27 February 2018

KingCast Sees Old Pals Federal Judge Ronald B. Leighton & Zurich Insurance Attorney Lesley J. Fleming Caught on Ethics Probe.

U.S. Department of Justice following KingCast to see how dirty Judge Ronald B. Leighton and Lesley J. Fleming really are. Or are they following to see if they can shut me down.

Silly Judge. He can't hide from KingCast and the U.S. House and Senate. 

 Bozgoz v. Essakhi et al Judge Leighton corrupt and protecting his former intern Lesley J. Fleming and Zurich Insurance. All of them are completely corrupt and violating the ADA to boot. Not to mention Conflict of Laws because I have personally filed on behalf of an infirm person with a PoA. See my successful Motion to Intervene in Shafer v. Bremby, 3:12-CV-00039 (CT 2012).

Now of course the Court allowed Defendant Bremby and the white CT AG to lie through their teeth and throw us out of Court, but at least we got to play. Here they don’t even bother with the pretense. Prejudiced…. hell yes. That’s about the only thing the Court got accurate and True.
Get this, Judge Ronald B. Leighton is wrong on the Law, fancy that. A Power of Attorney for an infirm person has a right to Represent. How do I know for sure? Read my fucking email above as POA for my Mom. 

Leighton is in violation of the general rules and principles of informed consent…. he and Zurich Attorney Lesley J. Fleming know full well that she was his goddamn clerk and 13 years ago is hardly a lifetime. It should have been disclosed. And that is in violation of the State law on Appearance of Impropriety too. This dude is a Piece of Work. 

Judge Leighton also glossed over the fact that he was Attorney Fleming’s direct boss. “She worked in the Courthouse 13 years ago.” Motion for Reconsideration and Appeal on Conflict of Laws, I say. Just my opinion.

6 March 2018 Update--Zurich and their sleaze ball friends 
at Pierce County are back for another visit.

Love me some Roger Federer.... GOAT, no doubt. No offense to Laver or Tilden but Jesus Roger is a god.  Watch the Wimbledon drop shot at 4:41. Wuuut?  Hate me some Zurich Insurance though, yes. Now if you'll excuse me I have some Notices to prepare for dozens of elected officials, especially those on the Justice Committees. 

KingCast Mortgage Movies see Zurich Insurance checking in on their investment in crime with Judge Ronald B. Leighton and Lesley J. Fleming

Get your background here.
As noted, Pierce County Judge Stanley Rumbaugh ran roughshod over the Constitution, Free Press and Civil Rights laws and principles on two (2) distinct cases I started following a year or so ago. In one of them he screwed a family after their matriarch sustained a broken neck because of a contracted Pierce County driver. 

The family -- by and through a PTSD military-background advocate -- noted collusion in the case and filed a RICO Action in the Seattle Federal District Court to escape the oppression coming from the dirtiest County in the State, right. 

But alas, the hillbilly Justice mavens manifest this time through Judge Ronald B. Leighton, who has abused his discretion in recent history by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. This guy went and cherry-picked the case and brought it right back down to his home turf where he basically stomped it out and dismissed the entire thing, taking not to give her leave to amend, because that's where he fucked up in Sheidler v. Avery, 599 Fed.Appx. 688 (2015). 
He did this because Zurich defense Counsel Lesley Fleming is an old friend of his, a former law clerk. The same Lesley Fleming who wagged her finger in my face as noted in the video, right. The two of them have some nerve, and they almost got away clean. But not quite. This is going to leave a mark, and multiple people will be filing Ethics Complaints on both of them. From Sheidler:
"However, the district court abused its discretion in dismissing the first amended complaint without leave to amend. See U.S. v. Corinthian Colleges, 655 F.3d 984, 995 (9th Cir.2011) (“[D]ismissal without leave to amend is improper unless it is clear, upon de novo review, that the complaint could not be saved by any amendment.” (internal citation and quotation marks omitted)). See Akhtar v. Mesa, 698 F.3d 1202, 1212 (9th Cir.2012) (“A district court should not dismiss a pro se complaint unless it is absolutely clear that the deficiencies of the complaint could not be cured by amendment.” (citation and internal quotation marks omitted)). 
We therefore reverse and remand to allow Scheidler an opportunity to amend his complaint. Moreover, the district court did not address the merits of Scheidler's petition for review of the Board of Tax Appeal's September 6, 2012 decision, which Scheidler incorporated by reference into his amended complaint. Nor did the district court decline to exercise supplemental jurisdiction. See City of Chicago v. Int'l Coll. of Surgeons, 522 U.S. 156, 168–69, 118 S.Ct. 523, 139 L.Ed.2d 525 (1997) (supplemental jurisdiction under 28 U.S.C. § 1367 extends to review of state administrative agency determinations). We therefore reverse *690 and remand for review of the agency decision." 
 .....Anyway, in this case for them to have the nerve to run a game like that, and nearly get away clean, is just a study in abject horror. The funny part of course is that in her research about incestuous deals like this where the appearance of impropriety has been shattered, Ms. Bozgoz found the forced recusal of one Landa B. McCafferty that I caused on a First Amendment case several years ago as noted in the video. I had sued Kelly Ayotte during her ascension to her one-term as U.S. Senator because she threw me out of a publicly-advertised fundraiser that was clearly a public event.  On-duty regular Nashua, NH PD were there to cover it -- not Detail cops on private time, right, duh.

Anyway McCafferty worked underneath my opposing Counsel Jack Middleton, I discovered. And so did Senator Ayotte, I discovered. But much like the litigants in this case, I only discovered it after I was fucked, and the Court basically laughs at you because that's what they are designed to do. Screw little people 85% of the time, give them a break every now and then to create the appearance of a Just and Civilized Society. 

Don't believe the hype. These people are sick. Basically, robed criminals. Stay tuned for Pt.2 where we learn more about Attorney Flemings conduct in this case. It's a doozy and got her removed from the case, but that was just damage control.  I'm about to blow the cover on that, too.

KingCast v. McCafferty Video.
KingCast v. McCafferty Motion to Recuse.

24 February 2018

KingCast Says Pepper Loves "Bella" Ducati Multistrada DS 1000 S.

Well actually she's more likely looking for her sidecar.

The Right Side is Pretty too!
Would it be fun to have an S4R engine in there...
But no, air-cooled.... is cool.
It was already an anachronism when it was brand-new 12 years ago.

21 February 2018

KingCast, Peppers and Uncle Adam Karp celebrate settlement of Livi the Wonderdog v. Kristina Amlak/Kristina Robinson/Precious Paws and Ahadu Amlaktereda.

KingCast, Peppers and Uncle Adam Karp celebrate settlement of Livi the Wonderdog v. Kristina Amlak/Kristina Robinson/Precious Paws and Ahadu Amlaktereda.

What I dig about Livi's lawyer (Justice for Livi link) and Livi the Wonderdog is that he is an innovator. He largely pioneered a genre of law, or substantially expanded a genre of law to reflect a reality about the full meaning that our pets have to us, particularly those of us who are not championing children. 

Unlike many more traditional lawyers he remains flexible in his approach, and as a lawyer who has dealt with scads of lawyers on my side and across from me, I appreciate that. 

Translation: We argued a few times but came to an even deeper mutual respect. 

And that is what life is all about. Respect. Understanding. Justice in the name of Livi the Wonderdog, moving on toward firing up some other initiatives to protect dogs this summer that I will not directly reference in this space.
And to the haters out there who trash-talked me, fuck you. Don't you ever nay-say me. I'm a progressive black man living in America folks. I know what time it is and I have developed a resilient patience that knows no limits. As many folks are discovering, if you are trying to fuck me, I can even wait you out for a decade and pounce on your ass when you least expect it.

And for Glen McCarthy, my Brother-in-Arms, I got a great big hug for you and yours when I get back in town. I cried so hard for you guys yesterday. I'm so sorry man.

20 February 2018

KingCast Presents: A Tribute to Seattle's Rick Cavanaugh.

Rest in Peace Brother Man. Know that people out here honor and respect your value.

17 February 2018

KingCast Presents: "Circle of Stones" The True Story of New Hampshire's Native Son, Liko Kenney and Not the Ad Hominem Hate from Casey Sherman.

Short Trailer

Circle of Stones website

Check my first public post about our registered screenplay from an award-winning writer.
Renner, Sherman, Stimpson.....Remember this folks..... All y'all who are trying to put movies out about the dirt going on in New Hampshire are in an interesting position:  You can't tell the story without telling the story of Liko Peter Kenney because he knew everything, and he knew why Norman Bruce McKay was indeed a dangerous man. 

And we and our agents of course are the only people who will ever be authorized by the Miller-Kenny family to tell Liko's story.

We know everything folks. 


Credit will go where credit is due.

Fred Murray will concur. Read the comments.

Some of the research of co-writer Christopher King, J.D. 
Circle of Stones is a SAG-Registered Screenplay
co-written by an award-winning screenwriter

"Keep up the good work Chris. I guess when people feel threatened by others who may be smarter than them, they turn to politics and try and whitewash the truth. I am sure you know what I mean." 
-George McNeill
Current Somerset, MA Police Chief. 


"The issues in your project are huge and impact of what you are doing will be felt everywhere: I spent over 10 years as a law enforcement official in different capacities and from my perspective, someone sworn to uphold the law is held to a higher and much different standard than those who are not. So when someone violates that Oath, that action is magnified because of who they are, what they do and what they have been charged to do. There is nothing more low-down than corrupt LEO." 

GEORGIA- Probation Officer 2002-2004. VIRGINIA- Probation & Jail Classification Officer 2005-2014 

I have known Mr. King for several years now and have witnessed his dedication to purpose involving law enforcement issues. In reviewing this project as a licensed private investigator I will be first in line at the box office to see the final film. I applaud him and anyone who has helped him to expose the Truth about this case. 

-Adam Winquist, 

Winquist Investigations (Those of you who followed the abusive railroading of Amanda Knox may be familiar with some of their work).

About Casey Sherman

John Stimpson home page.
Coincidentally we have one FB friend in common.
David McCreery. We went to prep school together.

The email exchange that shows Casey Sherman is full of shit and flat out wrong on the law.

From: Christopher King <kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com>
To: Casey Sherman <caseysherman18@yahoo.com>; Christopher King <kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com>
Sent: Fri, January 7, 2011 10:15:24 AM
Subject: Re: Casey what's up with the "He wasn't a nice kid at all?" comment?

Casey Sherman 

to me

Chris - Boisterous? You make it sound like Liko was cheering too loud at a high school football game.
He was in a suspicious place at a suspicious time (probable cause).
[KingCast note: WRONG ANSWER... see my response below]

Liko was ordered to remain in his vehicle, yet he got out and approached McKay's cruiser. Officers are trained to draw down on a suspect or person of interest in this situation to assess the threat. Attempting to flee the scene, resisting arrest, assault on a police officer, the list goes on & on here.

As a journalist, you have to be willing to look at the situation without bias, willing to accept fault on both sides.
 [KingCast note:  Oh says you, Casey, who said Liko Kenny "really wasn't a good kid at all."] 
You want to be taken seriously as a journalist right? Chris, you've got some damned good reporting on this case, man. Really, you have. But you don't want to cross the line between journalist & crusader. A word of advice, you want to tone down or simply eliminate the personal attacks on people like Ayotte, etc. Let the information you've uncovered do the talking for you.

It's tough, I know. I had to hold back on my personal feelings with the Strangler case because it would've jeopardized my credibility as a journalist. I simply let the evidence do the talking for me.
You've presented some fascinating stuff, don't let the temptation to settle personal scores turn your hard work into white noise.

All three men share differing amounts of blame for May 11, Liko probably the least amount as he was a bit of a troubled young man and an not a trained professional. McKay supposedly had the training, but he let a personal grudge cloud his judgment. Floyd as we all know is the ultimate wild card here. Do I believe he murdered Liko in cold blood? Yes. Should he be investigated more thoroughly? Yes. Did Ayotte's team withold information & evidence to protect McKay and Floyd? Absolutely.

I think Bad Blood outlined those positions clearly and I believe the movie will too.


Christopher King

to Casey, bcc: Bradford


As I stated, Liko got boisterous at Fox Hill Park but that does not change the FACT that 

1) Those Fox Hill arrests were ultimately found Unconstitutional because of lack of probable cause and blocking egress.
2) McKay did not have probable cause to keep Liko there.
3) McKay lied in his official report that he gave Liko his name, he did not, Liko surmised who he was.
4) Liko called for backup at Fox Hill Park, and then took an ass-whupping even though he was clearly not approaching McKay, Cox or Ball at the time, he was just STANDING THERE.

The fact that some LE would have arrested Liko doesn't render the Constitutional Deprivation moot, and Liko clearly stated to McKay "You cannot keep me here without good cause."

But McKay did not have good cause, just looking to fuck around with a Miller/Kenney, note his attitude when he found out who Liko was. All McKay had to do was run his license and tell him to move on. Or not, because there was no time limit at Fox Hill Park at the time.

So while you say he was a model of restraint, that's like saying Dr. Himmler was a model of restraint as he calmly ordered the Jews to the chambers. You can't be a jackass cop, then justify your jackassedness by doing it in a calm, cool and collected manner.

[Note to Casey and Director John Stimpson--I told John not for nothing dude but I've won criminal jury trials. I think I have a grasp of the legalities involved here. Plus Judge Cyr has offered substantial assistance, right.  From a July, 2017 Journal entry that Casey is trying to ignore in order to spin his story and place Liko Kenney in an actionable False Light]

I just pulled the files from District Court in 2002-2003 and they show that motions to suppress were sustained in all cases involving drug "busts" that came from Fox Hill Park because of the lack of probable cause starting in December, 2002, prior to Liko's arrest and beat-down in 2003. I'll try to scan the sustained Motions by tomorrow morning but contrary to what NH AG Kelly Ayotte told Attorney X, you CAN believe what you read in this blawg.


State v. Nathan Wright 03-CR-109
State v. William Miller 03-CR-012, 013, 029
State v. Kenney 03-CR-197

Liko's drug charges were nol-prosecuted as well, after Attorney Jamie Brooks filed his Motion to Suppress. [Liko had a bowl in the trunk but unlike the others he was not actually smoking or drinking, thus there was no "probable cause" Casey. Stand down, bro.

Which goes to show that the basis for Bruce McKay's affirmative statement to Liko Kenney "You're in a suspicious place at a suspicious time" was unsubstantiated.

Just as I've said all along, and as Liko told McKay "You have no right to keep me here without Good Cause."


Casey Sherman 

to me

The arrest video of Sarah certainly shows that McKay was aggressive.
I do believe that his first run-in with Liko clouded his judgment when it came to the fatal stop.
I think you'll agree that Liko was out of control at Fox Hill Park. We've both dealt with police plenty of times and regardless of why McKay stopped Liko, Liko shouldn't have escalated the situation. McKay surprisingly was a model of restraint here. I know plenty of cops that wouldn't have let Liko push the situation and instead would have arrested him right on the spot.

McKay didn't want this to play out again, which was why he took such an aggressive stance on May 11.
Bottom line though is that McKay was the professional, not Liko. McKay should have diffused the situation instead of escalating it the second time around. As I said, both were human and prone to such responses.

Christopher King

to Casey, bcc: Bradford, bcc: Sheila

You also can't forget about the dereliction of duty -- Bruce McKay was known to have threatened even his own peers on the fire department, and Montminy did nothing.

The town is not a little off like Twin Peaks in the sense that you say it was. The Town is like Twin Peaks because it is geographically located between two mountain ranges and the police presence, large through Bruce McKay, was ominous.

The Townsfolk are going to have something to say about this.

Casey Sherman is a white male of privilege living down off the Cape. Approximately nine years ago he entered the Franconia Fray and authored a book without any involvement with Liko Kenney's parents. Unlike Christopher King he did not sue for missing government documents. Also unlike Mr. King, Mr. Sherman did not establish any real relationship with the core of the townspeople of Franconia and he rode Mr. King's research and voluminous journal postings about the case all the way to all of the critical acclaim he could muster.

Along the way he issued derogatory commentary about Liko Kenney and Mr. King, while issuing just enough praise of Mr. King to avoid the outright appearance of exploitation. He also uses his old pal and Rhode Island State Trooper Marc Lidsky to downplay the magnitude of the wrongs that Bruce McKay committed when he weaponized his Tahoe as a battering ram and Pepper-sprayed Liko Kenney without any warning whatsoever, in clear cut violation of Franconia town Standard Operating Procedures. That's a fact.
We hereby place Mr. Sherman on Actual Notice, by and through emails to Regan Communications Group and others (George K. Regan Jr. at gregan@regancomm.com)  that any disparagement will be addressed with impunity. See generally Cattell v. Laramie  Nos. 06-C-224, 06-C-225, August 27, 2007, 2007 WL 3236167 (N.H.Super.); Howard v. Antilla, 294 F.3d 244 (2002).
While Antilla was reversed on Appeal, we can take Casey Sherman to the threshold of Actual Malice because of his comments and opinion regarding Liko Kenney, i.e. "Not a very nice kid at all," coupled with the fact that he never even interviewed Liko's family whilst partnering up with a Law Enforcement Officer who failed to apply the known town SOP as published by Mr. King pursuant to his litigation against the Town.

Sherman also demanded $1,000.00 to speak to a classroom of the man who is now Police Chief of Somerset, MA. This, even though empirical evidence will show that Mr. King did the yeoman's work on this project for YEARS.
Mr. King shared his knowledge and work-product for free. Or more accurately, out of his own pocket:
Hey Chris,

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you, I'm still waiting on dates and confirmation from Dr. Petrosino.  The stumbling block is that Casey wants a speaking fee.  His fee is typically $1000 but he says he will do it for $500.  As you know this is a State school so money is not plentiful.  Dr. P is going to the Dean to see if the school has the money.  Also, Casey says he only speaks by himself and usually it is for one hour with questions and answers to follow.  That may be problematic.  In fact, we were offering to have the bookstore buy some of his books and sell them or even have a book signing.

The intent is to get the Moakley Center, which is a state of the art auditorium with a large capacity.  I think if we can't pay Casey that we could still have you and Brad come and do a question and answer.  I am assuming you have a presentation of some sort.  Talk to you soon.

George McNeil
Visiting Lecturer
Department of Criminal Justice
Bridgewater State College
From: Christopher King <kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2009 08:22:41 -0500
To: McNeil, George M.<George.McNeil@bridgew.edu>
Subject: Re: Hi George, how are things looking? Are you going tonight?

Well George I don't know that should keep us from presenting.

I will also email Casey and see if he would consider giving up a freebie but even if he doesn't, I think that if you bill a former Franconia Officer and Former AAG (both noted in the book) as coming to discuss ongoing investigations there will still be a large turnout.

What do you think?


Franconia Notch
Based on the true crime book, Bad Blood, by Casey Sherman.
When the press originally reported it, Liko Kenney was a wild kid who shot Lt. Bruce McKay in cold blood during a routine traffic stop in Franconia, NH. McKay was a father and a model law enforcement officer who was killed in the line of duty, and Greg Floyd, who witnessed McKay’s murder and subsequently killed Liko Kenney, was a hero.
But that was far from the truth. Unraveling the case, with the help of retired State Police Trooper, Samuel Forrest who was a first responder the night of the shootings and Liko Kenney’s former girlfriend Chrissy Ward, investigative reporter Cassidy Delay exposes the underbelly of the real Franconia, where right is wrong, good is evil, and the truth is hardly black and white.
Cassidy digs into the pasts of the three principals in this explosion of violence and uncovers a long running feud between a troubled teen and an over zealous flatlander who stuck to the letter of the law and ran rough-shod over the young people of Franconia. She also discovers a violent, drug induced and delusional “Good Samaritan” in Greg Floyd.
Cassidy turns the fabricated story, which was originally presented to the public, on its head and exposes the real corruption and deception that was manufactured for political gain. In doing so, she allows the process of healing to truly begin for the people of Franconia.......
………This gets interesting. In addition to his derogatory comments about Liko "Not a nice kid at all" and "troubled teen" (coupled with the false police analysis by Marc Lidsky) now Casey, who relied on Christopher King for information, apparently writes him out of the story. He has not contacted Mr. King on any of this movie effort. However, Mr. King was such an integral part of this story after Liko’s death that to make a movie without his presence is to engage in a work of fiction, and that carries with it a completely different set of legal implications.

Also how much information has Casey gleaned from my blog over the years. That information could most likely be used, legally. Ethically and morally, well.

Stay tuned.

11 February 2018

A KingCast Washington First Amendment Double Header on Moriwaki v. Rynearson and College Republicans v. University of Washington.

NOTE: For some reason SCRIBD is not allowing me to post these Decisions. I will sort it out soon, however I am traveling this weekend and working on some other crucial matters.

These two cases make it clear that the Local and Federal Jurisdictions have got the Law right on these compelling First Amendment Issues. In College Republicans v. UW to my mind the issue is content neutrality: You can't be charging different rates for protection of speakers at institutions that receive government funds. The Court agreed, finding the standards of review and policies to be vague and uncertain and subject to abuse.

And even though I disagree with the substance of the presentation I vigorously defend their rights. Left-leaning protesters have to learn not to engage in physical altercations with these people. See generally Goose v. Gander. Hats off to all Counsel involved in these cases for doing work that the government, big business and other assholes in general tend to hate.


In Moriwaki v Rynearson/Attorney General Bob Ferguson the issue was Cyberstalking. There is a vague, over broad and not narrowly-tailored Statute in Washington that basically needs re-written, but more on that later. I wrote of this case several months ago. Kitsap County District Court slammed the guy for trash-talking someone on a political issue. An Appeal was taken to Superior Court and a Federal lawsuit was filed. The Federal Court put in a Younger Abstention that was appealed to 9th Circuit. While that was appealed, the Superior Court vacated the Order and on 5 February denied Reconsideration. 
Superior Court Order.
Recon Denied.

I wrote regarding Rynearson:

This is important to me for many reasons. In my lifetime I have been involved in situations where I make multiple blog and social media postings about people who do Bad Things. Some of these situations I cannot disclose at this time owing to mutually-agreed settlement. 

One that I can discuss is a particular asshole by the name of Mark W. Rattan, Esq. Rattan is a lawyer who physically assaulted me at a Disciplinary Hearing in Wisconsin. He traversed an entire room and physically grabbed my tripod camera whilst I was trying to hold it and keep it safe. 

It was all part of a lynching of a female attorney by the name of Wendy Alison Nora. She protects homeowners from unscrupulous banks that foreclose without Just Cause. I was a residential closing attorney, now I help homeowners too. I also make movies and record Depositions and Court hearings at Mortgage Movies Journal. 

His Attorney Terry E. Johnson never signed any of the filings with the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation when I filed a Grievance. That renders the filings as Void, ab initio but they are trying to ignore that piece. We are awaiting a Decision. Just Google the names + KingCast and you’ll see. 

Here is a direct link to the raw footage so you can see for yourselves. Meanwhile Johnson, for his part, remains glib in apparent defeat: "Have fun" he offers to me in the patronizing way that only an American White MOP (Male of Privilege) can offer.  

I told him yah, I'm having fun. I'm working on things I don't discuss publicly and just bought the bike of my dreams, the original Ducati Multistrada 1000 S, "Bella." The Real Fun comes when I sue all of these clowns, including the Hearing Officer who never even admonished the offending attorney but who ejected me the minute I said I was going to exercise my Constitutional Rights to ask why he didn't even reprimand Rattan for attacking me.  Unbelievable. America: Home of the Brave. Land of the Free.

10 February 2018

KingCast Motorsports Presents: Bella.

The ne plus ultra traffic tool of the paparazzi!

Of course Bella is her name. Bella Ohlins of course.
2006 Ducati Multistrada 1000S
Ducati Propaganda 

06 February 2018

KingCast, Elisa, and All of Livi the Wonderdog's Friends Can Finally Exhale Tomorrow.

A comment of support for Elisa, me, Livi and those who loved her from Across the Pond just now:

Kissma Kate 11 minutes ago 
I'm one of those people who leaves dogs to other people. However, Livi's story has really upset me. Unfortunately we now live in a world where people think they can do as they please with no consequences. There is a reason for everything with cause and effect, you and your good lady made a girl very happy and even though she is no longer here she knows you won't let her down. Will be following your story here in England. 

Christopher King 13 minutes ago 
Oh, thank you Dearie! You get it. The case is likely settling tomorrow 7 Feb 2018. Obviously mixed emotions about it but we got what we needed, and it's not just about money. You will see. And I am pushing for Livi's Law afterward: You can't leave dogs unattended in a bailment/for hire situation without consequences -- unless you have express written consent. We obviously would never have consented to that. BTW I've only been over there once, I was there when Lady Di was killed actually. What a day that was. My mate got married to a bird from Leicester and so we were up and down from London to Leicester and of course over to Amsterdam........ thank you for following, stay tuned I'll be watching for your comments. 

Peace. Goodnight, folks. Justice for Livi --and other dogs -- will soon continue in other fronts, most notably with Livi's Law legislation. I could have found a million technically better photos of Our Girl, but this one feels right at this moment.

01 February 2018

KingCast, Former Big 5 Manager, Urban League and Others Condemn Big 5 for Racism and Sexism in Seattle Area Termination of Robert Sanders.

22 August 2018 update:  Case Settled this month. Unfortunately a Jury will not get to hear what really happened in this dreadful case in which Mr. Sanders alleged he was called a "spook" and "boy" and told he "had the face of a janitor" and more. 

Fortunately he can get on with his life. Fortunately I made a video about this abuse before it was all over.  And I have more footage to boot.  Anyway that's what I do. And that's part of what I will always do. I have two theatrical Hollywood movies I'm working on and my TV show has more episodes to follow on Roku: "Corruption Meets Camera" hosted @ VH2 Networks. 

You can also look for mirrored uploads at my YouTube channel.


As you read below, note that the problem is not limited to Big 5. At Fidalgo they called him a "Porch Monkey." Most woman have #metoo. Most blacks have racism. The two are not mutually exclusive. I know this type of corporate racism quite well, I am covering it with respect to systemic racism at New York Life, several lawsuits there and a history of slave trade. I personally sued over it with American Tower Corporation 15 years ago. They called me a "Dangerous Black Man" as I reported them to the Department of Labor, who fined them $290K on behalf of my trainees for unpaid overtime. Corporate scum. They also backdated stock options but let's not digress too far, just Google it. Enjoy the American Tower movies too. They reneged on a Settlement Agreement so I can still show them.

American Lawyer I
American Lawyer II
American Lawyer III

Apparently the Golden Age of Racism (and sexism) is alive and well at Big 5 Sporting Goods over at Whidbey Island. I first told you about the pending EEOC/Robert Sanders lawsuit back in July, 2017. You know, "Spook, Shadow, Face of a Janitor, kill yourself...."  That sorta thing.

Well just today a viewer of the above short clip wrote me. As such, I have decided to release my Urban League interview with Pamela Banks, as well as my interview with Human Resources Specialist Merrill Carey.

Daily bowl of soup 7 hours ago 

"Failing to address his complaints to upper management? That wouldn't have helped anyway. I used to work for Big 5 as an assistant manager. Upper management and corporate office would have just found a way to sweep it under the table. 

I witnessed this with first hand with a store manager showing favoritism to the big breasted employees. Many complaints, no action. Same manager caught kissing female employee, and still no action taken about that complaint either. I witnessed this with an employee complaint from an employee complaining about be propositioned for drugs by another employee.  Big 5 policy is a drug free environment. No action taken. 

I witnessed this mangers giving sale prices on non-sale items to boost sales. This is against weights and measures retail laws. No action taken. I witnessed this when a gay employee complained about inappropriate comments made towards him by another manager. (there were other employees who witnessed this and could confirm his allegations) No action taken. (they didn't even investigate) 

FYI- that manger still works for Big 5. 

Yes I was an assistant manager. I did my part and passed on all these complaints to upper management. What a waste of time. Sure they have greatly written policies, they just don't enforce them. Just like this smug district manager, they think they are above the
law. I hope you sue and win big."

A Jury Trial is set for 7 January 2019.