12 January 2018

KingCast Says Darrell Jones Will be Home on Martin Luther King Day.

The Summary Video.

We all know that Darrell Jones was wrongfully imprisoned for thirty-two (32) years because of racism and prosecutorial misconduct. I personally know a Brockton area criminal defense attorney who will swear that he is shocked that the case even made it past the DA's Office. 
Now it is time to again share with the World more about Darrell Jones (pictured, left, courtesy WBUR radio) and his legacy as a progressive force for social and legal reform, including but not limited to prison reform and inmate education "Voices Behind the Walls" and his award-winning project to honor families of the fallen, "What is Beautiful Never Dies." That video is directly below. Soundtracks may be enjoyed at datpiff.
What Is Beautiful Never Dies from ScenicRoots on Vimeo.

WGBH video newscast 2 Jan 2018.

Segments of WBZ aired 1 Jan 2018 with our phone conversation. Pending review.

CBS/WBZ aired 1 Jan 2018.

WBUR aired 2 Jan 2018

Shoreline Community classroom teaser with Tony DoupĂ©.

Prosecutor runs from Eyeball Witness Testimony

Commonwealth Expert takes a powder, fails to appear at Trial!

Classroom discussion + Darrell Jones Expert Testimony: Crash Edit Proved.

Darrell Jones and Yours Truly, talking:

Darrell and KingCast 1.

Darrell and KingCast 2.
Darrell and KingCast 3.

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