01 May 2018

KingCast Sees Boston Fire Captain James Berlo Expose a Culture of Racism and Death at BFD.

Boston Fire Dept. Racism and Death Season 1 Ep. 1. 

That story from 2010 "City firehouses stuck in a racial divide" and the Court Decree -- when BFD was busy fucking Jimmy -- is still true. Also, fuck you Dan Conley and any other racist, First Amendment-hating pieces of shit.

Boston Fire Captain James Berlo Exposes Culture of Racism and Death 

(CK) -- I told you some of this back in 2008 before I even knew Jimmy Berlo. A First Responder had clued me in on a random commuter bus ride from Boston to Nashua, NH.

James Berlo was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed firefighter a quarter of a century ago. He finished at the top of his class and was prepared for an illustrious career within the fabled institution. Despite the fact that he was not an Irish legacy firefighter he did well and rose to Captain. And then he defended a black man who was busy being victimized by racism. 

They asked him “What are you doing supporting that no good nigger piece of shit?” “Right then I knew what the problem was,” says Berlo. 

From that point on his life was never the same and his career was in ruins. False charges were brought against him at work on a multitude of occasions. All of this was done under the auspices of retiring DA Dan Conley and Julie Higgins, a former underling. Watch Dan Conley rudely tell Yours Truly after a Judge had credentialed me at the Dan Talbot police shooting death trial “You know what? I don’t have to talk to anybody,” as his press secretary Jake Wark looks on, laughing. 

Meanwhile James Berlo supported Albert Arroyo (a minority of course) who was a complete scapegoat in the disability/pension fraud arena. After a bullshit Federal Trial the Jury was done in 4 hours because he actually had their own physician sign off on his controlled body building because of its therapeutic affect.  As such, his case was diametrically opposed to those white legacy firemen who faked injury whilst working for friends in higher classifications in order to obtain golden parachute pensions. 

Mr. Berlo also explains the Truth involving bid rigging and inferior equipment behind the 2007 Tai Ho fire (NIOSH report) that claimed the lives of Warren Payne and Paul Cahill, and the sheer incompetence that killed Edward Walsh and Michael Kennedy at the 2014 Back Bay fire (NIOSH report) that took two years. They could have come down harder on them but just check it out.

Boston: The City that can kiss my black ass.
You fucking assholes will be on TV soon.

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