20 January 2018

KingCast Presents: Bigoted Judge Helps White Mountlake Terrace Kennel Owner Profit $5,300 from Killing a Black Man's Dog.

Video forthcoming.

Fact:  Kristina Amlak was aware in February, 2017 that her insurance carrier would possibly provide her a lawyer.

Fact:  There is no charge for such lawyers.

Fact: In February 2017 Kristina Amlak refused to provide her proof of employment and veterinary records for her dogs to our lawyer Adam P. Karp. I have the emails.

Fact: In so doing she specifically referenced the possibility of obtaining an insurance lawyer as she stated "everything is relevant."

Fact:  In December 2017 Kristina opened up an wecaring public donation account to obtain counsel. 

Fact:  I got it removed because she was advertising a fundraiser for an illegal kennel. That's a finding of Fact and Law by Mountlake Terrace City Officials.

Fact:  Kristina then posted that she needed $5,000.00 as she had found two great female attorneys, and further added that she had indeed raised the money. All of this is seen in the thumbnails.

Fact: Kristina did not retain those attorneys, as Thomas P. McCurdy entered a Notice of Appearance. Discovery is pending and so too is our initial Settlement Demand. You don't pay your insurance attorney; that's what premiums are for, duh.

Meanwhile, a racist, bigoted white Judge by the name of Jeffrey D. Goodwin actually fined my black ass $300.00 for her lost wages when I was late to a hearing, then refused to grant me anything when she failed to appear for a hearing that she initiated by filing repeated bogus attempts at Restraining Orders against me.  

Interestingly enough, Judge Goodwin did not give a shit that he had already issued a TRO against Kristina Amlak for stalking herself, or that she had already file one bogus TRO attempt against me for the same alleged violations on my part. He also lied about the basic premise of my arguments as seen in the video above. I decided not to appeal his stupid ass now that I've got a recorded hearing as to exactly what he did to me.

Fact: His actions led another Judge to state "I don't know what was going through his mind." Watch the video.

Fact:  Kristina Amlak has gone around telling people her children are worried about being homeless, and all kinds of shit designed to make me look like the Bad Guy.  But she's not out of pocket for any of this, not the lawyer nor for the insurance settlement. 

In sum, she just made $5,300 for killing Livi the Wonderdog. 

All y'all can kiss my black ass. I might be a nigger, but you see I'm one of them thar smart niggers, you gotta get up early in the morning to pull one over on me, yessa' massuh'.

Goddamn fucking Plantation in Seattle just like everywhere else. There used to be a day when unruly niggers like me couldn't have this voice. Those days are gone, same way Livi is gone. I will speak freely, and accurately.  See also my MLK/Black History journal entry and video.

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