27 June 2019

KingCast Presents: Facebook 12(b)(6) Motion to Dismiss Summary -- Denigrate the Negro; Ignore the Facts. SSDD.

My Opposition to Facebook's 12(b)(6) Motion to Dismiss:

"We are immune. Completely immune."
Attorney Lukmire says otherwise.
"You file a lot of cases. You must be a vexatious litigant even though no Court has found you as such nor have these courts we cite to ever said you filed a frivolous lawsuit."
"You lost to Kelly Ayotte once and we will ignore the fact that you DEFEATED Kelly Ayotte more than once."
[In my response I forgot to mention how Kelly tried to get me for Extortion and Unauthorized Practice of Law but I'll remember to mention that at next month's Oral Argument on 17 July 2019 9:00 sharp. I will request the audio from that hearing to place on YouTube so that people can hear the quality of my Courtroom presentation].
I'm a badass in the Courtroom and so they will try to do everything they can to knock me down. I'm not scared of them. Nobody scares me in a Courtroom. Ever.
"Your allegations are vague and we will ignore anything and everything that former Diversity VP Mark S. Luckie said about his personal observations of palpable racism on the campus and on the Platform."
Sue Facebook
9:27 AM (0 minutes ago)
to William, Paven, Matan
Oh, I suppose since you want to talk about Kelly Ayotte and her one victory over me, I did forget to mention that not only did I defeat her on the Public Information Request, I slammed her down to the ground on the Felony Extortion and Unauthorized Practice of Law cases she came at me with, so I'm like 3 v. 1 on that neocon idiot, and the fix was in on my lawsuit with all of her former associates in bed together. Nasty.
I'll be sure to mention those Ayotte losses briefly at Oral Argument.

Note: They also cited to KingCast v. McLeod, one of the few Right to Know cases I lost. However there is substantial disagreement (Fosters' Seacoast 12 April 2009) with that Decision and laws in many states have been CHANGED to note that individual emails are NOT exempt.
However, he questioned Frydman’s choice to cite the 2008 Grafton County Superior Court case of KingCast.net, Christopher King v. Norelli, Rep. Martha McLeod, Franconia Police Chief Mark Montminy and Attorney General Kelly Ayotte. King had petitioned Norelli and McLeod to turn over e-mails they received concerning House Bill 1428, which sought to rename part of Interstate 93 after Bruce McKay, a Franconia Police corporal who was fatally shot in 2007. He also sought information from Ayotte and Montminy concerning the shooting and McKay. 
Grafton County Superior Court Judge Timothy J. Vaughn dismissed King’s complaints. The judge said the law does not require individual legislators or government officials to personally make documents available and that such e-mails are not “governmental records.” ″... the question is whether e-mails involving individual legislators were created or received ‘on behalf of’ a public body,”
Gagliuso wrote in his e-mail. “It seems to me that this determination may require a review of the particular e-mails in question, and it is not clear that the Court in the King case undertook that kind of review.” He indicated the state’s Right-to-Know law could be updated to include a review of legislators’ e-mails to ensure they are not governmental records."
In other words the lawmakers got away with a fast one, hiding behind their individual emails.

In Washington State I am correct. (AP Jan 19, 2018).
Thurston County Superior Court Judge Chris Lanese sided with the group that sued in September, challenging the Washington Legislature’s assertion that lawmakers are excluded from stricter disclosure rules that apply to other elected officials and agencies. 
While Lanese said the offices of individual lawmakers are subject to the Public Records Act, the Washington Legislature, the House and Senate were not. But regarding the individual lawmakers named, Lanese said the statute was clear. The law “literally says that representatives and senators and their offices are agencies under the Public Records Act,” he said from the bench. “The defendants have raised many different arguments contending that that is incorrect in this case. 
However none of the arguments advanced by the defendants here can escape the fact that the plain and unambiguous language of the statute literally has a definitional chain that goes from agencies to state agencies to state offices to state legislative offices.” He noted lawmakers can always amend the law, but unless they do they are subject to the state’s public records law.

25 June 2019

KingCast Says "Join the Seattle King County NAACP!"

Seattle NAACP Young Talent 2019 Violin and Opera: Rachel Joshua and Jaydon T. Beleford.

There is a new blood and a fresh passion at the Seattle King County NAACP. I'm all about it and will be joining again this week! It's so funny to think that now I am becoming one of the elders. Wow.

Also, I will be following Jaydon for the rest of his (or more likely my) life. This young man is Star Quality. Both performers are quite talented and there a many others who did not present last night. Stay tuned. Stay tuned, get it? Yuk-Yuk :)

14 June 2019

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say "Oh Come Now Mike Roseberg.... or Better Yet, Don't."

Hahahaaa... I had always said Seattle Times Mike Roseberg was an ass for failing to cover anything about MERS or my lawsuit as to why the City never sued MERS as did so many Counties in Oregon. Well there you go, folks, Talking Points Memo reports that he has now basically been sacked for sexual harassment, just goes to show: 
"The Times suspended Rosenberg over a month ago after freelance journalist Talia Jane posted screenshots of several Twitter messages he’d sent her, including one that said “there is so much cum on your face.” 
Son let me tell you sumpthin' you need to be very very careful before you even think about saying anything like that to someone you are not already intimate with. Just call it a KingCast helpful pointer. So you got kinda sacked. Not like, ball-sacked as you are probably thinking with respect to unwitting recipient of your advances, but sacked as in you basically got fired-sacked.
Must every inquiry into sexual misconduct be a probe I wonder.

Unfortunately the Times will still likely continue to ignore the issue but at least now I have an entry to them: "Say you guys you might want to consider what I have to say.... I would hate to impugn Reporter Roseberg's integrity, but...... he does look kinda creepy..."  

Related: Whack-a-Mole, Seattle's festering homeless problem.

11 June 2019

Massachusetts Jury Resolutely Slams Plymouth & Commonwealth D.A. Jessica Kenny with a Same-Day Not Guilty Verdict in Darrell Jones' Murder Retrial.

I have never tried a murder case. But my friends and managing lawyers have. And I have naturally attended perhaps a dozen of them over the years, enough to tell you this Prosecutor Kenny:

When a Jury returns a same-day Verdict -- heck, a half-day Verdict within a couple of hours -- that Jury is sending you a message: In the case the message is that your entire prosecution, was completely foul.

Much more to follow on this. Here is WBUR's Bruce Gellerman's review and commentary.

09 June 2019

Malicious Prosecution on Darrell Jones Murder Retrial: 1985 Police Lies Exposed by Cop Testimony in 2019.

You already know about the Perjury of Detective Smith that the Court and the DA have not punished whilst threatening the witnesses for Perjury, right? We need Prosecutorial Transparency right, Right. 


MGL §66-10 Demand for Information on Plymouth County Prosecutor Jessica Kenny by Christopher King on Scribd

08 June 2019

KingCast Says the Veteran's Administration Must Clean House and Fire Voncelle James: Stop Abusing Your Staff and Innocent Veterans.

More back story on big pharma and corruption.

As to the bogus criminal Complaint against Robert:

They are bootstrapping. The statute is Maryland CJP 3-1508 based upon Maryland CJP 3-1505. However, the key thing is that the underlying offenses to which Voncelle James used to obtain the Peace Order were Harassment Maryland Criminal Law 3-803 and Stalking Criminal Law 3-802 which require a course of conduct as defined by Maryland Criminal Law 3-801. These are not strict liability offenses but are intentional or require malice. Whoops. 

All the guy did was respond to a group email that I wrote about his Worker's Comp hearing because you know, Voncelle James had ordered him back to work against his doctor's Orders AND HE HAD A STROKE DAMMIT.

More on this later.

That’s the Bozgoz family receiving a bogus Restraining Order. 

Remember the ongoing case of how the Veterans Administration is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act with reckless abandon? 

We will return to that case in a minute as I inform you that the oldest trick in the book when you are a public official accused of corruption is the claim that someone is threatening you. This is true regardless of how implausible the threat is. In my case 14 years ago it was the NAACP when I caught them lying and started blogging about it. The local President ran off to Court and got a TRO that threatened to shut down my operations.  I slammed them.

The VA has its own recipe to shut you down: They will turn the tables on you and try to make you into a violent criminal. Ask Jamie Fox(Attorney Reviews the matter). Original story here. Voncelle James is a ringleader here and a principal defendant. She avoided Service of Process at her house as we will be able to see in a video soon. 

What happened was that her father-in-law said she refused service. So the process server went back the next day and caught her outside whereupon she and her husband got aggressive. She said during that second exchange “I’ve been served already” but how would Plaintiff know that she accepted the Service?

They have done no wrong whatsoever I have the video and I will be showing it soon. This is a False Complaint and there may be legal actions to befall Voncelle James. But right now she has the nerve to obtain a TRO and to lie about the Plaintiff brining weapons near her property. This is so dangerous as to be unspeakable. 

The next thing you know they will try to hem them up with some bogus criminal charge and diffuse the lawsuit. They did it to Jamie Fox.  And they will try to do it to the Bozgoz Plaintiffs too. That is why as a former State Attorney I am calling them out on it right now as a preemptive strike and I am sending this in an email right now to Vonelle James. She is a dangerous instrumentality and must be stopped. Legally.

17 June 2019 Update:  
She now claims that I am involved in criminal activity. She claims that I posted her address. Take a look below at her complaint relative to me and the related images from the video.  This chicky is a piece of work all right. There was never any order against me about anything. I used documents and images in the public record to make my movie. There is no basis for criminal charges against the Bozgoz Family or me. It's that clear.  

Of course Voncelle James also fabricated a story that Margaret Sue Bozgoz was present during the second attempt of Service of Process of the lawsuit and probably had weapons... when in point of fact she was at home the whole time.

What a shameless scumbag liar she is. I'll be circulating this to so many veterans this week it will make your head spin. 

17 June 2019 Update_2: She now claims that the Bozgoz family contacted me after her bogus TRO was issued and that is how I have audio inlays of Margaret Sue Bozgoz discussing VA matters that pertain to Voncelle James' wanton misconduct. 


As noted, this is not my first time at the shit-show rodeo. I will dispatch of her "claims" and slam her with a lawsuit of my own should she even think about trying to get after me.

********* 24 June 2019 Update: 
Ms. Bozgoz reports 
"If this ain't back firing on them, I don't know what is. Voncelle met with them last week. Don't know what she told them. All I told them was I want the fake criminal charges removed. The clear evidence shows whatever she told them is a lie. We gave them (1) Judge order to issue the summons, (2) law that protects service processor from being harassed, (3) emails from 31 May to date showing dodging, Judge Williams order. Voncelle initial petition stating I was there and an ex employee. I told them we filed void order challenge and we want the fake criminal charges gone as they violated our 5th and 14th and 1st Amendment rights. I will not renew my license until she tells everyone I don't drive around with weapons." 
.....I concur. The things that Voncelle James said would be Defamatory anywhere outside a Court of Law. But when she starts in on anything to do with this video or trying to get after me, I will hand her a can of whup-ass so fast it will make her head spin. The name of my blog of course, its "Chris King's First Amendment Page." Voncelle James you are on my turf now honey. And I'll make certain you never forget it.

Re: Office of Whistleblower, VA Security and VA Leadership in DC Complaint #2
33 minutes ago at 8:21 AM
Urgent Message, 
My Name is M. Sue Bozgoz. I am a retired Lieutenant Colonel and Service Disabled Veteran. My husband is also a Service Disabled Veteran who is an Ex employee of Veterans Affairs. 
He resigned when his supervisors, Angela Kendrix and Voncelle James continued to violated his 1973 Rights. We currently have a District Court case with merit pending against the VA Leaders and ORM for 1983, 1973, RICO, Privacy Act Violation, Perjury, Fraud, Waste and Abuse. VA General Counsel is guiding GS14 Voncelle James how to file false charges on us as she admitted this on 13 Jun at the fake hearing they coordinated using false information on her petition. BLUF: the Judge issued a void order which we are challenging now. In the meantime, Voncelle James has filed false Criminal Charges against us [while giving the oath]. She stated in her petition that we violated the judges peace order [void order] because Journalist Chris King's posted a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fhXguTVagw  This is Chris' video not ours. She posted the video at 9:36 pm, after meeting with VA General Counsel. When the Judge asked if anyone had criminal charges pending on 13 Jun, we informed him that our Service Processor filed Criminal Charges against her husband for assaulting him and his driver while he was serving her. We have indisputable evidence (video tape) of this incident. We would like you to get involved and stop VA's service of process delay and perjury as we think they are setting Voncelle James us to fail. I have asked VA leaders and District Attorney to guide Voncelle James right because at the end of the day, she will have to answer to her perjury and civil rights violations. 
I am now asking the House Committee of Veterans Affairs, media and public to get involve 
I am ccing Chris King, Karla Winfrey, [media]  as our case if of public interest 
Lieutenant Colonel Bozgoz 
Re: Office of Whistleblower, VA Security and VA Leadership in DC Complaint #2
7 minutes ago at 8:44 AM
Ms. Rodden and Mr. Shearman, 
I have to make myself clear, VA Staff member, Voncelle James filed "False" Criminal Charges against Robert and I on 10 June 2019. Our false criminal hearing is on 22 July 2019 which we need your assistance to wipe since VA leadership approve VJ actions. I have cc'd the leadership to prove my point. 
We also have a false criminal record for the public to review as we have received several attorney letters asking to represent us during our false trial.
Voncelle's actions are obviously illegal and designed to delay our District Court case with merit against Voncelle James and VA Leadership. 
We have informed VA Leadership, Office of Whistleblower, VA District Attorney, OSC, OSHA  and etc., to get involve and stop the corruption. 
OSHA Regional said not to expect justice because everyone in DC is involved which I am finding hard to believe, but...as you can see I have reached out to everyone at VA and my concerns have fallen on deaf ears. 
We need the media, public and now we ask the House Committee of Veterans Affairs to stop wasting congressionally appropriated funds and violating the public trust. 
We have been waiting over 2 years for justice since the ORM system at the VA is rigged. We simply want VA to stop (1)  interfering with our service of process and (2) using VJ to perjure court documents, and file false CRIMINAL charges against us. They abused us for 2 years while we took the pain, now it is time for them to be held accountable. 

Again we have challenged the judges void order which VJ filed against us using false information/perjury. 
Our case is of public interest. We need the public, media and hopefully the house committee of Veterans Affairs to assist. 
I am ccing Chris King, Karla Winfrey and NBC. 
I would love to speak with you as this is an urgent matter. 
or 678-472-3106

07 June 2019

Follow WBUR's Bruce Gellerman for Updates on the Madness of Darrell Jones' Retrial for Murder.

Take a look. Now Darrell and his Counsel are accused of being racist.
Meanwhile  the Commonwealth produces a "new" box of evidence that should have been produced 34 years ago, right.

Do you have a concept of how long 35 years really is?  I have a car from that era; it is old enough to be a collector's item. Graphite tennis rackets had just been mass-marketed. Reagan had just been elected President. It is a cry for Prosecutorial Transparency as seen in California and Connecticut and hopefully, beyond. 


03 June 2019

Facebook Hired Asshole Liam Booth as its Security Czar; Now Facing Sexual Harassment Charges.

Business Insider said it had obtained legal letters written by two members of Zuckerberg’s staff, accusing Booth of harassment. The letters allegedly said that Booth had groped one household staffer, along with another, unnamed person, while they were all participating in an event at a sushi restaurant back in July 2018. 

“I’ll feed you something raw,” 

Booth allegedly told the household staffer, while grabbing his own crotch. The same staffer said he also saw Booth slap another man’s crotch and grope his butt, and then ask him, 

“Are you still hungry?” 

Booth’s two accusers say they complained to Zuckerberg aide Brian Mosteller several times. But, they say, Mosteller did nothing about their complaints..... 

 ......Booth is accused of making a number of racist and homophobic remarks while on the job as the head of personal security for Zuckerberg. He allegedly said he “didn’t trust Black people” and added that “white lives matter more than Black lives.” Booth allegedly said that the Black Lives Matter movement is an example of “reverse racism” and bragged that he was doing his best to undermine Priscilla Chan’s “diversity hiring” policy.

Note in the Business Insider piece Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes urges that Facebook be broken up immediately

"We can't vote with our feet....there's nowhere else to go."

01 June 2019

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: Whack-a-Mole: Homeless in Seattle 2019.

Note: No innocent moles were injured in the production of this video. However, I sure to wish I could give Seattle City Council a few love taps on the head with a rubber mallet. It might bump start them off of TDC and make them do things that actually make sense, like being transparent or suing MERS like all the dozen Counties have done in Oregon and in many States to the East.

By the way guys, you can try to restrict speech and public comment at your meetings all you like. It's doesn't make you any less wrong.

Gone today. Back somewhere else tomorrow.