16 April 2018

KingCast Sees Facebook Lawyers Respond to Racial First Amendment Facebook Censorship Concerns.

Hot off the presses......Facebook Updates Community Standards, Expands Appeals Process 4:18 Download April 24, 20185:01 AM ET Heard on Morning Edition 
Oh really? Because I sent my Appeal in and didn't hear jack shit. Zip. Zero. Zilch. 

Mysteriously ALMOST back on. I still might sue. Why two more days.... It's already been a week for a 3 day suspension. More likely than suing at this point, is exposure on an International program. I'll be shooting that soon.

I know Cooley LLP is watching. The question I have, is did #Zuckerberg lie to Congress about whether he had contacted Diamond and Silk too? So tiresome. Just turn my service back on dammit. Otherwise the Discovery Requests are going to prove very dangerous to them.

Yes.  Read further.

Not their first time in the rodeo against black Seattle activists, I see.  
I'm here to see to it that it is their last. Trust me on this.

According to the spokesperson, Facebook knows the apparent pattern of disabling the accounts of black activists doesn't look good, but insists their actions are not intentional. Moreover, the content review team feels terrible when those mistakes happen.

OK then prove it.

On Thursday, 19 April 2018 we are going to have an in-person chat about the "Legal Diversity" that Cooley, LLP espouses

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UPDATE:  A former Facebook employee (whose identity will remain secret pursuant to our agreement) told me today, 17 April 2018: 

People take this too personal, it’s a bot. I said well my ban related to me complaining about racism six (6) months ago, and it happened 2 days after I posted the scathing WashPost story about Mark Zuckerberg’s repeated and feckless apologies and commitments…. So now the lawyers either prove or disprove that by their actions now that I’ve notified them. If I don’t get my page restored I will indeed sue. My post was obviously not condoning racism or violence but was clearly decrying same. So that being the case, restore my page immediately. It has already been at least five (5) days instead of the three (3) indicated by FB. I see the FB defense firm has an office in Seattle. It would behoove them to take care of this before my people and I start making visits.

Regard the new video coming by morning, 18 April 2018:

Facebook Lawyers Respond to Racial First Amendment Facebook Censorship - KingCast 
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PS: Jeff great jacket and tie combo you're rocking that look I gotta give it up bro. Props.

By the way, I did not have FB on my birthday, 14 April. They cut it the 13th. Today is the 17th and it's still not back on. That's more than the three days they claim. Mark Zuckerberg is Devil incarnate. And I also note that I had just posted this WashPost story about his many apologies over the years too.  Yeah. I'll sue that hater under a Public Policy argument soon.

At the outset for anyone who cares about the First Amendment, share this post immediately.

Hi Mark,

First of all take a look at all of these stories where white folks have posted comments that are actually racist on Facebook and they remained posted.  Then I as a black man and former Civil Rights attorney write a post complaining about racism and you ban me for three days.

That is one of my images as selected by the ACLU for a calendar a few years ago. It is a black man who overcame racism at UMass Amherst. His name is Jason Vassell and I will tell you about him in a minute.

I've been waiting for three days to say this since I was wrongly banned from Facebook so I'll say it now and I'll say it straight to Mark himself. I will look him right in the face given the opportunity and break it down like this:

Facebook has been accused of racial discrimination based on content, and that is directly applicable here.

I was punished for complaining about white men committing violent acts against black men and how black men cannot retaliate in kind, lest we be considered the wrongdoer and punished.... which is precisely what you did to me about my comments on a post I drafted a full six (6) months ago.

Now keep in mind the racism was rampant in both examples. The white men who attacked Jason Vassell at UMass Amherst were not even students there, and one of them had a history of abusing women too. The white lawyer who attacked my equipment and me is facing disciplinary action by the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation.

Meanwhile Facebook throws me off, over my birthday weekend no less. That's shameful.

Mark you claim that you are open to some sort of regulation. I have a great idea. Since you and your henchmen have created and monopolized the largest single open marketplace of ideas the World has ever seen, the thoughts and ideas expressed in that milieu must be protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution within America. 

It's nearly impossible to comment on many newspapers today without a Facebook plug-in. You are the new thought police. And to have you as a private entity in such a role is a dangerous thing. A very dangerous thing.

How you handle it outside of America I don't know but I'm willing to discuss some International Treaties of course but for communications originating in the United States Facebook cannot pick and choose which content to punish. If I am not advocating for imminent violence or lawlessness then you simply have no business playing thought police. 

What you can do is to create a code system whereby content is coded as to whether it involves discrimination or sex or drugs but that's about it. As I heard a U.S. Statesman observe last week, you do indeed have a monopoly going on here, and your current mode of regulation is not doing substantial Justice to me or to many others. Things have to change.

#MarkZuckerberg #LindseyGraham #racism #censorship #FacebookBan #Discrimination #FirstAmendment 

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