22 January 2018

KingCast Drops the Hammer and Exposes Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, Rose Adams, Ginger's Rescue and AC Officers Tabatha Shoemake and Elena McKee as Architects of Danger.

On Jan 22, 2018, at 12:17 PM, Christopher King <kingcast955@icloud.com> wrote:
Re: Rose Adams case shows how dirty Edmonds and MLT really is. 

Criminal Charges.
You let this woman run amok forever and a day for illegitimate reasons. Criminal Charges.
Thank god for KOMO coverage.

You protected her just as you protected and continue to protect Kristina in the death of Livi.

I'm not done with you. 

Far from done.

Fuck you. Fuck each and every one of you. Especially that so-called Attorney (Kristina's hand puppet) Greg Schrag.

-The nigger you love to hate.

************(7:26pm follow up)

So yeah, 

After the Jury deadlocked on her animal cruelty case she brokered a Settlement with the city of Edmonds:
It took Rose Adam's son Logan to come forward
before they really did jack shit about any of this.
Just like in Livi's death, MLT City Attorney Greg Schrag 
never abated the nuisance going back to 2014/5 when 
the City knew she was still operating an illegal kennel
at her home he should have mandated fluorescent signage
at the perimeter of the property:

"No dogs may be kenneled here per City Cease and Desist."
But alas, his punk ass refused and failed to do so.
The question is, "why not?"

lmao It just hit me. The one thing Rose said that’s true. The dogs are like her children. Truer words have never been said. She treated the dogs just as badly as she treated us. Notice she’s estranged from all four of her children? Hell, the only one that showed up was there to see to it she was convicted. Like her children indeed.
Anyway, the agreement was administered by Judge Fair, the same Judge who said he "had no idea what was going through his mind," relative to the bigot Jeffrey D. Goodwin, who again basically helped pay Kristina for killing my dog by making me pay her lost wages when I was merely late to Court but refusing the converse when her reckless ass completely failed to appear! Goodwin was just trying to keep me down, keep everything quiet on the Plantation, yessuh' massuh' I'll be a good nigguh' for massuh' next time!
And Rose Adams was of course inexorably-linked to the infamous "Ginger Luke" (Linked In) and despite that fact, the City of Edmonds actually put Luke on payroll, right, through "Paws in Paradise." Read the link. I can't tell you how many people have shared with me warnings about "Ginger's Rescue." Hell, to this day, Ginger's is not legit and everybody knows it.


The website for Ginger’s Rescue says the organization has found homes for 10,000 dogs since 2006. That’s approximately 1000 dogs a year. Ginger’s brings many of its dogs from out of state and overseas, but last year the WSDA had no health certificates for dogs the rescue brought to Washington.
I contacted Ginger’s to see if anyone knew why the WSDA didn’t have any health certificates for these dogs. The person who answered my message said, “Each dogs gets vaccinated and comes with a spay/neuter certificate, unless there is a reason they can not be altered before getting here. Then Ginger pays our local vet to do it.”
She noted that Ginger’s keeps all the health certificates for the dogs they bring here. She also told me the transport they use to bring dogs from California to Washington will not take dogs without health certificates. 
I told the rescue that I wanted to check with their vet’s office in California to see if they knew they were required to send copies of health certificates for dogs coming to Washington to the WSDA. I spoke with a person familiar with process of sending dogs to Ginger’s and she had no idea her office was required to send copies of the health certificates for these dogs to the WSDA.
  1. I would love to see Ginger Pet Rescue closed down and fined. She has been illegal for YEARS! ands made a boat load of money. This has been a cash cow for her.
  2. Good for you DogSpot for doing this. Gingers Pet Rescue is a sham from the get go! She needs to be shut down. This is cash cow of her and always has been.

    I almost adopted 3 different puppies from the N.O.A.H. shelter (which is fantastic by the way) but didn't end up taking them home. They of course were all beautiful healthy pups and were adopted immediately that day. The next day, I see them up for "sale" by this organization and another titled Motley Zoo Animal Rescue, for MUCH higher prices. They are just selling dogs for profit. I see she sets people up as foster parents and those people pay for the dogs needs. When they are adopted, she gets the large prices and doesn't reimburse the foster parents. Notice how her dogs cost SO much! hmmm.... Look online, you'll see there's plenty to read about regarding this organization. more

    Bad non rescue 1/24/2016

    She buys from backyard breeders turns around and sell them for a profit sells dogs for $600 apiece just shady from start to finish. more

    Disgraceful people 11/23/2014

    This woman should go to jail. Her and her husband ran a horrible exotic and endangered Animal "photography" site in Columbia Falls, Mt. before they were run out of business by state officials. It was called "Wild Eyes." I am sure all those animals are dead. This was a shrewd money making business that deserved to be out of Montana. She ran off to Washington and now has a "rescue." Shut this place down. more

    True Meaning of Rescue 5/11/2014

    I have adopted two of my dogs from Ginger and I have found that she will do anything and everything to make sure the dogs are healthy and going to wonderful homes. The rescue vet, Dr. Zile at Greenwood Animal Hospital is absolutely wonderful. If you have ever owned a dog, you know that vet expenses are huge when your pet is well, I do not believe the stories bitter people post - as adoption fees are in line with a vet visit. But with the added benefit of a tax write-off. My American Bulldog needed a TPL done and it was well over $2,500 plus physical therapy. Ginger accepts and vets dogs regardless of their health requirements/needs. I think that is dedication. A dog saved is a dog saved..... more

    do not... 12/27/2013

    Do not adopt from Gingers. Recently i first learned about Gingers when a stray dog came into my possession. She had a fresh incision suggesting a spay that was badly infected. i took the dog to a vet to see if it was microchipped and found that the chip was registered to Gingers. I proceeded to contact the rescue in hopes of finding out where this dog belonged. i live about 100 miles from the shelter so i assumed that she must have just been adopted out into my area. the rescue first told me she was an escape from their own yard, then as we tried to work it out they said they did not know who the dog was at all. i contacted a local rescue about the dog and they spoke very poorly of her. so i did some research, but still gave Gingers the benefit of the doubt and continued to try to work with them to find this dogs family. Ginger was no help. i contacted the company that her chip was through, and relayed all information that i knew, and Ginger simply did nothing with any of the information. a simple "we cannot find anything in our system about this animal". So no paperwork on her recent procedure, or adoption, or transfer from death row to Ginger's. like she was never there. So i spoke to other rescues and did my own research and these are what i have found: 1. Ginger's does not keep proper filing (other reviews support this) 2. Ginger's claims to be a death row rescue but there is little to support that. 3. Ginger's has been known to place dogs back on death row by handing them off to other shelters if they cannot find them a home in a "timely" manner 4. Ginger"s has been accused of abandoning dogs all together (i believe that is what i faced) 5. Ginger herself, and her husband have animal cruelty charges in other states 6. Ginger's does not support follow up after a dog leaves their facility (see other reviews for this also.) 7. Adoption fees and procedures suggest sale of dogs for profit. not rescue. the dog i spoke of has sense found a loving home without Ginger's assistance. i do not recommend more

    Please donate to LEGITIMATE rescues - not this one 9/8/2011

    Reading far too many horrible things about this rescue and also encountered them at PetSmart recently. Funny how they only have small dogs of specific breeds and how every dog has had exorbitant vet bills. Read their Petfinder profiles and they claim they owe "$18K" to a vet, "$25K" to a vet. Please. What vet would ever let anyone get that far in debt and how could you with the ridiculous fees you charge? Hopefully karma will come back and bite you in the ass bigtime for exploiting animals for your gain. Dress lightly - hell will be VERY warm. And if you want to support a GOOD rescue go with PAWS, Purrfect Pals, the Seattle Animal Shelter NOT this greedy bitch and her brain-washed army of idiots! more

    Lies and more lies 1/2/2011

    Good: Nothing. Bad: Her lies about where the dogs come from. Her outrageous fees. Her lack of care for the dogs. Other: Ginger's Pet rescue is a sham. She buys dogs from breeders (NOT puppymills) and then resells them for as much as 1300.00. I fostered for her for over a year in the beginning so KNOW what I am talking about. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a LIE. Please stop supporting her. There are many other respectable rescues around who really do care about the animals. GPR is not one of those.. more

    Shut her down 9/30/2010

    This rescue needs to be investigated! She buys dogs from back yard breeders for 250-400.00 then turns around and RESELLS them for 800-1200!!! Last year she spent $117k BUYING dogs from back yard breeders, who just turned around and bought more dogs with that money She says she is always out of money, but how can she be when she is charging that much for a dog??? Reputable rescues do not charge that much to adopt a dog out. They FUND RAISE to cover their expenses. Where is her money going??? There are too many shady things about this rescue. Unvetted dogs, lies about where they come from, buying from breeders, her wildlife "rescue" er business in Montana. Wild Eyes, LLC. She was fined 10k and run out of Montana. Now her dog "rescue" is under the same name. hmmmm. And all of the board members on her rescue are members of her family. Do NOT support rescues like this. You are NOT helping the dogs. more

    Not my type of rescue org 3/6/2010

    We were interested in adopting a rescue dog and were checking out local rescue agencies and going to adoption events. We went to one with Gingers Rescue and were hugely unimpressed. Not only were the dogs not kept well...many were dirty and mangy looking, but they were all $550 and above for the mutts. I can't even begin to imagine what a purebred would go for there. On top of all that, the volunteers were rude, disorganized and unknowledgable. We won't be adopting through them.? more
Then the City quietly backed away and went to PAWS. How much more feckless can you be?

You can't make this shit up, folks. Small wonder MyEdmondsNews runs away from us like the plague instead of publishing more stories after this one:

"My Edmonds News updated this story on Jan. 31 with clarification from Kristina Robinson. We will post a follow-up story following the release of the police report."

 .....Actually there was clarification from BOTH sides, but we had to force them to listen to us. I'll never forget it because it seemed so odd.... They don't want to ruffle any feathers, and Edmonds and Mountlake Terrace don't want any negative publicity, I totally see it now. And all of you can still kiss my black ass. I have figured you out. At least some of it. I'm sure there's more underneath the scummy surface to be certain.

Tabatha Shoemake shame on you for bowing down to MLT AC Officer Elena McKee when she told you Elisa and I were emotional and to basically avoid us. We were completely rational at all times, my brown friend. You little Uncle Tom, you. McKee was concerned that things "would get messy and ugly."

Fuck you Elena. It's no more messier or uglier than Kristina letting her dumbassed dog murder Livi is it? And then you didn't even call to tell us you had Livi's jacket or her collar, or dog tags. We had to press you to come get them. You suck.

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