06 July 2018

KingCast Sees New York Life Settle Eugene Mitchell Lawsuit but There's Much More to Follow Against These Racists.

6 July 2018 Update: Eugene Mitchell lawsuit settled in Southern District Federal Court. There's more to follow though. Much more. You can follow it all right here. Anyway I've seen the pending litigation and these racist pigs are about to get smote right across the brow, but GOOD.

This is a much deeper issue of systemic racism canted against successful black males who educate regarding generational wealth. This is a company that has not strayed too far from its original slave trade racist ways. Major Press will tell you none of this. But you can watch it this summer on my VH2/ROKU TV show “Corruption Meets Camera.” 

For more on this, including the Moulinyan Moment and the history of racism, check out my first two posts.

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