09 April 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say Congressman Eric Swalwell is Correct on Journalist Protection Act in Today's Hostile World.

Racist Wisconsin OLR Protects Wells Fargo Lawyer Who Assaults Black Law Journalist by Christopher King on Scribd

As you watch this short video, know that I have worked for the Indianapolis Star and the Ohio Call & Post newspapers. I was a First Amendment Scholar before I finished law school in 1993. The only classes I earned A's in were Constitutional Law and First Amendment Law.

As you review the Journalist Protection Act take time to see how real professionals handle situations like this in a hotly-contested case here in Seattle.

Take a look at some of these more extreme examples. While the actual physicality of these other attacks is in some ways greater than mine, my example is no less egregious. This is particularly true in light of the fact that this was a controlled environment in which we have a highly-established lawyer as the perpetrator.  To compound injury, he and his lawyer both refused to show any contrition or remorse. His lawyer Terry Johnson sits on a panel of the Office of Lawyer Regulation as I now await the final determination as to what should happen to Attorney Rattan. Johnson chided me recently with a comment "You haven't changed one bit."

This from a man who has a history of representing abusive white men of privilege, including a frat that has been banned from College campuses and has actually killed someone.

Well the point folks is that we as journalists don't have to change, especially when we are operating within clearly-prescribed limits of the law. I had never defied any order of this tribunal yet when I questioned why the hearing officer failed to admonish the establishment lawyer he threw me out. Apparently I am not allowed to tell him I will be raising his conduct with the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

As you will see however, this Hearing Examiner was all over me months ago in the same proceeding, issuing warnings that were completely uncalled for.  I'll be suing him soon.

That's a Chilling Thought.

Addendum:  Take a look at the hubris of Terry Johnson and one of the only black attorneys at his new firm, von Briesen attorney William F. Sulton. Terry is upset because he knows he lost to me, it's just a matter of time -- perhaps next month -- when his abusive client gets the final Decision from the OLR as indicated by the Report and Recommendations thumbnail posted above, right.  So that in part explains his thorny nature, even though a bit of contrition from his client or him could have gone a long way they are stubborn and refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing. They even implied that I doctored the video, LOL guys the OLR found absolutely NO EVIDENCE of that.

Now it comes to Attorney Sulton, who also told me to stop writing the Wisconsin African-American Lawyers group. Terry calls my activity in protecting my personal space and the First Amendment "nuttiness."

But not to be outdone, and promptly echoing the edict of the Massuh' Sulton turns around and says "I'm even worse. Ask around."  I told him "I don't need to ask. I know an Uncle Tom when I see one."  Fools like him are a dime-a-dozen at the slave auctions. I hope he got some knee pads with his signing bonus, right.

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