26 February 2019

Facebook Censorship Taught in Seattle Film Class Parts 1, 2 and 3.

We discussed watching body posture by example of two of the three Facebook lawyers I am facing. We also discussed dedication to purpose and getting the shot you need: Focus.

Facebook actually removed my classroom event for today: "Live Feed Smashing Facebook."

It was an 11:30 a.m. Live Feed from Shoreline Community College film class with Department Director Tony Doupé.  There was absolutely no basis for that whatsoever but of course there was no basis for what Facebook did yesterday too, shutting down a Trump friend of mine who was sharing the event.

So much for "The Platform of Ideas" right.

I can't wait to sue these Corporate Scum in Federal Court. I'm on to their game and my Trump friends are too. Facebook is a nothing more than a corporate pig.

Stay tuned for 5-7 minute short video episodes over the next week. I will host all of them in this journal entry. 

NOTE: Now they tell me that linking to this Journal Page is in violation of Community Standards!!!  

Facebook Faces Lawsuit on C... by on Scribd

Attorney KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Von Briesen Attorney Terry L. Johnson Try to Hide his Client's Hateful Attack on Courtroom Journalist.

Here's the long movie. The Second Amended Complaint is here.

Some blue-blood lawyer thinks he walks on fucking air and that he and his client, Mark Rattan, can do and say whatever they want to. Recall that Mark Rattan is the jerk lawyer who grabbed my camera in direct violation of a standing Court Order. Well the Office of Lawyer Responsibility let him off with only a Diversion program and they gave the subject of my video coverage 2 years' suspension because she has the nerve to fight unscrupulous banks who illegally foreclose. 

Attorney Wendy Alison Nora and I have sued the State of Wisconsin and the related attorneys under RICO and Acting Under Color of Law to deprive us of First Amendment Rights. In this particular instance Attorney Johnson is trying to keep me from asking the Court to take Judicial Notice of the findings of the OLR as to how his client "Approached King in an angry and threatening manner."

However from my filing today:

III.  Judicial Notice May be Taken at any Time

Should the Court deny the other aspects of Plaintiff King’s Memorandum then Plaintiff King Respectfully requests that the Court consider solely the OLR document in and of itself. In point of fact, Wisconsin Law provides that Judicial Notice may be taken at any time and is in fact MANADATORY in this instance: 

902.01 (4) WHEN MANDATORY. A judge or court shall take judicial notice if requested by a party and supplied with the necessary information. 


25 February 2019

Classroom Talk: KingCast and Trump Fans to Join Against Facebook? My email to King County Court and Facebook Lawyers.

Mark Zuckerberg: A virtual mugshot for corporate greed and vituperative largesse

Note: Facebook removed my Event posting for this classroom presentation. More on this in 45 minutes.

How many of you trust Facebook?
 .....I am involved in litigation with them over censorship, and it's a long story but the minute I reached out to some Trump supporters and they tried to share my message.... they were censored for suspicious activity. That's right. Because anyone, particularly an intelligent black man spreading knowledge with a Court camera in this country is definitely suspicious activity as you will soon see.

How many of you trust the news?
.....Did you know there was a heavily-armed gunman Christopher Hassen who had planned out attacks last week? But somehow Jusssie Smollett and R. Kelly took the heat off of that as well as the Blackface and KKK and MeToo issues over in Virgina as if they never existed. Everything in this Country is basically no run by a giant CABAL and I am a dinosaur for thinking I can make a change. I just educate within the realm that they give me.

How many of you trust the Courts?

How many of you know that it's perfectly legal to record courtroom video in most states?

How often do you see the major press or so-called alternative press actually doing it?
......Often the Courts don't make it easy and it takes someone like me who has won Civil Rights Trials and worked for major press and alt press back in the day to get there, and getting there is important. I'm a registered SAG screenwriter now and I take on challenges that no sane person would ever think about, but hey that's part of my life mission is catching corporate crooks and their attorneys on video so that's why I am here.

So today we are going to review some old video, some new video and discuss dedication to purpose to get the shot that you need.

Related: Facebook for Dummies.

The following commentary and email and screenshots are from a new friend of mine in my litigation against Facebook's Hegemonic and profit-driven censorship in violation of its own stated policies. My new friend is indeed a Republican Trump Supporter in fact. 

This will be discussed tomorrow, 11:30 PST Tuesday 26 February 2019 at my ongoing speaking engagement at Shoreline Community College with Department Director and fellow SAG member Tony Doupé.

Live feed on my Facebook page unless they find a way to shut that down, too. They really suck.


Dear Bailiff Watson,

One further note:

To Sanction me against a corporate villain like this when I provided examples of cases where filing a Motion to Compel allegedly prematurely does not sit well with me. I will take this opportunity to exercise my lawful First Amendment Rights once more prior to my post-Hearing Motions and Memoranda:

I began an earnest discussion with folks at a largely Trump-positive Facebook Page -- As I am fairly certain that Counsel is aware of. 

Once a participant at that Page started sharing my information s/he received adverse consequences and I couldn't talk with him on messenger for awhile and he couldn't even share my Facebook for Dummies Link.  To wit our discussion:

It's mostly about how FB cannot be playing word police for the left or the right or for ANYONE. They do it to keep their investors happy and it's bullshit. That's why if I start working with Trumpsters and Trumpsters start working with some of my lefty folks they are in trouble.

Other Person:
Peace to you brother God bless you in the mighty name of Jesus I'm sharing this link with my friends."
[KingCast snarky observation: Oh no you're not....]

"Holy crap dude now look what they're doing I can't even share the link."
"Yeah they did one better I tried to continue sharing that link and they put some sort of a block on it can't share it anymore I can go to it but I can't share it not off of you or from the actual site"

The bottom line here is that I got sanctioned fighting the largest vessel of public discourse the World has ever seen as it monetizes every keystroke we make. They are being sued for fraudulent activity by the Attorneys General of several regions, including the State of Washington. They keep profiles on people who are not even Facebook members. They allowed for manipulation of black voters. They received damning letters from 79 Civil Rights and Media organizations. They were boycotted by the NAACP. Their own VP of Diversity claimed that they practice racism on "the platform of ideas" and in the workplace. They claimed from the outset that they were setting up a "Nation State" yet without any apparent controls on content other than their own corporate hegemony and whimsy. They use their apps to track users it thinks could threaten employees and offices... even when they know that users like me are not physical threats. It's disgusting.

And against that backdrop I presented case law where filing a Motion to Compel prematurely was not sanctioned. I only filed my Motion to Compel AFTER a Rule 26 Conference proved that Facebook was going to DENY production of any and all substantive Discovery Materials. I was put on the spot at Hearing when the Court divulged that a Summary Judgment standard was going to be used but much of the sought discovery would have gone directly to my arguments from U.S. and Canadian Law that Facebook's abusive strong arm tactics and bargaining power and clickwrap agreements provide grounds to keep the case in the Plaintiff's Forum State.

One day this monster is going to fall, and you will remember this: I told you so. So I will stand strong in the face of this $2.600.00 sanction and do what I have to do, as a former Assistant State Attorney myself. I still believe in government and fairness. 

I promise you that will be the last you hear from me until I file the post-Hearing Memoranda and Appeal.

21 February 2019

Racist Facebook Algorithm Explained on air Friday, 22 February 2019 at KKNW 1150 AM "Susan Harmon Experience."

Investigative Law Journalist and former government lawyer Christopher King shares insight on the pernicious nature of Facebook in discussion of his lawsuit against the Internet juggernaut as he joins Arizona U.S. Senate Candidate Angela Green. 

 People need to realize that Facebook and other private entities use algorithms to determine your rank as a human being, with tremendous implications beyond the obvious and subtle racism that occurs on the so-called "Platform of Ideas." 

A lawsuit filed in Seattle is being forced into California Courts because of Facebook power and control but the underlying facts clearly disturb Facebook Lawyers as seen in Mr. King's Courtroom video from last week. Tune in here.

20 February 2019

Long Version with Tribute to Mom. 

The Quick and Dirty.

To Hell with this company 
They screw people every day.
Corporate Robberbarons.

Facebook Amicus Lawyer and NYU Law ditched his excellent
Law Review Thesis that completely supports my arguments.
As if that's going to make it all go away.
Really guys. So desperate. 
I'm coming to get you.        
Legally. In Court.

15 February 2019

Facebook Terms of Service and Censorship Lawsuit Moves to Sunny California!

The final edit. Beyond the racism we are all being reduced to social and economic rank and used as mere chattel by "private" entities with powers they should not have. Facebook as it exists today is one of the most insidious, abusive entities the World has ever seen. Government regulation per First Amendment Standards in America is imperative. Period. 

Fact: UK Lawmakers claim Facebook is a "Digital Gangster." My team and I are about to give this sandlot bully a proverbial bloody nose. Wait for it.

Fact: The David Lukmire Learned Treatise I've been citing to suddenly disappeared from the Internet. Too late guys. I've already quoted the salient portions and it's not as if NYU Law school is going to eliminate it from the hard copy of the Law Review LOL. Here's one from Valparaiso Law citing to him though and saying pretty much the same damn thing.

Fact/Opinion: Facebook Attorneys appear visibly uncomfortable at 6:00-6:30 as I detail the chronology of my censored posts.

Fact: Facebook retaliated against George Soros. I'm pretty sure he has more money, power and influence than me. Like, I dunno $8B vs. $25K or so LOL.

Educated Guess:  If Facebook will take aim at George Soros they could definitely retaliate against me.

Legal Conclusion: Retaliation violates Facebook ToS and constitutes willful breach, Fraud and more. See you in California guys.

Big Ups and massive gratitude to everyone who came today as well as those strategizing behind the scenes. We have a bit of work to do but it is totally doable so let's convene offline and get right to it! 

So the court kicked it to California but wait till you hear what I put on the Record and the Judge was like "wow" we all could tell it opened his eyes! Some things I have not publicly mentioned. Video coming by Friday Night or Tomorrow. I can't wait for California. I told my folks today I'm running low on funds for this but I'll sell the damn Yamaha to finance this one if necessary. Someone else said "hell, sell the Yamaha and finance a new platform."

Ahhhh folks but alas that is an entirely different quantum of cash. I gotta stay in my lane!

For those of you stuck in Bellingham, I'm sorry you missed it so I'll send you the video to ameliorate your pain. Meanwhile I'll be mobilizing my peeps down in the Golden State. Timeline: File well before my birthday, 14 April 2019 as soon as my new website and marketing tools are in place.

Great Afternoon, folks. It is time for a pause and reflection:

In all the hustle and bustle yesterday I forgot a moment in time when artist Carla Elise Tiny handed me a small scroll and I tucked it away in my bag. In decompressing from the weeks and days that led up to yesterday's Hearing (video still coming today) I opened the panel of my bag to find it.... written on the original artwork and with a personal note and signed by the artist. 

It was born from a sketch initiated by Zevi Yoj and I can't wait to frame it. 

For those of you out there who have no idea what it is like to be on the front lines addressing oppression and injustice of all varieties I can tell you that the message is crucial: Always lead with Love and Hope. 

Do I get upset at times? Of course I do. No one with an ounce of compassion is not upset about Facebook and its nefarious dealings or the current state of social injustice in general. Frankly, I reserve the Right to express that anger. That is an immutable part of my personality. But it is a small subset of a personality clearly defined by Love and Compassion and belief in the Social Contract. 

So again, thank you to all of my supporters.... To those who physically appeared yesterday including videographer and media artist Aliko Tree. To those who could not make it. To those who are working behind the scenes to help me prepare for Round Two against this malicious, deceitful juggernaut. 

Winning a move to California is a bummer for me in terms of direct local attendance but the fact of the matter is that now Facebook and its boutique lawyers have a serious mess on their hands going into the substance of this case and it is not my fault. 

It is their Client's fault: I have finally stated in a Public Courtroom the true basis for this lawsuit, and it clearly stems in a Fraudulent Breach of Contract, Breach of the Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, Deceptive Trade Practices (under WA law or CA law we will see which law governs), racism (I'm including a 42 U.S.C. §1981 Claim in the next lawsuit), and just all-around bullshit censorship -- not a cognizable claim per se but we all know what I am talking about. The Complaint is going to be a well-honed instrument of destruction aimed straight at Facebook's Corporate Spleen.

 So sit back, relax and prepare for Round Two folks. It's going to be a doozy.

14 February 2019

KingCast Presents: Mark Zuckerberg as Monopoly Man.

Well the court kicked it to California but wait till you hear what I put on the Record and the Judge was like "wow" we all could tell it opened his eyes! Some things I have not publicly mentioned. Video coming by Friday Night or Tomorrow. I can't wait for California. I told my folks today I'm running low on funds for this but I'll sell the damn Yamaha to finance this one if necessary. Someone else said "hell, sell the Yamaha and finance a new platform."

Ahhhh folks but alas that is an entirely different quantum of cash. I gotta stay in my lane!

For those of you stuck in Bellingham, I'm sorry you missed it so I'll send you the video to ameliorate your pain. Meanwhile I'll be mobilizing my peeps down in the Golden State. Timeline: File well before my birthday, 14 April 2019 as soon as my new website and marketing tools are in place.

That he is. Lindsey Graham said it himself this summer when he said he had "no idea what that means" regarding the Facebook ToS.

Watch my Facebook video about it. Then wait for Court Hearing footage this weekend.

07 February 2019

KingCast Says Casey Sherman and John Stimpson's Unauthorized "Franconia Notch" is Headed for a Toothy Lawsuit for False Light Defamation.

Short Trailer

11 February 2019 Maura Murray update: Y'all remember Sgt. Chuck West, the liar who obfuscated everything in the Liko Kenney Greg Floyd Bruce McKay shooting tragedy right? Well I do. Check my 18 August 2008 journal entry as you realize that this architect of deception is holding up what appears to be the final search for Maura Murray's remains out there on a road in a place at a space I cannot disclose just yet.
BTW don't forget: Liko Kenney searched for Maura too. Bruce McKay was likely aware of this.

1:17 p.m. 1 June 2007 Strelzin to West: 
Was there radar locked in McKay’s cruiser that shows the speed Kenney was traveling when stopped?” 

2:28 p.m. West to Strelzin: The radar was on the dash with the target speed (safe to assume Liko’s car) locked in at 54. This target seed(sic) flashes when locked in. It was still flashing when I saw the cruiser hours later. The posted speed is 40 mph. I think that from the first stop to the second you may see a seed(sic) limit sign sign(sic) that they pass. 

4:02 p.m. West to Strelzin supplemental: The radar reading will be in the crime scene report and the posted speed limit I will document in a report with photos."

[KingCast says I never saw those photos in the photos and you better believe I looked at photos for days and days on end.... the fact is, Liko WAS NOT SPEEDING according to the neighbor. Read this.]

The grey car was not going fast. I thought [McKay] was trying to get around it [for something else]. He made several movements (her daughter called it a "10-point turn" in her interview) to come nose to nose now facing north.... [McKay] pushed him and kept pushing him down (into the gravel area) dirt flew back the police car pushed him so strongly and just kept pushing and pushing and pushing until the grey car was beyond my view." 
4:09 p.m. Strelzin to West: Great, thanks Chuck.
[Read the entire narrative here]

Not only that, he allowed a completely bogus general investigation and specific non-investigation of the Liko Kenney windshield bullet to remain as the official Party Line even though it was patently clear by his own initial words and the forensic evidence that Greg Floyd lied about ever talking to Like before he MURDERED HIM in my opinion. Remember folks, Kelly's own intel and the photos proved that Caleb's window was up. Duh. Just look at the crime scene photos here. I was the ONLY journalist to post these, ahem. Hither, Casey Sherman the bullshit artist.

Lastly on this update, Bruce McKay apparently was involved in some way the night that Maura Murray went missing; I believe he made a phone call to the liquor store remember?Erinn talks about it at minute 38 of her podcast series. Sure would be a shame if he had anything to do with her disappearance wouldn't it, Chuck.

New England writer Casey Sherman and his screen writer continue on their path towards False Light Defamation Lawsuit. Check our website for Circle of Stones. Here is their derivative work on John Stimpson's website.

We warned him several months ago about this so now we will get the lawyers involved and he will be hearing from us soon. Casey is just another exploitative white male in for a shocker. That’s him across from me at the Dutch Treat the day I won a Public Records Request Lawsuit against the NH AG and Town of Franconia. the quote from the Court awarding costs to be shared jointly is here:

Anyway yah so Maura Murray’s folks threw me a party with balloons etc etc. Casey is an Interloper in that town and everyone knows it. My co-writer has won screenplay awards and we are REGISTERED with SAG. He profited from my work and on information and belief is not running SAG actors just an open read to make a shit show movie exploiting the Miller Kenney family name and Bode when only we have express written authority that we EARNED. 

Casey Sherman will use folks name just to earn a buck whether they license him or not. And because of prior arguments I have had with him and because of his current pitch I can tell he is going after the gun activists in Hollywood to try to say that Liko Kenney shot Bruce McKay out of mental illness and he's another example of why we need more gun control, etc etc. 

I've already caught him saying LIko Kenney "wasn't a good kid at all." I busted him on it

He will attempt to portray the Miller/Kenney family as a bunch of lawless redneck fools when in reality they are extremely bright and progressive people. I know this because I know them quite well. Casey Sherman most certainly does not know them well nor has he ever tried to, fact. 

I also busted him (scroll down for proof) on Bad Cop Norman Bruce McKay not having Probable Cause to detain Like Kenney in 2003. I have all of the emails on this. 

Stay tuned. 

#LikoKenney #FranconiaNotch #murder #selfdefense #Bode #Franconia #policeabuse #GregFloyd #corruption #falselightdefamation #Franconia #KingCast #CaseySherman #JohnStimpson

06 February 2019

New York Times Agrees that Facebook is a Deceitful, Money-Grubbing Monopolistic Corporate Rapist.

How I missed this in December I have no idea.
Well there was PLENTY of other bad news breaking on them
at the time that much is certain.
It's because they are corporate scum.

Today's New York Times Medium feature hardly comes as a surprise to me. But the timing is epic as I finish my First Amended Complaint this evening. I've known for the past couple of years now that Facebook is nothing more than a bunch of privileged, racist low-life scumbags preying on the general public for corporate gain while suppressing the speech of people selected by their culturally hegemonic value systems.

Related:  Facebook adds two more boutique lawyers to defend KingCast v. Facebook. I had told them "Fine. You can bring a busload of attorneys for all I care."


But they need to arrive at Court very early. Space may be at a premium.  And oh, I'll be selecting a videographer on Friday during my lecture series with Shoreline Community College Film Director Tony Doupé.

You won't want to miss this one folks.
It should not come as a surprise that Facebook — a giant, for-profit company whose early employees reportedly ended staff meetings by chanting “domination!” — would act in its own interests. But the internal emails, a rare glimpse into Facebook’s inner workings, show that the image the company promoted for years — as an idealistic enterprise more dedicated to “bringing the world closer together” than increasing its own bottom line — was a carefully cultivated smoke screen.  
 These emails reveal that in the formative years of Facebook’s growth, the company’s executives were ruthless and unsparing in their ambition to collect more data from users, extract concessions from developers and stamp out possible competitors. “It shows the degree to which the company knowingly and intentionally prioritized growth at all costs,” said Ashkan Soltani, a privacy researcher and former chief technologist of the Federal Trade Commission.

KingCast Presents: Fun Auf Der Autobahn Seattle Tribute to Max Hoffman VW & BMW.

Max Hoffman: Where Maxine got her name.

05 February 2019

KingCast and Gil Scott Heron Present: Lawsuit Slams Facebook Censorship Under DCA §230. Hearing on 15 February 2019 to be Televised.

The final edit. Beyond the racism we are all being reduced to social and economic rank and used as mere chattel by "private" entities with powers they should not have. Facebook as it exists today is one of the most insidious, abusive entities the World has ever seen. Government regulation per First Amendment Standards in America is imperative. Period.
I am warning the American People today about Facebook. We have largely abdicated our inalienable First Amendment Rights to a greedy monopolistic corporate juggernaut that cares nothing about those Rights and that only serves to serve itself greater and greater corporate gain.

Link: Two more Goliath boutique lawyers sign on to fight David KingCast. That's at least, say 6 v. 1. And think about how much money, power and influence is fighting me. They've already built up a buttress for the 9 Cir. Ct. App.

This video will be hosted this week on my ROKU TV show "Corruption Meets Camera." 
VH2 Networks.

I am exposing this situation in a legal setting as no other Plaintiff ever has. I know this because I scour the Pacer website and the Internet for other cases.

And they know it too, and that’s why they hired yet two more corporate attorneys from a boutique law firm to try to shut me down. That’s 3 lawyers and at least 3 support staff versus little ol’ me and Pepper the Lawyer Dog.

All I’ve got going in my favor is a briefcase full of the Truth.

Move fast and break things Mark? We’ll see about that. You’ve broken enough as it is. Now it is time for us to take our Rights back and to help make America Great again without YOU getting in the way.

Move Fast and Break Things…… Move Fast…. And Break Things.

That is still the mantra of Defendant and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg Your Honor and that is precisely why we are gathered here today.