25 April 2018

KingCast Laughs at Adam Klein CMJ Bankruptcy & Lawsuit: I Exposed him 8 Years Ago as a Felon and Crappy Dad and Told Columbia J School and the Spence School.

Yah I told Bryan Monroe about it as well.
He was like, "move it along, nothing to see here."
Tell it to the employees he just screwed Bryan.
I'll bear no compunction to say "Told you so."

Happy 67th Birthday Adam Klein.
You are one horrible man.

Columbia, Spence School and Pitchfork Get the Real Story on CMJ and Felon Adam Klein
Updated movie coming today!

I aborted my ride tonight  to begin to tell you a story of morally aberrant deceit by yet another #MeToo abusive man in a position of power.  He's no better than Mark Rattan, the Wisconsin Lawyer who assaulted me because he thought he could get away with it. He's still pending ethical charges. Now then as to Adam Klein:

He's a convicted Felon in South Africa.
His daughter called him a deadbeat.
He's been a failed CEO more times than imaginable.
He settled a sexual harassment suit with Aimee McCormick, Aimee MacCormac v. Adam Klein, eMusic et al., 2012-CV-5060.

And now then, a $5M Judgment and bankruptcy on CMJ Festival hahahaaaa... Savino v. Abaculi Media Inc., et al. 1:17-cv-09780 more FLSA violations than you can shake a stick at. Default Judgment entered.

I told you so when I told Columbia and the Spence School he was a Convicted Felon.


You see, Pitchfork's writer contacted me years ago when they ran the first story on him and I told them all about Klein, but the reporter's editor kept him on a short chain. I am my own editor and I don't have to afford Adam Klein any such graces. The fact of the matter is, Adam Klein has been a CEO in many high-tech companies over the years and he has failed miserably each time.  I remember when he was with EMusic and I tried to find his HQ in Manhattan but even that proved impossible. So anyway how does this #MeToo abusive child support-dodging fool get on so well?  I don't know.... why don't you call Spence School or Columbia's Journalism School and ask them how an independent journo swooped them on the issue 7 years ago?  

My visit to Columbia J School is captured on video here:

I told the Spence School the same thing in that time period. 

My visit to Spence School: Keep in mind now that in Adam Klein they have a man who settled a sexual harassment lawsuit on their Board of Directors.

eMusic employee Aimee McCormack felt captured at work that's for sure. #MeToo Adam Klein, for shame for shame.

Further, I think he violated child support law despite the corrupt chicanery the Massachusetts Courts used to protect him.

This includes Judges like Spencer Kagan, Dorothy Gibson and Lawyers like Lee, Levine & Bowser and Jeffrey Denner, all of them just Bad Actors all around. Search their names + KingCast; I have an entire blog dedicated to Gibson. And Kagan asked Jay Korpff to ask me to remove information about him and a drunken law student from my journal pages and I told him to go to Hell, go straight to Hell. 

Watch the video.

I had smashed Denner on First Amendment grounds a decade ago as well, just search Denner + Derrick Gillenwater when I was nom de plume "Boston Bob." Actually Harvard Law stopped hosting the Digital Media Project so the link is dead but yeah I got him exposed for malpractice and ineffective assistance of Counsel and even the ACLU stepped in after me because Denner had a Court Order that forbade Mr. Gillenwater from discussing his malpractice lawsuit against Denner. Yep. Then he got one that clipped my wings as an independent journalist but I smashed that when I went to Blogger and to Court and laid it out to them and my blog was restored right.

Then Pitchfork wrote me and called me about the CMJ Art Festival. I told them everything but other than the Boumat/South African Felony conviction it was deemed not to be germane to what they were covering.

Well now with the $5M Judgment against him and Bankruptcy, once again KingCast is correct. He's just another abusive yet feckless man of privilege putting a lot of females and other middle and lower economic strata individuals through a lot of pain.

The shining light through all of this: His baby's momma -- the one whose daughter got stiffed, not the other one he spoiled -- decided to become a lawyer, and she graduates next month. She is a lifelong friend and I wish her all the best. Their child shares my birthday, how's that for coincidence.

Don't even ask me about the Porsche his other daughter's momma hid for him over at The Cape LOL. At least he had the Best Porsche, the 911 Carrera G50 transmission. Although some actually prefer the 915 but I digress.

Wait for my new video coming today. And by the way, I feel certain this douchebag is not actually bankrupt he's hiding money in Trust accounts, off-shore accounts, the whole 9 yards. He's a POS kinda guy that way.


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