11 August 2018

KingCast and Others Say "Expose Seattle Area's Academy of Canine Behavior for Hiding Records and Lying About Dog Death."

Baby Livi, RIP
Baby Pepper, rest in my bed.

In Honor of Livi the Wonderdog and Moxie the MinPin: I am seeking someone to manage a funding drive. 

My lawsuit and this funding drive is to benefit the entire Seattle area dog community. As you know, I have filed a lawsuit (well, on Monday in Snohomish County) with requests for information that I am entitled to concerning dog deaths and other issues at AOCB. 

As I alleged that Fraud was committed by lying to my former Partner and me about the death of Moxie the MinPin when we inquired of any deaths at the facility I am now entitled to know the Truth about that death and any and all others within a reasonable amount of time to this date. 

This was a material issue to me and my family at the time because our last dog, Livi, was killed in a kennel owned and run by a former AOCB employee. We worked with Attorney Adam Karp to obtain one of the highest settlement figures in Washington history prior to Trial. And it appears that Livi and Moxie died under similar circumstances if the facts are as alleged are true. The facts as alleged come from two former AOCB employees who contacted me directly so that is called a Good Faith basis on which to proceed. Simple. 

At 2:00 in: I suppose it was extremely gratifying for Kenton
to tell me I had to sue to get my own dog's records from a 4-5 day stay.

In addition to the costs of litigation, which are already at $400, there will be additional time and money spent because I am not interested in a quick payoff. I want the documents, including the full records pertaining to my dog Pepper's stay at AOCB earlier this year. Instead, as seen on video, AOCB denied me, called the Sheriff and told me to "get a subpoena." 

So now I have simply followed their instructions, much to my economic detriment but to the betterment of the Community. But the work must be done. And we must have money to help circulate this Cause in social media and to take out ad space on more mainstream media because in my experience they will tend to ignore this. It took forever to get KOMO to run the video and story on Livi's lawsuit. 

I would like someone else to administer the account and to offer a full accounting of monies spent. I simply do not have the time to run my life, litigate this case and manage an account. Thank you in advance for any and all interested in helping.

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