17 May 2018

KingCast Says "Happy 80th Birthday Cecil King!" -- The O.G. KingCaster.

Five years ago.....

Years from now anthropologists will realize that Meghan Merkle 
and Cydney Rose were never seen in the same place at the same time....

Tracing 80 Years of Cecil King, My Idol and the Original KingCaster

Cecil King grew up in a double-wide shotgun shack in rural Tennessee.

He retired to live the rest of his American Dream off the 5th green of a World-class golf course.

Along the way he remained a Pioneer who fathered three children who have opportunities to pioneer things he could barely even dream about back then.

But dream he did.

He walked the streets of Little Italy in the 1950’s before it was imaginable for black men to do so.

He moved his family to Cleveland suburbs in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

He learned the game of tennis before it was fashionable for black folks to be learning such things.

We played chess and cribbage – games of the mind – while most children were playing checkers.

He worked through the perils and built-in headwinds of unlawful discrimination throughout all of this time to retire as Diamond Shamrock’s first black certified chemist.

I watched my idol over the years as the basketballs changed to tennis balls
and the tennis balls changed to golf balls.

The one thing that stayed with me about my father is his unabated lust for life 
and his dogged determination in all things.

In basketball I will never forget his outside accuracy and hustle.

In tennis I will never forget our epic battles. I had to be at my best to beat the man who came to be known as “The Human Backboard.”

Playing cards I will never forget his gleeful grins as he threw down trump with a satisfying WHAP! 

Of course I’ll also never forget the time Patrick Joyce and I got caught throwing 
rocks at cars and how my World quickly went horizontal!

But overall what I love about my Dad is that he is a testament to the Indomitable Spirit, and that Spirit imbues me with drive to work through the headwinds of convention and discrimination as I prepare to launch my first TV show next month.  

My alter ego is “KingCast” because I project unto the World my vision of fairness 
and what is right and wrong with our World today.

But many years ago, in a World without Internet or cable television, there was a man who projected 
the beauty of his Sprit unto the World.

And that event has made all the difference in my life.

Happy Birthday Cecil King. I love you man!

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