08 April 2018

Bring Mae Home - Public Hearing Oral Argument on Pet Raccoon as WDFW Ruins Lives.

Apologies outright for the FB compression that resulted in this abysmal quality of this video. Apparently long live feeds do this, so when I downloaded the live feed this is what I got. Ugh. Lesson learned. Anyway it is important for everyone to hear what is going on. Later you will see other video from that day in video #2 that was not live-stream video. It's fine.

Here is some back story as my Sister Alison Morrow at King5 has been covering.

Here is some back story about how WDFW killed another domesticated pet, Hawthorne the Squirrel owned by Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes and Sgt. Sean Whitcomb.

As a former Assistant AG I look at this stuff and just think, "Don't you guys have other things to be working on besides killing family pets that were saved from certain death in the wilds?"

Anyway I think if you parse out the language that is involved with Chris Greer's Hunting License the family is clearly allowed to gather and to possess the animal. End of story.  

I love the comments at the end of the Hawthorne story:

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It's too bad these stories are not one in a million, but instead have become common place.
The only way this is fixable is if the WDFW gets leadership that stresses their position as a steward of our wild resources rather than looking upon wildlife as "Belonging to The Kings Men".
To the administration of the WDFW, you're supposed to be using your authority to take the best care of our wildlife as possible, not subduing it with heavy badges. 
Proud rehaber 
Congratulations, the WDFW has become the KGB.
And this is a classic example of what the government in this state has deteriorated into. Rather than applying a bit of common sense in this situation - and a little common decency - the bureaucrats at WDFW hammered down the gavel and enforced the law of the land (whether it was in the best interest of the animal or the people involved). Now, the poor animal has lost its life in an awful way, and the spirit of those pulling together to do something good (in this time of strife, when so many people are fighting against each other) has been crushed? And as for the secret informant - WAY TO GO! Jeez, couldn't you have just kept your nose in your own business and leave it alone? The poor critter's dead, and its caregivers dejected - was it worth it? I can’t help but think that the WDFW could have put its tax-payer-funded time to better use and higher priority issues. 
Shame here belongs to the person that complained and the WDFW. These people gave that squirrel a fighting chance and the rug was pulled out from under it. It was a death sentence and it needs to stop. Time to go to the legislators about this?

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