04 April 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Reflect on the Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's Assassination: 50 Trumps 45.

Also, I hate it when people fake the funk and have Dr. King and Malcolm X on their walls when they really are corporate shills who use their black robes to screw people and try to keep me from running Courtroom video. King County's own Monica Benton. At least she had to let me in (video) cos I would have sued her happy ass if she hadn't. #JudgeMonicaBenton.  

KingCast: More often than not, I am helping someone, somewhere. 

BTW I told that idiot lawyer representing that idiot lawyer who assaulted me: 

50 years later and not much has changed.. and I'm still waiting on the punishment for Mark W. Rattan 
1 minute ago at 5:22 PM 
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Yah Terry, Just stopping in on the 50th Anniversary of my namesake's Assassination to help contextualize things for you: 

1968: Black men and women, lawfully assembled, had to worry about being physically assaulted by white men of privilege. 

2018: Black men and women........

You see Terry this is the part of our Interactive Learning Experience where you use your context clues to fill in the blank. This way I can help you learn more about issues that divide our Country. KingCast: I'm here to help. 

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