07 June 2018

KingCast Says CT AG George Jepsen is Still a Liar and Covering for Another Liar -- DSS Wonk Roderick Bremby -- on the Continuing Title XIX Malfeasance.

Prologue:  Connecticut AG George Jepsen lying to avoid Rule 11 Sanctions. Video above.

Usually it pays to circle back on a corrupt case a few years later to see how things are panning out. Well take a look at this one involving the litigation against CT Department of Social Services Director Roderick Bremby for noncompliance with Title XIX health care applications......

So yes folks many years ago Negro Judge Alvin Thompson allowed Negro Defendant Roderick Bremby to get away with lying about the timeliness of our mother's Title XIX Application for full care.  Connecticut AG George Jepsen wa the conduit, by postulating a load of horse shit that the Court allowed in just to slam us. But our revised application was certainly submitted as complete, and then they ran well over the timeframe for completion so I sued to Intervene as a similarly-situated party and then the lies started.

And Thompson's happy little white girl law clerk Jennifer Sykes was all part of it too. See video below. I could tell by the way she looked at me in the hallway she wished I had never filed. I could smell the hate surrounding her aura within 6 seconds.

Anyway so several years ago the Settlement Agreement was put in place. And sure enough Negro Bremby has failed to meet the standard and is stalling for time to respond to the Show Cause Motion tendered last month by Counsel for Plaintiff Shafer.

Anyway as to my Motion to Intervene Counsel for Plaintiff were none too supportive either so fuck them too.

As I told all of these Establishment pawns today in an email:

Subject: Shafer v. Bremby -- AG Jepsen still a goddamn liar 

Fascinating. Still lying and frontin' after all these years. 

Yah, I wasn't made to be constricted by the State or Federal Judiciaries. I was made to win few trials to prove that I know how to do it, document the bullshit, and then cover it in ways no one else ever will. 

My new TV show starting this month is only the beginning. 


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