10 May 2018

KingCast Motorsports Presents: Bardsleyque at Well Oiled Wednesday Motorcycle Night at SUB 2018.

Bardsley Donovan reappears with Bardsleyque at 2018 inaugural Well-Oiled Wednesday at Seattle Used Bikes/Fusebox.....

For the past five years coinciding with my arrival in Seattle our little (well, somewhat vast actually) motorcycling community has been blessed to have this destination spot between SUB and The Fusebox to hang our helmets. On arriving here I knew that there was something special about this community and that begat a lot of video and still production to capture the moment: I couldn't care less what most celebrities are doing but I absolutely love to document what real life people do, raw and essentially unfiltered. 

And starting this summer I'll be doing that on TV for all of you. So you can order your Bardsleyque, crack open and cold one and keep informed from the comfort of your couches. Keep your bikes in tune and your minds in sharper tune. 
#SUB #SeattleUsedBikes #Fusebox. 

PS: Nat Zhong always great to see you dearie!

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