11 February 2018

A KingCast Washington First Amendment Double Header on Moriwaki v. Rynearson and College Republicans v. University of Washington.

NOTE: For some reason SCRIBD is not allowing me to post these Decisions. I will sort it out soon, however I am traveling this weekend and working on some other crucial matters.

These two cases make it clear that the Local and Federal Jurisdictions have got the Law right on these compelling First Amendment Issues. In College Republicans v. UW to my mind the issue is content neutrality: You can't be charging different rates for protection of speakers at institutions that receive government funds. The Court agreed, finding the standards of review and policies to be vague and uncertain and subject to abuse.

And even though I disagree with the substance of the presentation I vigorously defend their rights. Left-leaning protesters have to learn not to engage in physical altercations with these people. See generally Goose v. Gander. Hats off to all Counsel involved in these cases for doing work that the government, big business and other assholes in general tend to hate.


In Moriwaki v Rynearson/Attorney General Bob Ferguson the issue was Cyberstalking. There is a vague, over broad and not narrowly-tailored Statute in Washington that basically needs re-written, but more on that later. I wrote of this case several months ago. Kitsap County District Court slammed the guy for trash-talking someone on a political issue. An Appeal was taken to Superior Court and a Federal lawsuit was filed. The Federal Court put in a Younger Abstention that was appealed to 9th Circuit. While that was appealed, the Superior Court vacated the Order and on 5 February denied Reconsideration. 
Superior Court Order.
Recon Denied.

I wrote regarding Rynearson:

This is important to me for many reasons. In my lifetime I have been involved in situations where I make multiple blog and social media postings about people who do Bad Things. Some of these situations I cannot disclose at this time owing to mutually-agreed settlement. 

One that I can discuss is a particular asshole by the name of Mark W. Rattan, Esq. Rattan is a lawyer who physically assaulted me at a Disciplinary Hearing in Wisconsin. He traversed an entire room and physically grabbed my tripod camera whilst I was trying to hold it and keep it safe. 

It was all part of a lynching of a female attorney by the name of Wendy Alison Nora. She protects homeowners from unscrupulous banks that foreclose without Just Cause. I was a residential closing attorney, now I help homeowners too. I also make movies and record Depositions and Court hearings at Mortgage Movies Journal. 

His Attorney Terry E. Johnson never signed any of the filings with the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation when I filed a Grievance. That renders the filings as Void, ab initio but they are trying to ignore that piece. We are awaiting a Decision. Just Google the names + KingCast and you’ll see. 

Here is a direct link to the raw footage so you can see for yourselves. Meanwhile Johnson, for his part, remains glib in apparent defeat: "Have fun" he offers to me in the patronizing way that only an American White MOP (Male of Privilege) can offer.  

I told him yah, I'm having fun. I'm working on things I don't discuss publicly and just bought the bike of my dreams, the original Ducati Multistrada 1000 S, "Bella." The Real Fun comes when I sue all of these clowns, including the Hearing Officer who never even admonished the offending attorney but who ejected me the minute I said I was going to exercise my Constitutional Rights to ask why he didn't even reprimand Rattan for attacking me.  Unbelievable. America: Home of the Brave. Land of the Free.

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