15 January 2018

KingCast and Kegler Brown's Luis Alcalde Esq. Reflect on MLK Day, Black History Month.

KingCast, Luis Alcalde Esq. Reflect on MLK Day, Black History Month. I take you backwards and forwards over the past 60 years of the Civil Rights movement and 35 of mine to verify that yes indeed, Progress is indeed occurring in Civil Rights... Sort of.  (duplicate post - the real one is here).

Starring Yours Truly as "The Johnny Cochran of Columbus."

Co-Starring Minister Donell Muhammad, Jerry L. Doyle (RIP the Columbus legal infrastructure basically murdered him, they are truly evil there), Judge James O'Grady, and very nice white lady lawyer and several rude, ill-mannered and evil white male lawyers. Luis Alcalde is one such man, taking a cheap shot at me in a back hallway one evening after a long Deposition. I believe his firm was repping the scummy Columbus Public School District. I'm not even sure he was part of the direct Defense team but they hated me because I represented Jerry Doyle and never lost a case with him, including the trial you see here. 

The School Board has false-arrested him for trespassing in this one. I have waited patiently for twenty (20) years to expose this creep in the appropriate Civil Rights context and dare him to a public polygraph test on it. I took both hands to the chest from this guy. That is part of what I bring to a modern-day discussion on racism, class relations, legal and cultural hegemony. 

Are there good corporate defense lawyers in Columbus, Ohio? Sure. John M. Stephen (think: Darrin, Bewitched) is one. He defended Airtouch/Cellular One after they actually made my client Gregory S. Boatwright get back on the phone with someone who called him a nigger. True. I should have included that case in the movie, maybe next time. It was contentious but cordial 24/7 and Gregory and I both thanked him for not being an asshole like some of my opposing Counsel in that little hell hole they call a city.

KingCast: Folks are gonna learn to keep their hands off my equipment and me, right. Jesus Christ on a Bicycle folks. The Beatles/George Harrison, Public Enemy and the Cranberries make musical appearances to carry the Day.  I've got a mouth, I've got the First Amendment and I'm gonna tell it, folks. And my wingspan is about to increase exponentially.

Think about that the next time you go and fuck with someone because you've got more power than them at the moment. It might come back to bite you in the ass. 

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