13 April 2018

KingCast Shows How Interlopers Casey Sherman, James Renner, Tim and Lance Ruin the Liko Kenney and Maura Murray Stories for Profit in Franconia.

Oxygen Channel Disappearance of Maura Murray is Caught up in Intellectual Property and Defamation Issues With Maura Murray and Liko Kenney.

Interlopers and Exploitation Threatens to Ruin the Liko Kenney and Maura Murray Stories

Relative to this case, where in the hell were any of you guys  when John Smith and I were busy gathering and analyzing entire criminal files that I have maintained to this day?

Well folks I have here a birthday update for you about the exploitation in this case.

My birthday is 14 April 1965. A different year than Greg Floyd's but the same day. I've known this for some time now because I was one of the first on the scene to investigate, along with one John Smith, an NH native who also poured his heart and soul into investigating the mysterious disappearance of one Maura Murray. I was there with Liko's friend Oliver Ruff at the Statehouse demanding an investigation. I was also there shooting these pictures of Floyd when he was convicted of yet another abusive crime, and I was the one who sued the State and Town to get footage of Corporal Norman Bruce McKay using chemical weapons on a young girl, and I was the the one who exposed the State's failure to release all of Greg Floyd's criminal and military AWOL records. I got them from an honest Public Safety Attorney, Marta Modigliani.

Now keep in mind that Casey Sherman was around too, but Casey came to meet me at the Dutch Treat one day that Maura Murray's people were in fact throwing a part for me for suing the State of NH and the Town of Franconia for vital information including protocol showing Bruce McKay's violations on 5/11 and video of Bruce McKay OC spraying and flailing on a young girl, Sarah. 

I had also gone to Court and obtained the files on cases identical to the 2003 thrashing that Liko received from Bruce McKay and two other cops for no lawful reason at Fox Hill Park. In emails with me Casey Sherman admitted he publicly stated that "Liko Kenney wasn't a good kid at all and he incorrectly claimed that Bruce McKay had Probable Cause to detain Liko Kenney. He's full of shit because Liko's license was valid and the contemporaneous cases of  State v. Nathan Wright 03-CR-109 and State v. William Miller 03-CR-012, 013, 029 prove that Judge Peter Cyr agreed that the stops were Unconstitutional for blocking egress without PC. And who the hell is Casey to make that determination against me, I've actually won criminal trials and have them on videotape to prove it. 

Basically, the Town supported John and me as he and I toiled away on our own nickel for the most part, and I gathered these documents, went to Court, and twice successfully testified with the Town folk against Bruce McKay Highway.

Now Interlopers Lance and Tim and Casey have a documented history of ignoring us after they gleaned the information they wanted so that they can continue their apparently paid work with Oxygen Channel.  Someone else wrote me recently and referenced them so I reached out to them. I'm not going to divulge her identity at this point.

Those guys made a video in which they made fun of John and told him to just "go away" and referred to him as a "crazy troll pot smoking hippie loser" then they rejected his Registered Mail asking them not to use his information because his information, unlike mine, was not public record. He says they threatened him and I believe him. "If you press this it's going to get ugly." 

To hell with you guys. If you press me, it is going to get ugly for you beyond measure. 

They teamed up with James Renner, who is also from Cleveland. But Renner worked for the Cleveland Scene if I recall correctly, while I worked for the Cleveland Edition. You don't even have to ask which publication was mostly about music, and which one was mostly about editorial content, using writers from the recently-defunct Cleveland Daily, the Cleveland Press. Ask Publisher Bill Gunlocke. He's still a friend of mine.

And Tim and Lance told me to "go away" too after they had their interview with me so that they could tie Liko and Maura together and have Renner accuse Fred of diddling his daughter with no indicia of credibility whatsoever.  Watch out for Defamation you guys and don't even think about threatening me. I'm an attorney and I have attorneys so you don't scare me one fucking bit.

And don't forget Casey Sherman, the first Original Interloper. As you can see here Casey demanded $1,000 from a public college to appear. He failed to appear at a bookstore appearance and my people had put out money for that and had to remove posters. Instead he ran off with John Stimpson and started making a movie based on his sorry-assed book that was in my opinion largely self-published. He's an ass. More on this later, much more.

And oh, the teacher of the class is now Police Chief of Somerset, MA and he agrees with his statement at our website. I spoke to his class on my own expense as seen in our trailer video.

Much more on this later.

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