris King First Amendment Page blog but not from my How to Sue Facebook blog. 

That demonstrates Retaliatory Breach and I can show a pattern of it. So many of their actions towards me are because I had the nerve to challenge the corporate godhead. Stay tuned for the Court Order.

New Facebook Federal Lawsui... by Christopher King on Scribd

11 July 2019

IBM Agrees with KingCast on Restricting 47 USC §230 Protections for Facebook, Just in Time for Oral Argument 17 July 2019.

Ryan Hagemann @Federalist Society
So there are a few lawyer ass-clowns who can't stand me and what I do in this World and one of them on a certain BMW forum said that my legal pleadings in KingCast v. Facebook, 19-CV-1987 are basically hogwash and indecipherable. Wow Good Thing I don't have to say too much on my own then, I'll just quote from Facebook Amicus Counsel David Lukmire and IBM.  Lukmire also wrote Amicus for Microsoft too LOL so I'll just let these Learned White Men make my arguments for my ignorant nigger ass. LOL HAHAHAAAAAA..... 

I look forward to Oral Argument and I'll make sure to pay for the audio too. Let's let the Whole Wide World see how incoherent I am in a Courtroom LOL right. Right. From Bloomberg:
Ryan Hagemann, an IBM government and regulatory affairs technology policy executive, said in a blog post that internet companies shouldn’t automatically have legal protection for what third parties post on their platforms. Instead, their liability exemption -- part of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act -- should be based on the condition they take action to curb harmful uses of their services, he said. “A measure designed nearly a quarter-century ago to foster an infant internet needs to keep pace with the enormous social, economic, and even political power that the online world today commands,” Hagemann wrote. 
The comments from IBM add an industry voice to a growing list of advocates and lawmakers in Washington who support paring back the legal exemption for tech companies struggling to curb the proliferation of fake content, hate speech and election meddling on their platforms. 
On Tuesday, Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham said he would like to collect best practices from industry, government and the non-profit sector and then regularly audit companies’ compliance as the basis for granting liability protection. Republican Senator Josh Hawley introduced a bill last month that would require the biggest tech companies to prove they treat content in a politically neutral way before they could benefit from the legal shield.

09 July 2019

NPR, KingCast and Others Say Big Pharma, Perjury and Treason Help VA and Staff Crush Whistleblowers in Court.

More back story on big pharma and corruption.

As to the bogus criminal Complaint against Robert:

They are bootstrapping. The statute is Maryland CJP 3-1508 based upon Maryland CJP 3-1505. However, the key thing is that the underlying offenses to which Voncelle James used to obtain the Peace Order were Harassment Maryland Criminal Law 3-803 and Stalking Criminal Law 3-802 which require a course of conduct as defined by Maryland Criminal Law 3-801. These are not strict liability offenses but are intentional or require malice. Whoops. 

All the guy did was respond to a group email that I wrote about his Worker's Comp hearing because you know, Voncelle James had ordered him back to work against his doctor's Orders AND HE HAD A STROKE DAMMIT.

More on this later.

The chicanery continues, unabated. 
Why was Lance denied the right to Intervene?
Why no Pacer/ECF electronic filings?
Everybody gets that. I get that all the time and Judges often hate me.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg folks as to how Big Pharma and the Courts protect people like Voncelle James instead of bringing Criminal Charges against her for Perjury, False Statements to Law Enforcement and more.

Courts and Big Pharma Help the VA Continue to Violate Whistleblowers. 

See the stories from yesterday's Congressional Hearings.  At this point these reporters need to be covering this case. No doubt about that. We will be reaching out.
Bozgoz Legal Fund.
USA Today.
NPR last year.
Connecting Vets.
Military Times last year.
Buchanon Report live 23 July 2017 Interview with Plaintiff and KingCast as ADA Advocate.

From Mr. Bozgoz's Workers Comp "Hearing" today. Okay we are out of the worker's Comp meeting we will provide an After Action Report after we get home. So we walk into the meeting and VA's Third Party contractor, Judy Lane is there. I open the meeting with 2 motions (1) Motion to record meeting under Title II and Title III of the ADA Law and (2) Motion to waive the hearing in lieu of DOL granting Rob's Claim and paying compensation for Rob's period of leave without pay from date of injury (14 Aug 2018 to 2 April 2019). Mrs. Snell denied both motions. I then told her that we have a district court case which Judith Lane was a defendant. However, we deleted her name from the claim. I then submitted our updated affidavit ref: 🦊 is guarding the hen house. Rob submitted his letter ref: standard form 50 showing he was a worker's compensation examiner before he worked for VA. 

He did this to show them that VA should not have denied his Workers Comp when we had evidence that showed facts. Judy said nothing why? Because i am sure she saw her email in our update affidavit which states, "miss Bozgoz thanks for the information" I already have your information. You don't have to agree with the information. 

I sent you a copy what we sent to Workers Comp as a curtesy copy. It's going to take a long time for the Workers Comp to go through blah blah blah...I then sent Judy Lane, VA's Worker's Comp rep an email back stating, "Judy as a professional if you already have the truth (evidence) why would you send lies to WorkersComp??? You obviously want Robert's claim to take long...I then CC'd VA leadership and told them I am making a video on this BS. They hire Worker Comp reps to work with Voncelle to deny Workers Comp or help deny Workers Comp.. 

1 month later, Robert and I receive a Workers Comp denial letter stating appeal...Today during the meeting, we tell this women (Ms Snell) states the reason they denied the Workers Comp claim is because VA (Voncelle and Ms. Lane) said there was not enough evidence. She then said it's going to take 20 days for the transcript. VA has 30 days to provide a response and she has 75 days to provide her decision. 

 It should not take a year to come up with a Workers Comp decision when we have 5 board certified doctor's protecting Rob from VA's nonsense. 


I wrote them: Re: Today's Feature Presentation: The back story on VA Whistleblowers 
4 hours ago at 8:42 AM From Christopher King 
To ADA ADVOCATE Sue Bozgoz Cc Marti Oakley Robert Bozgoz Whitegalacticwizard maryetta beck Jeff Blochowicz-2012 civ email abuckley106@gmail.com Eileen Eddleman Michael Reid Ms Wandra J Jay DeNofrio James Sizer donna hairston Matthew.Kahn@usdoj.gov Christopher.Wunsch@va.gov lshane@militarytimes.com dslack@usatoday.com Ashley Meyer VBAVACO Brown Kevin Scoon Lois Margarita.Devlin@va.gov "VBAVACO Lawrence Paul R." Robert.Wilkie@va.gov "VBAVACO Davis Theresa E." VBAVACO James Voncelle VBAVACO Clark Willie VBAVACO Kendrix Angela Danny Evans Jeanette Griffin "VBAVACO Agee Karen Y." "L. Marie Anderson" VBAVACO Frueh Mike "VBAVACO Burke Ronald S." 

Am I to understand that Mr. Bozgoz’s Workers Comp hearing is late and that the VA refused to allow it to be recorded? 

For shame for shame. So much for transparency. 

I wonder what’s in the VA’s trick bag today? 

Sent from my iPhone

Final Version. More Courtroom audio from 13 June to come. 
Voncelle is none-too-impressive there, either.

10 July 2019 Update:  The Final Version with fixed subtitles is being produced tonight. It will be on top of the first one as you view the screen.

2:20pm PST Update:  Judge Zuberi Williams watched the whole video in Open Court. The Bozgoz family has still not seen the video but the audio was heard "full blast" today.  In their estimation this video and the material falsities (read: Perjury) that it demonstrates changed the entire texture of the proceedings and kept them out of some kind of Conviction or other adverse situation.

Also of note:  I guess His Honor did a double-take when his image appeared linked to protecting Voncelle James and the VA. Whatever guys, the facts are the facts and these Courts are not doing a very good job at allowing all salient facts to be heard. But that's unlawful. 

So I won't tolerate it sitting down even though the Bozgoz family in no ways encouraged me or directed me to make this video:  I have been making videos that expose corporate and government corruption for 20+ years now.


Some back story and the proof that running video on a public street is legal in Maryland.

What a shit-show this Case is. But it's larger than that. All these people were doing was trying to serve Voncelle James a Summons and Federal Complaint dammit. And they never went on her property ether so that's called PERJURY. That's why the Court tried to keep this video from circulating but I'm too smart for any of that nonsense.
Running video on a public street from a cell phone is perfectly lawful in Maryland. This is particularly true when all you are doing is documenting your attempts to serve process on a government employee folks. That’s the Law. Look right here.

This is a call to all Veterans to come together at the ballot and by supporting the Bozgoz family in every way you can think of.

When you expose corruption and ADA violations at the VA they have an orchestrated treasonous team of staff, lawyers and judges who conspire to gaslight you and bring criminal charges against you.

Voncelle James did exactly that by lying about Robert and Margaret Sue Bozgoz’s lawful attempts to complete Service of Process on her.  This was even as Ms. Bozgoz was discussing the fact that she was about to serve her with VA Security Officer Darryl Blackwell.

Now keep in mind that when the Bozgoz Process Server showed up on 6 June 2019 for their second attempt to serve Voncelle James said “I’ve got a Restraining Order on You.”

But this is impossible because she didn’t even apply for a TRO until AFTER that. So she already knew by and through her association of VA cronies that they had an Order ready and waiting for her whilst pretending to negotiate Service of Process with Blackwell on the other hand.

This is despicable conduct and it must be called out for Veterans to see and to take action in any legal way possible to go at these people.......

From NPR's June 2018 feature "For VA Whistleblowers, A Culture Of Fear And Retaliation." 
Following an almost classic whistleblower retaliation script, instead of support, Chavez was soon investigated for "abuse of authority" and "creating a hostile work environment." 
The union, Tuskegee AFGE Local 110, quickly announced it had taken a vote of "no confidence" in Chavez. And her top boss, a career VA employee named Leslie Wiggins, soon told her in no uncertain terms to back off. 
In fact, Wiggins then took charge of all discipline and oversight of the VA's troubled hospital kitchen. She also stripped Chavez of all the authority and oversight she had been hired to impose on the department. The reason given, emails and documents show, was Chavez's "inappropriate disciplinary actions" against the food service staff.

03 July 2019

KingCast Says NAACP ACLU ADL and Urban League Must Help Black Boeing Mechanic Victimized by Racism and Defamation.

Judge Laurel Gibson should be calling for an investigation into the conduct of her peer, Judge Michael Scott for reasons that I am about to explain.

See that nervous smiled from Attorney Christina Becia. She’s with the law firm of Bradley Wolf and they are  representing Grecia Luke, a white woman who lied under Oath about never being a Real Estate Broker and has been involved in many lawsuits as a Defendant, including a couple of foreclosures.

Luke was in a rent to own deal at her Wedgewood Condominium Unit 242 with Sir Fredrick McAfee, a black former Boeing aerospace mechanic who had already purchased unit 303 himself in cash some years earlier.

Unbeknownst to Sir Fredrick the management company had an ulterior motive to get rid of him and they began spreading false rumors that he was involved in prostitution at his unit. This is stereotypical racial profiling folks and it’s as ugly as you can get. You can infer the ulterior motives by this email that Contractor Joe Hellstern got from the management and shared with Sir Fredrick and me, and Mr. Hellstern will testify to more about how dirty and under-handed these people are under Oath.

So basically Luke backed out of the deal at Unit 242 so Fredrick took the Lessor over to his unit and along with it came the Trust money that Luke was no longer entitled to.

There were checks issued by Sir Fredrick to Grecia Luke that she cashed in early 2017 yet these monies did not make it to her mortgagee bank. Sir Fredrick had no control over that but something shady was definitely going on.

Then somehow Luke files a Fraud case against him and his lawyer fails to file a Counterclaim after promising him he would do so. Sir Fredrick tries the case himself against these two lawyers and when he loses on one count they sock him for attorney fees and even take his own property Unit 303 from him.

When he requests Immediate Rule 59 Review to set aside the Bench Verdict   Attorney Wolf draws up a proposed Order that the Court rubber-stamps, falsely claiming that Sir Fredrick did not timely file his Motion until after 4:30. But you can see right there that he DID timely file his motion at 3:52 so that is all just crazy-making and that is an Ethics violation to boot.

And to top it off, Judge Gibson and her daughter were great friends with Sir Fredrick until all of this happened. She even lived with Sir Fredrick for a time when her home needed repairs but all of that changed once these people assassinated his character and ruined him financially. This is a man who already suffered through years of racial discrimination and underpaid disability checks at Boeing mind you.


Now he has filed a Defamation and Tortious Interference lawsuit against these people and the NAACP, The Urban League, the ACLU and ADL must help him.

Because Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

NAACP, ADL, ACLU and URBAN ... by on Scribd