25 May 2018

Sterling Brown and Lawyer Mark Rattan Show why the NFL and Milwaukee Cops are Indeed Racist.

Racist Wisconsin OLR Protects Wells Fargo Lawyer Who Assaults Black Law Journalist by Christopher King on Scribd

First of all, the NFL is not truly a private enterprise. Look at the degree of entanglement between local government and all of the massive tax breaks given. No Sir, this is subject to a Free Speech analysis and reasonable Time, Place and Manner restrictions are the rule. Kneeling does not violate any reasonable analysis. 

And on a related note MKE cops are indeed racist. I'm a former Civil Rights lawyer running Courtroom video. A wealthy white lawyer attacked my camera despite a Court Order. I call the cops and they didn't even write a report! Still waiting on the OLR to punish him. Mark W. Rattan.
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