24 January 2018

KingCast Says: Hats Off to Responsible Women, Including but not Limited to Rosie the Riveter.

So.... yeah, several weeks ago a family member of Livi's killer #KristinaAmlak #KristinaRobinson #PreciousPaws #KittyCatfe apparently wrote that I should be spending more time on Rape Culture, Civil Rights and positive things.
I then responded, noting that I have done precisely that for the past 25 years of my life.
And so now, with the passing of Naomi Parker Fraley (CNN)(History Channel), the OG Rosie the Riveter I will take time out of my busy day to note that I have always supported strong women, including but not limited to my mother, my sisters, my girlfriends and the Spirit of Rosie herself.
With great pleasure I ran video today of Seattle's The Riveter workspace. These are positive, responsible women. The interviews are not public but if you look quickly you will see today's video feed at iamonlocation.
I have on prior occasion run video at Capitol Hill's Neko Cafe, a proper Cat Cafe, not a false rescue like Kitty Catfe, IMO. The owner is a positive, responsible woman.
I have on prior occasion commented on another strong woman in my life who discovered a D-Day Tank in Italy. When no one thought there was anything there, she stayed true to her convictions.
The only convictions Kristina has are quasi-criminal, resulting from her Forgery case, in which she never did the community service and had her bail revoked several times prior to resolution. #Fact.
My sisters have run, do run, or have managed companies of substantial worth. They are positive, responsible women and I support them with video and love.
So.... While these beautiful women were busy doing all of that, Kristina Amlak was busy killing dogs -- specifically Livi the Wonderdog and her own junior pack dog Bullet -- with no lawful explanation. And she took money from an immoral fundraiser even though her attorneys are paid for by insurance. And then she attempted to bring false, malicious and groundless Civil and Criminal charges against me for an entire year for exposing what she did.
Her actions belie the Spirit of Rosie, not to mention the Spirit of Livi and Bullet, a cute little fella.
I won't have it. To the day I die and meet Livi, I won't have it. Cussing against Kristina Amlak is withheld in this post solely because my sisters might not dig it, but under my breath, she is the biggest waste of protoplasm I have ever met. Speaking for myself definitely the worst human being I've ever met. Fairly sure I can say that coming from Elisa and definitely I can speak on behalf of Livi as well.
Because Livi can't speak. Not because she's a dog, but because she's dead.
Enough said.
Livi, we love you. We will ride together again one day honey.

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