22 March 2018

A KingCast Reminder to Everyone Trying to Make a Movie on the Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay, Greg Floyd Franconia Shooting Tragedy.

Circle of Stones website

Note: A blockbuster update is coming by my birthday, 14 April 2018.

Renner, Sherman, Stimpson.....Remember this folks..... All y'all who are trying to put movies out about the dirt going on in New Hampshire are in an interesting position:  You can't tell the story without telling the story of Liko Peter Kenney because he knew everything, and he knew why Norman Bruce McKay was indeed a dangerous man. 

And we and our agents of course are the only people who will ever be authorized by the Miller-Kenny family to tell Liko's story.

We know everything folks. 


Credit will go where credit is due.

Fred Murray will concur. Read the comments.

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