31 January 2019

KingCast and How to Sue Facebook See Walmart Ignore Hateful, Threatening Racist Emails to Former Police Officer and Retailer.

A very important cross-post to How to Sue Facebook because they are racist as hell too.

Re: Racism involving Walmart Store #0301, 340 E. Meighan Blvd. Gadsden, AL. 35903. 

Daryll Triplett is a former Ohio Police Officer who along with his wife Lisa owns a black-centered haircare company Hair911, Inc. on a provider contract with Walmart. He also owns VH2 Networks, host of my TV show “Corruption Meets Camera” on which I detail the background for my current Facebook lawsuit that is at present headed for Oral Argument on video, 15 February 2019. There will be video.

Mr. Triplett claims that Walmart has ignored and failed to investigate threatening racist emails that erupted after a contractual dispute this winter. He is holding a press conference live on Facebook tomorrow at 3:30pm EST that will be streaming on my page as well, and the full show will be hosted on my channel, on YouTube and elsewhere.

One such email contains the following language: 

“You call or text this nigger love bitch......” [snip].

KingCast: Just the facts. 

A press conference will beheld at their corporate headquarters 6375Regency Parkway Suite 710 Norcross, GA. 30071, Friday, February1, 2019 at 3:30p.m. 

Parking in rear of building
email mediaenquiries to: Media@VH2.tv

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