25 January 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Vietnam Veteran Force Washington Department of Commerce to Reopen a Bad Faith Mediation with SLS and QLSC.

KingCast Mortgage Movies Michael Dean Levitz v. MERS and Capital One Preliminary Injunction CH 11 Adversary... by Christopher King on Scribd

Below see how the Department lies. Read the Description of these lies within the Description of the Memo itself. They even go so far as to say I did not provide them a full copy of Attorney Anderson's letter, yet there it is, plain as day, right fucking there. Have they no shame?  I'll bring some shame to them though. Stick around.

DFI joins in on the State-Sponsored Gang Bang of Vietnam Veteran Michael D. Levitz. No consent and no grease.

Good Day to All,

I have reviewed the non-response of the DFI as printed below.

As a former Assistant State Attorney (and residential closing attorney) I cannot condone you deferring to the Bankruptcy Court. As specifically noted on prior occasion and in the Complaint to the Attorney General (himself a blow-hard when it comes to really enforcing the law) the DFI already has taken a stance on this, in Planet Home Lending. You found that MERS' conduct, which is identical to its conduct herein, constituted a False and Deceptive Practice, but when Mr. Levitz showed you the exact same (or worse) fact pattern in his case you take and run off like a puppy that peed itself. Shameful.

Your mission is to "provide regulatory oversight" dammit:

Mr. Levitz' mission, and the ambit of authority with respect to the Bankruptcy case does not reach that far.

You are ignoring your own case law. There is no real support for homeowners in this State, and I am about to document it thoroughly.

But what do I know. I was only a closing attorney who make WaMu a few million dollars Bank in the Day.

Very Truly Yours,



Mr. Levitz:

I received your voicemail asking for a status update on DFI Complaint No. 048467. Recently, we sent you a letter notifying you that we received your complaint from the Washington State Attorney General’s Office and, upon review, determined that this matter is in pending litigation in US Bankruptcy Court. As noted in that letter, we will refrain from taking action on this matter pending the outcome of that litigation. At this time, there are no additional updates.


Drew Stillman
Financial Legal Examiner | Consumer Services Division | Department of Financial Institutions

P 360.902.8792 | F 360.704.6953 | E drew.stillman@dfi.wa.gov | PO Box 41200 | Olympia, WA 98504-1200


Want to know the meaning of Hell on Earth? Ask Michael Levitz, dealing with Quality Loan Servicing, McCarthy Holthus and Specialized Loan Servicing. Here is your back story one and two, as the Christmas Grinch story continues. In this chapter we examine a clear-cut violation of established protocol that resulted in a homeowner having to force the Department of Commerce to reopen an improvidently-Certified Mediation because of a Mediator's oversight and post-hoc Bad Faith on the part of Specialized Loan Servicing.
There was an agreement, and they reneged on the agreement so they can try to steal a Seattle home with Sound and Mountain views. It's despicable conduct, particularly in light of the fact that the Trusts involved either don't exist or are not registered, and because he tried to pay off this loan already but could not find his lender. You can't make this up.

But as Gordon Gano reminds us in lyric verse, "they do it all the time."

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