12 July 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: Caucasian Gals at King County Courthouse -- Court Clerk and Deputy Sheriff Stupid on First Amendment Rights.

Don't worry folks, this video is going right back up by 1pm today, 16 August 2018. Funny there are other videos on YouTube about "Silly White Girls" but mine got pulled. Funny how that happens right.
To the idiot, bigoted court clerk who made me remove my items from a courtroom last month and then laughed at me:

First of all, fuck you. 

You didn't know the law and you got schooled when the idiot Deputy Sheriff appeared. I had already made proper arrangements to run video in the Court that day, the same way I had made proper arrangements with that same Judge 4 years ago, you fool. 
So now you wind up like this idiot back on Boston (3rd video down) I schooled ten years ago. Second, this is how it is going to work the next time we meet: We are going to exchange gratuitous salutations and you are going to clarify with the Judge exactly where I am to set up my equipment, and then you are going to leave me alone and shut your fucking mouth. Same goes for that Deputy Sheriff who continually talked over me. She can go to hell too.
Any other approach will find you on the end of a lawsuit. I am not here to be nice or polite to you, given what you have tried to do to me. My ancestors had to play that game but I don't have to and I won't. Third, you don't know the breadth of my wingspan but in the next year or so you are about to find out. 

For now you can start watching "Corruption Meets Camera" -- my TV show on Roku and see what happens next. It will be live in the next calendar week.

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