11 June 2018

King County Sheriff Johanknecht to Speak on Detective Drawing Gun on Motorcyclist.

Request for Interview as to why King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht actually REDUCED the punishment for a cop with a negative history who pulled a gun on a motorcyclist who may have been speeding. 

We don't know because the cop -- Detective Richard Rowe -- never issued a ticket for the predicate conduct allegedly set forth by one Alex Randall in the first place. I have already interviewed Sheriff Urquhart and Mr. Randall. Those interviews are also on YouTube. Stay tuned for what happens next and the final edit. 

So......In the words of the immortal Bobby Knight: "I am not here to fuck around this week. Now some of you may be... but I am not."

You want some law?  Well I hopped on Westlaw and got some law for ya. I'm not sharing all of it right now but here are a couple of cases.

Baird v. Renbarger (7th Cir)

This is the case at bar right here and the cases may be readily distinguished in favor of Mr. Randall.

State v. Belieu

    Supreme Court of Washington, En Banc.May 18, 1989112 Wash.2d 587773 P.2d 46

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