24 December 2018

A New Facebook Lawsuit Business Card.

My new #facebook #censorship #lawsuit #HR7363 business card. I'll be hiring folks to pass them out. If media wants to ignore this case because I'm not the Chosen One then I'll make my own media and put it in the hands of the Common Folk where it will indeed resonate. Boo! 

Meanwhile check out this continued Bad Faith to the current 13 December 2018 Facebook Jail Term: 

About your post Dec 13 
We removed one of your posts because it doesn't follow the Facebook Community Standards. We created our standards to help make Facebook a safe place for people to connect with the world around them. Please read the Facebook Community Standards to learn what kinds of posts are allowed on Facebook. Meanwhile FB gunned down another nigger 

Your reply Dec 13 
You let us know you don't think your post should be deleted. We're reviewing your post Dec 13 Someone will be taking another look at this post. 

Update on your post Dec 13 We reviewed your post again and it doesn't follow our Community Standards. 

Your Reply Dec 14 As clearly noted in materials I have filed in KingCast v. Facebook, Inc, King County CASE NO. 18-2-28075-3SEA Facebook's own public materials on Hate Speech and the "Hard Questions" memo by By Richard Allan, VP EMEA Public Policy clearly indicate that context and intent is crucial and that people in a protected class can use words that might be considered derogatory to others. In this post it is unequivocally clear that I am complaining about Facebook racism even if a reviewer did not know about this case that much would still be obvious by looking at my page for any context clues whatsoever. Please reinstate my privileges immediately or it will only further damage your position in Court as being overly eager to shut down black activists as I had just finished detailing in this Brandeis Brief: 

I need this escalated to Monika Bickert or Richard Allan IMMEDIATELY. 

Very Truly Yours, 
Christopher King, J.D. 

We're reviewing your post Dec 14 
We'll send an update once our review team has taken another look...... 

Note: It is now 27 December 2018 and no further review or response has occurred whatsoever, in spite of (or because of?) the fact that I have notified their local Counsel Byrnes Keller Cromwell's Joshua B. Selig about this. I asked him if his client was still reviewing the matter and all he said was "no word."

Whatever guys. Best of Luck dealing with my Bad Faith arguments as to DCA 47 U.S.C. §230 guys. Meanwhile I'll be sharing this with hundreds of law students throughout the Country so that all of the brightest new legal minds can review..... along with the legislators who are hovering as well. Note: It is now 27 December 2018 and no response whatsoever. 

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