01 February 2018

KingCast, Former Big 5 Manager, Urban League and Others Condemn Big 5 for Racism and Sexism in Seattle Area Termination of Robert Sanders.

22 August 2018 update:  Case Settled this month. Unfortunately a Jury will not get to hear what really happened in this dreadful case in which Mr. Sanders alleged he was called a "spook" and "boy" and told he "had the face of a janitor" and more. 

Fortunately he can get on with his life. Fortunately I made a video about this abuse before it was all over.  And I have more footage to boot.  Anyway that's what I do. And that's part of what I will always do. I have two theatrical Hollywood movies I'm working on and my TV show has more episodes to follow on Roku: "Corruption Meets Camera" hosted @ VH2 Networks. 

You can also look for mirrored uploads at my YouTube channel.


As you read below, note that the problem is not limited to Big 5. At Fidalgo they called him a "Porch Monkey." Most woman have #metoo. Most blacks have racism. The two are not mutually exclusive. I know this type of corporate racism quite well, I am covering it with respect to systemic racism at New York Life, several lawsuits there and a history of slave trade. I personally sued over it with American Tower Corporation 15 years ago. They called me a "Dangerous Black Man" as I reported them to the Department of Labor, who fined them $290K on behalf of my trainees for unpaid overtime. Corporate scum. They also backdated stock options but let's not digress too far, just Google it. Enjoy the American Tower movies too. They reneged on a Settlement Agreement so I can still show them.

American Lawyer I
American Lawyer II
American Lawyer III

Apparently the Golden Age of Racism (and sexism) is alive and well at Big 5 Sporting Goods over at Whidbey Island. I first told you about the pending EEOC/Robert Sanders lawsuit back in July, 2017. You know, "Spook, Shadow, Face of a Janitor, kill yourself...."  That sorta thing.

Well just today a viewer of the above short clip wrote me. As such, I have decided to release my Urban League interview with Pamela Banks, as well as my interview with Human Resources Specialist Merrill Carey.

Daily bowl of soup 7 hours ago 

"Failing to address his complaints to upper management? That wouldn't have helped anyway. I used to work for Big 5 as an assistant manager. Upper management and corporate office would have just found a way to sweep it under the table. 

I witnessed this with first hand with a store manager showing favoritism to the big breasted employees. Many complaints, no action. Same manager caught kissing female employee, and still no action taken about that complaint either. I witnessed this with an employee complaint from an employee complaining about be propositioned for drugs by another employee.  Big 5 policy is a drug free environment. No action taken. 

I witnessed this mangers giving sale prices on non-sale items to boost sales. This is against weights and measures retail laws. No action taken. I witnessed this when a gay employee complained about inappropriate comments made towards him by another manager. (there were other employees who witnessed this and could confirm his allegations) No action taken. (they didn't even investigate) 

FYI- that manger still works for Big 5. 

Yes I was an assistant manager. I did my part and passed on all these complaints to upper management. What a waste of time. Sure they have greatly written policies, they just don't enforce them. Just like this smug district manager, they think they are above the
law. I hope you sue and win big."

A Jury Trial is set for 7 January 2019.

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