16 May 2018

KingCast Sees Geico Insurance Overpay Ayers Collision on a Car That Clearly Should Have Been Totaled.

There's no need for much of a description here. Just watch the movie. Geico paid out $14,500.00 on a $16,000.00 car... and the repairs weren't even done properly. The repair center also claimed that the titled owner of the car said to deal only with him. This is not exactly true. The couple tried having him call a few times to get somewhere being a man and all, but he's pissed off too.

I referred them to the LBC -- No, not Snoop Dogg's LBC but to Learned Boston Counsel for prosecution of a 93-A lawsuit and whatever else is necessary to effectuate Justice.

I've owned 30 cars, a couple of which were totaled, and I've settled car collision cases for clients. Never seen anything this crazy in my life.

And the fact that a State Rep (Bruce Ayers) has an interest in a business run from the same address doesn't help the situation. He makes conversion vans for handicap access.


PS: The Toyota part was not installed initially. They had used an aftermarket part until she called them on it but they were paid to install a Toyota part because it's a fairly new car.

Update this just in: The insurance company won’t talk to me even with Anthony’s permission. It’s because they’re intimidated by me because they knew I broke it down piece by piece and he had no response at all. So he had told Anthony he will not take any calls from me or any questions for me only if you can call. So on Thursdays he gets out early in on Friday he has the whole day off. But normally Thursdays and Fridays he gets home by 3 o’clock or 330. The rest of the week he’s gone from 6 AM until 11 PM.

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