06 October 2019

KingCast Interview with Bellevue Ducati GM Kevin Davis: Demise of Howard Crow's Seattle Motorcycle Empire in 19-2-25233-2 SEA VW Credit, Inc. v. Bellemoto et al. Part Two.

Part One. Lawsuit direct link. Facebook vid.

Q: What’s the #1 rule in motorcycling?

A:  Don’t look where you don’t want to go.

I have watched the incipient implosion of Howard Crow’s motorcycle empire for several years now with a certain cringe-worthy feeling of impending doom.  Now that I have interviewed former Bellevue Ducati General Manager Kevin Davis I know that my feelings were shared by scores of people much closer to the situation than I was.

Mr. Davis was national sales manager for Ducati Canada for over a decade prior to accepting his position at Ducati Bellevue, a position he held exactly four (4) years incident to Howard Crow/Noble Rush takeovers.  Prior to that his experience included a stint at Lynnwood Yamaha for a decade (1980-1990) and a period as a successful Suzuki district sales manager.

First he gave me a history lesson on the motorcycle industry in Greater Seattle as I am a Midwest/East Coast native where I sold motorcycles for Best Honda/Suzuki for a year a decade ago. Prior to that I have been involved in motorcycling in some fashion or another since 1973 as an 8 year-old when I knew I had a motorcycle problem.

I posed two primary questions to him:

1.       Do you think it’s feasible for someone without substantial motorcycle industry experience to manage what Howard was trying to manage?

2.       There is a 2 ton elephant in the picture and that elephant is known as Internet sales. What role do you see Internet sales affecting this picture vis a vis the motorcycle market and the Business model?

One:            Inexperience.                       

“No.  The industry is so nuanced, and even the best intentions are likely to fail. This is nothing new.  It’s the curse of what we call the wealthy hobbiest. They are driven and successful and ready to go… but it’s the seasonality of stores in North America that they don’t recognize and what they struggle with.”

Years ago there was a young guy who moved a Suzuki store from Federal Way to Milton and changed the name…..  Corporate Suzuki told me “You better help him."

I was given the task to visit him every two weeks. This was highly unusual but we all wanted him to succeed.  I sat down with him with legal pads and tried to go through it, devising strategies….  Within a few more months he had enough and he was just, gone.”

“When Howard started in and bought Ride West I started counting down the days.”

03 October 2019

KingCast Says: Boeing Should be Criminally Indicted for Failure to Warn, Breach of Implied Merchantability and for Fitness to Purpose.

This is a simple question. 
Who among us does not fork over the extra dough?

Also Ford's calculations are skewed because they didn't account for the impact on third parties from losing their loved ones in Loss of Consortium, etc.... as well as from zone of danger claims for people who may have been in the front seat but escaped, only to watch their loved ones incinerated. I think all of us would have paid the $70 dammit. 

Boeing with its 737 Max (whistleblower) are worse than the 1970's Ford Pinto saga. Read more about the current debacle at Vox. Failure to train, is the best of it. Then it gets into failure to properly equip the machine for it's intended purpose, again related in part to training. Pretty basic shit, right. Ethics Workshop video in detail. Here is the cost/benefit analysis in writing. Dave Coad, RIP one of our athletic advisors at Hawken had one and they were decent little cars. Car & Driver ran them at Lime Rock.In '73 another POS car I love (Chevy Vega) "won."  

Anyway I digress.... 

"We could put a simple plastic sleeve over the part of the rear axle/subframe assembly for a couple dollars so this fucking piece of shit doesn't explode on impact...."

"Nah.... fuck it. Let 'em burn we'll just pay it off."  

Now Pinto per capita deaths were not the worst for rear-end collisions. However, there was a smoking gun in Ford's case because the knew that the plastic sleeve for a few bucks would have damn near eliminated much of the risk. Huge.

My Uncle BTW was a Boeing Engineer. Black man in a Euro Ford Cortina in Seattle in the late '60's and early 70's so I had to weigh in on this. Folks were like "who dat negro in a Ford Cortina, listening to Bang & Olufsen speakers?"

"That's my Uncle Otis."

02 October 2019

A KingCast Note on Momma's Birthday. I Got a Blog, and Facebook Can Still Kiss my Black Ass.

Wait a minute Momma…. on your Birthday I didn't know this in 1971 in this picture but..... I’m gonna win Civil Rights Trials. Very few lawyers actually do this. Probably what, 2%….. But I will still get treated like a n____ (can't write that on CIA/DARPA Facebook but at least my lawsuit allowed me to post my blogs again right). 

I will press onward and upward. Here is the Real Deal folks: I get beat down so much I had to stop and realize, to hell with BLM and all of these so-called progressive organizations that are part of the accepted Internet cabal. They can kiss my ass. I played nice with them and even have txt messages from the local folks who wanted to host a forum about my lawsuit against Facebook, then the higher-ups put the kibosh on it, nice.

Who among them have won Jury Trials or helped free a man wrongfully imprisoned and hosted him for a week in their own homes right after his release? Nary one of you niggas have done that shit. If so, prove it.

Yah. I know Mommy hated me cursing but fuck all of you. Yah. Fuck. You. I won't take your corporate beat downs. I will do what I have to do.

KingCast: Every Day in Awe of His Momma, Betty Jean King.

Today is Betty King’s birthday.

But every day to me is a Celebration of her life, her love and her Spirit. Always a leader, in the last 11 months she led her brother Franklin, her sister Cleo and her peers Aunt Margaret, Aunt Marilyn, and Aunt Evon to A Higher Place where I see them all making dinners and playing with our sister Michele and Livi the Wonderdog, laughing and loving every day. 

Her Beauty and her Spirit guide me each and every day that I draw breath on this Earth and I live forever in Gratitude and Honor. For those of you not familiar with frontal lobe dementia I encourage you to take some time to learn of it as a related but separate entity to Alzheimer's. Frankly, no worse a  fate could ever land on a more Precious Woman.

Beyond that I cannot say it any better than I did at her Celebration of Life last fall. 

 I love you Momma.
KingCast: Where'd you get that smile?
Well at least half of it is right here behind my sister.

30 September 2019

28 September 2019

KingCast to Follow the Demise of Howard Crow's Seattle Motorcycle Empire in 19-2-25233-2 SEA VW Credit, Inc. v. Bellemoto et al. Part One.

In non-legalese it's a straightforward complaint. They loaned the money. They fronted more money by way of advances. They didn't get paid. They heard wind of Bankruptcy filing. They heard of Wells Fargo involvement. They called it all in based on several slightly different theories of law. 

Here is a part two update: Interview with former Bellevue Ducati GM Kevin Davis.

Note: I have always supported local motorcycle dealers as you will see below. Here in Seattle I did the Grand Opening video for Triumph Seattle for Garrett. I honored Randy McCallister and was there when Buck Harness bought one of the Aurora Suzuki signs. I honored Moto I's Dave Richardson at the Big Sixty Party (video and stills of both). And of course I did a ton of Backfire Moto, Fusebox and Seattle Used Bikes videos as well, it's all on YouTube. I will have at least two motorcycles until the day I leave this Earth.

Well folks unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past 10 days or so you've heard about the quickly-aquired and equally soon-dispatched motorcycle empire of one Howard M. Crow, Microsoft executive. Hundreds of riders and dozens of employees at five local shops -- The "Noble Rush" empire involving:

* NobleRush Seattle (Ducati, BMW, KTM) 

* NobleRush Redmond (Ducati) 
* NobleRush Auburn (formerly Hinshaw's Motorcycle Store, multiple lines) 
* Indian Motorcycles of Auburn 

I have been a Ducatisa without a Duc for the past 20 -- well 18 years or so, until I finally bought the daily rider of my Dreams, a 2006 Multistrada DS 1000S. I plan on keeping Bella indefinitely as I add to the collection... I think a Hyper 1100S is next.  My old housemate Lajos Silberstein is one of the best Ducati mechanics in the Country and his race bike 944SS was the first one I ever rode 20 years ago. Yes it weighed nothing and went like the wind. So good.

But I digress. Until I got here in 2013 most of my Ducati experiences were in Ohio starting in '99 when Ducati was first starting to re-brand with a new investment group. They had plans to start with stand alone "Ducati Stores" in key markets, and they chose Seattle as the first U.S. location. Keep in mind that in the late 00's I was also running video at Riverside Motorsports (Then Ducati/Triumph) in Boston. 

Anyway, from what all of my area rider friends have told me over the years, from '99-2012 Ducati was a stable entity..... The Bellevue store was doing fine and going racing and apparently their GM Dave Roosevelt had just branched out from Bellevue and opened the first U.S. Ducati stand alone store in Southlake Union in August 1999.   Over the years the pernicious effects of the mortgage-backed securities crash of 2008 along with all the normal highs and lows of the industry took their toll on many shops.  As owner and GM he and the store survived and thrived and then in 2010 the Mercer Mess construction started. That completely debilitated the area and really limited direct customer access to the showroom for the next couple of years. I knew about all of this because my sister lived in Queen Anne 2010-2013 and my girlfriend also had moved to Seattle so I would come and visit. It was indeed a mess and still no cakewalk today.

Then I arrived in Seattle on a cross-Country motorcycle ride in 2013 just after Roosevelt had been demoted to sales, then fired as Howard took over. Seattle Used Bikes (SUB) was just getting rolling, back when it only had two bays. Here is the 2014 expansion video and a prior DucSea SLU video.

It is interesting to recall that I was busy selling Suzuki and Honda for NH's Best Cycle Center during the late '00's (I was #1 on a couple of occasions actually) and so I remember the Dealer News publication I reference below. I'm also going to be reaching out to folks in the industry to gain a better understanding of what happened here as the first stand alone Ducati shop in the Country ended up being taken over by Howard Crow and how the "success story" as identified by Ducati NA's Michael Lock in February 2008's Dealer News short "Praise from the Top" (p10) somehow started down the road to perdition.

Here is a contemporary story from Sound Rider. Suffice it to say he was the face of Ducati and that much is obvious from some of the contemporaneous postings in which Howard Crow actually claimed that he rescued the entity from "insolvency."  

In Part Two I will be interviewing people who have firsthand knowledge of subsequent acquisitions including Ride West/BMW Ducati, Bellevue Ducati and Hinshaw's. Sound Rider is definitely on this and Bellevue customer Angus Norton has a GoFundMe page I will find again to help out the employees.

Meanwhile VW Credit slapped a lawsuit down last week. Spokane Attorney Geana Van Dessel is repping VW. There is no Notice of Appearance registered for Defendants (the Court lists Bellemoto, Ducati Seattle, Corsa Holdings and Howard M. Crow, III) as of yet, and there probably won't be for another week or more. As usual the Major Press and So-Called Alternative Press will never give you the copy of the lawsuit or really give you the nitty gritty on the situation but I sure will. That's what I do not just for motorcycle cases but in general. Lindsey Steel's rape case by an habitual criminal here in Seattle -- at a VW Dealer, coincidentally -- is one ongoing example where I actually GO TO COURT AND RUN VIDEO of the proceedings.

The nugget from the ST review of the lawsuit as published in the first link, above, is: 

In the lawsuit, filed in King County Superior Court, VW Credit claims that Crow and several of his companies defaulted on nearly $2.7 million in loans used to finance the purchase of 170 Ducati motorcycles and other equipment for his dealerships in Redmond Town Center and on Lake City Way in Seattle. The lawsuit claims that Crow and his companies failed to make some payments on the bike loans and have refused to voluntarily surrender the bikes, which served as collateral for the loans. The suit also contends that Crow “is out of the country, with no definitive timeline for his return.” 
Obviously he can't keep defaulted bikes. OTOH will there be some kind of restructure? Doubtful because I have not heard of any Chapter 11/13 filing. I'll let you know if I catch wind of any such developments. 

30 September 2019 Update: Bikes are loaded up. See top photo.

On this case I am sifting through information on Defendant Crow today and this evening and possibly tomorrow before I post anything more. Be patient nobody pays me for this and I have a shit-ton of other stuff to do but I'm on it. The Complaint is 89 pages. I'll check my "excess" cash funds this week and get back to you on obtaining this. Trial Date 21 Sept. 2010 before Judge Roger Rogoff (twitter) Courtroom W813. 

Interview with former Belle... by Christopher King on Scribd

Meanwhile you can also amuse yourself with the infamous Cody Eller road rage trial I attended back East. They finally convict the kid, then it gets kicked because of a dirty cop Eugene Stahl who had a Laurie list violation. Never a dull moment. Shitty yes. Dull, no.

25 September 2019

KingCast v. Facebook 2019-CV-1987 Post-Judgment Amended Complaint: Retaliatory Breach and First Amendment.

It's all about Pruneyard guys.
If the Court refuses to hear my First Amendment Complaint I will take that up
on Appeal and file a new Complaint after the DC Court of Appeals renders a decision
in Loomer. Eventually this little house of cards is going to fall. And look at #Twitter suspending a black Delegate (Robbyn Lewis) for "excessive hashtags" she used when promoting #masstransit and #bicycling to combat #climatechange. 
This case arrives back in Court pursuant to the Court Order of September 5, 2019 in which Leave was specifically granted to Defendant to file a Complaint for Retaliatory Breach of Contract for actions that Facebook took as Plaintiff began and continued to criticize the Platform. 

Plaintiff attempted to resolve things through extrajudicial settlement, however Defendant took an entire week to reject Plaintiff’s Two-Tiered Settlement Demand without any explanation whatsoever as to whether the rejection was monetary or based on non-monetary terms.  When asked for clarification Defendant still provided nothing. Nothing. At. All. 

On the heels of that continued disrespect, Plaintiff hereby adds a provisional First Amendment Claim as the case of Freedom Forum/Laura Loomer v. Facebook is proceeding in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals as Case No. 19-7030 (nee 1:18-CV-02030-TNM)(August 20, 2019). See Fn 4, infra. 

The Court noted that summary affirmance of a Lower Court ORDER was inappropriate as pertaining to Plaintiff’s First Amendment, Sherman Act and Stateside Discrimination claims. This as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg makes the Party Admission that Facebook is “More like a government in a lot of ways.” (Yes Mark I couldn't agree more dude. Thanks for that).

As such, now comes Plaintiff, as if on Oath and subject to the Pains of Perjury to move forward with the following allegations:

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say: "Here Comes YouTube, Looking for a Lawsuit."

The video involving the same subject matter that they have not moved to strike. Yet.
Just as with Facebook they are trying to erase proof of racism. I won't have it.

Here comes YouTube looking for a lawsuit. They just struck a 4 year-old video in which I am complaining about racism. My response: 
Dammit this is a video that is a recording of a drug-snorting white lawyer named Howard Apgard who called my client "nigger" and you can hear it in the audio. As such, there is no violation of community standards as my client and I are both black and this is True and Accurate. Don't make me sue you.
On the blog as you can see they didn't kill the other video ......and this one had damn well better be restored soon or I will indeed sue them. Remember even though I haven't "won" my lawsuit against Facebook I am now allowed to post both of my blogs about them so that's a minor miracle right there folks. Shit gets expensive but nobody is gonna tell me nigger ass what I can and cannot say. Boom, simple.

22 September 2019

KingCast Presents: Control Tops at Seattle's A-1 Hop Shop 20 Sept. 2019.

Local Talent Ode to the Cranberries. Coincidentally Perhaps...... just four days prior:

20 September 2019

KingCast v. Rumbaugh 2019 Update: What a Difference Three Years and 110,000 Views Can Make.

Three (3) years ago. Stay tuned for current video coming before October.


1. I am a Negro, Male Black (sometimes referred to as “nigger” in Washington State) Professional Journalist in training and experience at all times relevant to this matter.

2. This Notice of Media Coverage will be received by the Court and all Parties via email on 17 September, 2019, and to the Courts in hard copy via U.S. Mail, overnight, on 18 September, 2019 thus providing everyone with ample notice of coverage.

3. Such notice is well above and beyond what the traditional major press offers so there should be no problem here whatsoever or I will sue Judge Rumbaugh again and this time I will include the Pierce County Courthouse Administrator for negligence/failure to train and supervise.

4. I am here as a professional journalist pursuant to First Amendment news gathering and dissemination under the United States Constitution, Washington GR 16, Washington Access to Courts, and any and all principles consonant with Fair Play and the following Decisional Case Law.... 

....I'll post a pdf of my full Notice of Media Coverage later today but suffice it to say that he still managed to trash talk me but at least I had schooled him enough to make him decline to get sued again, so that's what I call progress even though as you'll seen in the video later today or tomorrow he said that this is not legitimate journalism because it was for private commercial gain. But that wouldn't even matter according to he peer and Judge of the Year Cuthbertson:  He granted access to a movie crew so there. KingCast 1, Haters 0.

-Negrodamus says stayed tuned for CourtCam it will be either an app or an Apple book on how to get your cameras into Court.

Watch the original video here. .......the issue in the case was whether or not a Washington Power of Attorney grants someone (the Grandmother) the right to sue on a Wrongful Foreclosure case. I am waiting for the Putative Plaintiff to provide me her case law. If not then they will execute a Quitclaim Deed right. Right. I know you can do it if someone is infirm - I did it in Federal Court relative to my mother. I know you can be an ADA Advocate as well under certain circumstances and in my opinionRumbaugh incorrectly refused that as noted in this case. Watch the lawyer for Zurich Insurance get all pissy with me LOL.  

Which reminds me I have some intel on her conduct involving her neighborhood activities I need to follow up on.  

16 September 2019

VA Whistleblower Bozgoz on Air 19 Sept: Judge Recusal and Criminal Charge De Novo Appeal.

Judge Debra L. Dwyer supports reverse racism and Whistleblower abuse.

Here is a September podcast with Marti Oakley on TS Radio.

4 October 2019 Update from Sue Bozgoz as she catches the Court trying to eliminate her well-reasoned legal arguments about the legality of Service of Process that started this whole attempt by the VA and Voncelle James to criminalize their family. 

"They offered to clear up their mistake by sending us an updated CD...

I told them that I paid $45.00 for a CD that was missing the truth. I motioned the court 2xs to strike the fake peace order. The first time was at the beginning of court before the case began. The judge's response was: "not going there" and went straight to Voncelle. 

VJ perjured herself vs. establishing sufficient pleading. VJ then showed the court the video. The judge knows she was wrong!!!! She took over the case without having authority!!! 

When it was my turn, I requested the court strike the case and read the cheat sheet (I had written out the relevant statutes noting that it was impossible for them to have violated the law by serving a Summons and Complaint unless they served it with Llamas right? Right. This is all a travesty of Justice and each and every Judge thus far is in it to win it for the VA, including that Peace-Sign wearing Debra Dwyer, seen above. Simply foul). 

I told the judge that I was Roberts RA (everything I do is legal) and Robert was there as a (ADA) driver...Lance served legal documents. The judge Denied my motion to strike that instantly..Her actions told me that she was a corrupt as per higher court rulings. 

I then challenged Subject Matter Jurisdiction. The judges response was "noted"... I then got an attitude... I did not hear my first motion to strike and the judges response in the recording. Nor did I hear the judges response to my 2nd Motion or SMJ challenge. I called the tech guys and the clerk told me to talk to Matt. 

They are not returning my telephone calls for a reason. They better give me my money back and I can't see spending 1300 on transcripts that have been altered."

KingCast: Sitting here flabbergasted at all of this blatant corruption and Court Fraud.

25 September 2019 Update: Montgomery County Judge Debra L. Dwyer becomes ensnared as crucial testimony and legal analysis conveniently disappears from the Court audio Transcript.  Meanwhile the State maintains a completely Unconstitutional stance that the audio (what's left of it) 

The hell with that nonsense. I'll be sharing Courtroom audio one way or another.

More back story on big pharma and corruption.

As to the bogus criminal Complaint against Robert:

They are bootstrapping. The statute is Maryland CJP 3-1508 based upon Maryland CJP 3-1505. However, the key thing is that the underlying offenses to which Voncelle James used to obtain the Peace Order were Harassment Maryland Criminal Law 3-803 and Stalking Criminal Law 3-802 which require a course of conduct as defined by Maryland Criminal Law 3-801. These are not strict liability offenses but are intentional or require malice. Whoops. 

All the guy did was respond to a group email that I wrote about his Worker's Comp hearing because you know, Voncelle James had ordered him back to work against his doctor's Orders AND HE HAD A STROKE DAMMIT.

More on this later.

14 September 2019

Facebook First Amendment Liability: If it's Good Enough for a Conservative White Girl it's Good Enough for a Rank-and-File Nigger Like me.

Audio of 7 July 2019 Oral Argument King v. Facebook 2019-CV-1987
Images from State Court Hearing on Venue.

Facebook update: Settlement negotiations have apparently terminated. In other words they took an entire week of my time to tell me they aren't interested and no further explanation given. Naturally they informed me at like, 4:xx PM on a Friday then declined to answer my question immediately thereafter as to exactly why:  Was it numbers or other proposed terms?  You know, common courtesy between Counsel, right.  Right. 
All right then, you want to rumble let's rumble guys.

So here we go again as contemplated by the Court's 5 September Order, with me raising two (2) principal arguments: 

1. Retaliatory Breach/Violation of Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, and; 

2. Violation of the First Amendment pursuant to Pruneyard and Freedom Forum/Loomer v. Google, Facebook & Twitter.

From Loomer's Complaint: 

98. Defendants created, operate, and control public platforms that are for public use and public benefit and invite the public to utilize their platforms as a forum for free speech. 

99. Defendants act as quasi-state actors because they regulate their public platforms, thereby regulating free speech within their public forums, Google/YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, Apple, Instagram as well as the other social media companies or entities. 

Now the Court did not specifically say I could run a First Amendment Argument in its Decision and Order of 5 September 2019 but I am going to bring it while respectfully apologizing to the Court: 

I mentioned it in my post hearing memoranda because of the breakthrough Court of Appeals Decision in Freedom Forum/Laura Loomer v. Google, Facebook, Twitter that occurred AFTER our 7 July 2019 Oral Argument but the Court declined to comment on it so it's Fair Game and the Game is on.  See also Pruneyard as noted following the screenplay linked below. I love the ABA Journal feature as well from another Freedom Forum lawyer:

We all know it is going to happen one way or another. So now I have a Good Faith argument for the reversal or modification of existing law and as I said, I run this puppy all the way to SCOTUS: If it's good enough for a conservative white girl running for Congress it's good enough for a rank-and-file nigger like me. 

I applaud them; they ignore me. Fine. I see how it is Larry Klayman. I'll just use your law and add Pruneyard to it and let's see how the different Jurisdictions handle this monster.

At least I made them capitulate on my ability to post howtosueblogspot links so there's a start for now. Let's see where the rest of it goes over the coming years. 

Incidentally, as a fellow journalist Laura Loomer received the same exact abusive treatment that I received at the hands of one Mark Rattan at a public hearing. Klayman sues for millions for her because she's suing a Muslim Congresswoman (Rashida Tlaib) but couldn't care less that it happened to my black ass on video no less.

People say: "KingCast when you face these major players and their tools like Eric Goldman you know you're never going to win."

I say: "The doing is in the winning. I'm just here to document how full of shit the whole system is."

 -The KingCaster

08 September 2019

KingCast Predicts: Many More Medvedev + Rafa Finals. Wait for it.

This year's U.S. Open Mens' Final was something out of this World. I will say this: Medvedev is the next McEnroe to Borg. 

Remember how Bjorn held on at Wimby '80 then '81 different story. US Open '81.

It's not exactly parallel because Rafa is not going out any time soon. And like Borg he is the best athlete on tour closely followed by Joker. But trust me, Medvedev is going to beat him soon, and beat him often. And believe me many finals will come down to these two and of course Joker as Fed retires in a year or two. And Rafa will go down in history as one of the best ever, if not GOAT. 

I watched something today that defies description. I'll say it again: It defied description. 

Holy Shit. 

07 September 2019

A KingCast Public Debate Request with Eric Goldman on CDA 230, his Yellow Journalism and White Boys who Run the Internet.

I forgot about the ABA Journal story that exalts my position
over that of Attorney Goldman as well.
It will be the subject of further litigation on my part.
The Time is Coming dammit.
When a private actor has control over online communications and online forums, these private actors are analogous to a governmental actor. 
This societal development and change in communications capacities require that the antiquated state action doctrine be modified lest the law become ossified. The time has come to recognize that the reach of the First Amendment be expanded...

Here's a Fun Fact: Facebook lawyers griped about me sending information to State and Federal Officials and Lawyers, right. Well come to find out, I was right. NBC News reports 7 AGs on their ass for unlawful business practices. They are merchants of sleaze people, and Eric Goldman and his ilk encourage and celebrate it. Makes me throw up in my mouth a little, right.

Here's your back story, Eric Goldman Shows up as a CDA 47 USC §230 Absolutist Once Again, Omitting Key Facts in his Coverage of KingCast v. Facebook 2019-CV-1987. 

How about I head down to one of your classes and let's air it out, shall we? Maybe this time people can actually hear the full story, what a concept. 

Eric Goldman as your Elder I hereby challenge you to a public debate on the issues involved in CDA 47 §USC 230 in general and my case to be specific. You actually had the nerve to challenge my intellectual integrity on your blog but you are the same guy who conveniently left out crucial aspects of my case in comparing it to another case but basically Noah v. AOL involved only the allegation that that ISP refused to prevent people from participating in an allegedly defamatory page. 

You did this in spite of the fact that I've been writing you for months now at your suggestion and sharing you the facts that you intentionally left out in your blog post the day after my case was Decided and the Court granted me the right to Amend to include specific allegations of Retaliatory Breach of contract 

Counselor: We are both biased. I am biased against absolute immunity because they don't deserve it and their own Amicus Counsel David Lukmire has said so. People like you want this fact to disappear because you are biased in favor of absolute immunity but that hardly gives you the right to ignore key facts that I presented to you in order to try to make me look stupid but you tried. I'm not having any of that.

Eric Goldman Shows up as a CDA 47 USC §230 Absolutist Once Again, Omitting Key Facts in his Coverage of KingCast v. Facebook 2019-CV-1987.

I forgot about the ABA Journal story that exalts my position
over that of Attorney Goldman as well.
It will be the subject of further litigation on my part.
The Time is Coming dammit.
When a private actor has control over online communications and online forums, these private actors are analogous to a governmental actor. 
This societal development and change in communications capacities require that the antiquated state action doctrine be modified lest the law become ossified. The time has come to recognize that the reach of the First Amendment be expanded....
Newsflash -- Here's a Fun Fact: Facebook lawyers griped about me sending information to State and Federal Officials and Lawyers, right. Well come to find out, I was right. NBC News reports 7 AGs on their ass for unlawful business practices. They are merchants of sleaze people, and Eric Goldman and his ilk encourage and celebrate it. Makes me throw up in my mouth a little, right. 

Come on Eric let's duke it out in front of your classroom. 
Or you can come to one of mine.
How about BOTH?

"That is the same basic claim that failed in Noah v. AOL…in 2003… So that claim will not succeed, but it will take another round of litigation to confirm that." 
.....Actually Counselor, you are wrong in your coverage and the Devil is in the Details brother.

First of all, that case was all just about content.  My case involves other issues such as Facebook refusing to review my requests for review in timely fashion.

It involves the fact that Facebook stopped letting me self-refer as nigger i.e. "I was treated like a nigger" after I started protesting against them when white people are allowed to call themselves "cracker trash."

It also involves them turning around and banning content from Chris King's First Amendment Page the minute I started How to Sue Facebook Blog, then hastily reversing such decision when I pointed out that the content was identical and asked how could Chris King's First Amendment Page suddenly be "in violation of Community Standards" when it was not for 10+ YEARS. 

Moreover there was discussion about how people tried to like certain of my posts that were NOT banned but could not. And there was discussion about why Facebook never even answered my question to them posed by a moderator in the UK who noted that he could not see my posts on a Civil Rights page when my content was NOT banned. 

These are facts that you conveniently omitted so I have put back in, to promote the interests of honest and full Journalism, Counselor. The Court was most interested in them however, and you can tell if you listen to the transcript. I'll take the liberty of posting a link to it for you:


"Although everyone with intellectual integrity already knows this, the court reinforces that Section 230 applies to editing functions and is not available only to “neutral platforms” 
.....he writes. 
Well Eric actually anyone with any journalistic integrity knows that you need to accurately report the issues. You are an intellectually disingenuous tool and a §230 absolutist. One way or another Babylon a go fall dude. It's just a matter of time. 

For those who actually want to know WTF happened, the audio of the Transcript is here. But of Course Eric Goldman already knew about these and other important facts that he left on the cutting room floor of his yellow journalist entry. I was emailing him details since we chatted in January, in fact. Take a look.