30 March 2018

KingCast Presents: Meaningful Movies Discussion on Gentrification, Displacement and a Fine Film, "Company Town."

I met up with Jack at Issaquah Highland's Blakely Hall where a group of us reviewed and discussed the brilliant documentary "Company Town." In it we can see the alarming rate of evictions precipitated by the rise of a tech boom that is substantially different in nature than the one from 20 years ago. We discussed the deleterious side effects of this boom in what has been labeled the shared economy. In San Francisco each of those dots denotes an eviction, with more people sharing in soup kitchen lines. 

Somerville Massachusetts has the same problem. I know because I lived there, and I am following the problems they are facing in addition to cities like Seattle as Amazon is considering HQ2 there. Donations and grants help organizations like this meet the need for continued public discourse and introspection on crucial public policy issues that shape our lives.

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