06 February 2018

KingCast, Elisa, and All of Livi the Wonderdog's Friends Can Finally Exhale Tomorrow.

A comment of support for Elisa, me, Livi and those who loved her from Across the Pond just now:

Kissma Kate 11 minutes ago 
I'm one of those people who leaves dogs to other people. However, Livi's story has really upset me. Unfortunately we now live in a world where people think they can do as they please with no consequences. There is a reason for everything with cause and effect, you and your good lady made a girl very happy and even though she is no longer here she knows you won't let her down. Will be following your story here in England. 

Christopher King 13 minutes ago 
Oh, thank you Dearie! You get it. The case is likely settling tomorrow 7 Feb 2018. Obviously mixed emotions about it but we got what we needed, and it's not just about money. You will see. And I am pushing for Livi's Law afterward: You can't leave dogs unattended in a bailment/for hire situation without consequences -- unless you have express written consent. We obviously would never have consented to that. BTW I've only been over there once, I was there when Lady Di was killed actually. What a day that was. My mate got married to a bird from Leicester and so we were up and down from London to Leicester and of course over to Amsterdam........ thank you for following, stay tuned I'll be watching for your comments. 

Peace. Goodnight, folks. Justice for Livi --and other dogs -- will soon continue in other fronts, most notably with Livi's Law legislation. I could have found a million technically better photos of Our Girl, but this one feels right at this moment.

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