30 January 2018

KingCast Cheers Loudest for the Tribe as they Drop Chief Wahoo from Their Lineup.

Hahahaaa... Chief Wahoo finally bites the dust. (ESPN)

Decades and decades of Protest with people like Attorneys Bill Kunstler and Terry Gilbert, AIM President Vern Bellecourt....  and that was just in the 90's.  Heck I remember being concerned about it in 1976 as a Tris Speaker Little League pitcher. Below is a post from 2007. Right after that I noted the Curse of the Wahoo

Now I bet they win the World Series sometime instead of a Penant.

This is logo #5, the first of the racist logos, used from 1940-1950. In Cleveland, back at Terry Gilbert's office (linked here and who settled a class Defamation suit over the Chief Wahoo logo) we always said the Tribe would never win the Big One until they got rid of that damned thing. All I want them to do is license the old ones so I can wear a hat with pride, but then that's just me asking for a modicum of respect from corporate America. A company like Life is Good would do it, but I won't hold my breath for the team in Cleveland.

Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon have noted this issue and here is a Good Read by the Native American Journalists Association. 
And can anyone question the derogatory features of the Native character known as Chief Wahoo? Although the Cleveland Indians purportedly took their name to honor their once-great pitcher, the Penobscot Louis Sockalexis, Wahoo’s bright red visage, big-toothed grin and bulbous nose depict nothing less than a red Sambo or Fu Man Chu, an image that should be intolerable in any ethnicity.

Here is the last post, which has links to the first two posts and here is the history of the logo, so you can watch the de-evolution of what was a respectful tribute to one of the team's first pitchers, a Penobscot named Louis Sockalexis. Who is no doubt rolling in his grave over this. This is what he really looked like for Chrissakes, and I am sending this entry to Cousin Mike at PTI because it will only change when people with his power and influence start speaking up more.

26 January 2018

KingCast Discusses Liko Kenney, Corporal Bruce McKay and Multiple Felon Greg Floyd on "Missing Maura Murray" Podcast.

It always pays to keep your records.🧐 
This way if some says you’re full of shit you can just say 
“ummm... not so much dude. YOU’RE full of shit!”

In this episode Lance Reenstierna & Tim Pilleri talk to Christopher King of Chris King's First Amendment Page. Topics include the triangle of fate between Office Bruce McKay, 24 year old Liko Kenney and neighbor Greg Floyd and how it could relate to Maura Murray's disappearance 

Note: Not a mortgage but important enough for me to cross post it here from my personal journal page.

"Like talking to a tornado!"

"Chris King is a ball of energy"
"Videos like an episode of Law and Order."
 -- Lance & Tim.

The best story on this is from ABC News. Hats off to Lance Reenstierna and Tim Pilleri for the excellent series and for Errin Larkin for putting us together after all these years. Be sure to join me in future episodes on their other channel.

Enjoy the interview with Lance and Tim. It is highly disturbing, however, and quite graphic. Because that's how life is.

The Franconia shooting tragedy summary video I made a few years ago is proof of that. So too is the most obvious deficiency in the "investigation" of this case, the failure to analyze this windshield bullet as well as Bruce McKay's conduct before and throughout the last moments of his life, when he was busy violating all matter of clearly-established Protocol.

Here are some contemporaneous comments from Caleb Macaulay about Greg Floyd's behavior that completely contract the Ayotte "investigation." Remember his GSR test? There was no GSR anywhere on Caleb folks because Greg Floyd shot through a closed window, yessir.

Here's some good stuff about bad cops in NH and incomplete forensics. Honestly, I said Kelly Ayotte should have been disbarred for this and I maintain my position to this day.

Here's another pack of lies from Kelly. But the biggest pack involves the Greg Floyd documents that were illegally withheld from me by Kelly, but obtained through an honest State Attorney by the name of Marta Modigliani. Also his son is a convicted thief, same as his papa.

Anyway, it's sad that some LE ruin it for others, because they already have the toughest job in the World, but when you hurt people with intention, time and time again, I will indeed join the community and make certain that you never get a road named after you:  Because you weren't so much killed in the line of duty as much as you were killed using your badge as a tool of misogynist (Ms. B Affidavit requesting psychological testing) and otherwise hateful hegemony to terrify innocent men, women and children, and that's a fact. 

Audio -- Bruce McKay Highway House Hearing #1: Rejected.

Video -- Bruce McKay Highway Senate Hearing #2: Rejected.

An interesting thumbnail from a Topix board discussing the lawsuit that turned up Bruce McKay OC spraying a young girl.

Scenes from Greg Floyd's subsequent conviction and tantrums after
issuing a gun threat to an elder female.
From 2007 -- noting just some of the incomplete files given to the press regarding Greg Floyd, the multiple felon whom Kelly cleared in about 36 hours. Here are some contemporaneous pictures of Greg Floyd. His son is also a convicted thief.

Homicide AG Section Chief Jeffery A. Strelzin wrote me regarding this post:

"Items 1, 6 and 7 were in our possession and not released by our office; and Items 2, 3, 4 and 5 were in our possession and released by our office."

Frankly I don't remember seeing items 2, 3, 4, or 5 but will double check the investigative files on disc. Everyone else let me know if they see them because no one yet has told me that they have in fact seen those documents prior to KingCast posting them here. The documents:
9. Shooting gus at whimsy.
10. Greg Floyd's rap sheet (bonus)


PS: Facebook made this post disappear on my page. I met two different people last night with the same result. Yet everything else I had posted in the past 48 hours was right-fucking-there. Look above Alicia's head in all three frames. My phone of course is the larger thumbnail on the left. But don't worry. We have nothing to fear about Net Neutrality, No Sir. Nothing to see there, let's move it along, folks.

25 January 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Vietnam Veteran Force Washington Department of Commerce to Reopen a Bad Faith Mediation with SLS and QLSC.

KingCast Mortgage Movies Michael Dean Levitz v. MERS and Capital One Preliminary Injunction CH 11 Adversary... by Christopher King on Scribd

Below see how the Department lies. Read the Description of these lies within the Description of the Memo itself. They even go so far as to say I did not provide them a full copy of Attorney Anderson's letter, yet there it is, plain as day, right fucking there. Have they no shame?  I'll bring some shame to them though. Stick around.

DFI joins in on the State-Sponsored Gang Bang of Vietnam Veteran Michael D. Levitz. No consent and no grease.

Good Day to All,

I have reviewed the non-response of the DFI as printed below.

As a former Assistant State Attorney (and residential closing attorney) I cannot condone you deferring to the Bankruptcy Court. As specifically noted on prior occasion and in the Complaint to the Attorney General (himself a blow-hard when it comes to really enforcing the law) the DFI already has taken a stance on this, in Planet Home Lending. You found that MERS' conduct, which is identical to its conduct herein, constituted a False and Deceptive Practice, but when Mr. Levitz showed you the exact same (or worse) fact pattern in his case you take and run off like a puppy that peed itself. Shameful.

Your mission is to "provide regulatory oversight" dammit:

Mr. Levitz' mission, and the ambit of authority with respect to the Bankruptcy case does not reach that far.

You are ignoring your own case law. There is no real support for homeowners in this State, and I am about to document it thoroughly.

But what do I know. I was only a closing attorney who make WaMu a few million dollars Bank in the Day.

Very Truly Yours,



Mr. Levitz:

I received your voicemail asking for a status update on DFI Complaint No. 048467. Recently, we sent you a letter notifying you that we received your complaint from the Washington State Attorney General’s Office and, upon review, determined that this matter is in pending litigation in US Bankruptcy Court. As noted in that letter, we will refrain from taking action on this matter pending the outcome of that litigation. At this time, there are no additional updates.


Drew Stillman
Financial Legal Examiner | Consumer Services Division | Department of Financial Institutions

P 360.902.8792 | F 360.704.6953 | E drew.stillman@dfi.wa.gov | PO Box 41200 | Olympia, WA 98504-1200


Want to know the meaning of Hell on Earth? Ask Michael Levitz, dealing with Quality Loan Servicing, McCarthy Holthus and Specialized Loan Servicing. Here is your back story one and two, as the Christmas Grinch story continues. In this chapter we examine a clear-cut violation of established protocol that resulted in a homeowner having to force the Department of Commerce to reopen an improvidently-Certified Mediation because of a Mediator's oversight and post-hoc Bad Faith on the part of Specialized Loan Servicing.
There was an agreement, and they reneged on the agreement so they can try to steal a Seattle home with Sound and Mountain views. It's despicable conduct, particularly in light of the fact that the Trusts involved either don't exist or are not registered, and because he tried to pay off this loan already but could not find his lender. You can't make this up.

But as Gordon Gano reminds us in lyric verse, "they do it all the time."

24 January 2018

Livi the Wonderdog Settlement Update: KingCast Tells Kristina Amlak and Counsel they can go to Hell. We go to War.

Settlement update. They can go to hell. We go to war. I'm not going to back down from their bullshit. I wish I could say the most ridiculous thing that they asked for in return, but I can't pursuant to Rule 408. 

I can say that Mountlake Terrace A/C Officer Elena McKee was correct when she wrote of Ahadu and Kristina "Neither of these people are very nice and they have harassed and threatened neighbors." 

Take time to read that, as well as the accompanying police report. 

KingCast Says: Hats Off to Responsible Women, Including but not Limited to Rosie the Riveter.

So.... yeah, several weeks ago a family member of Livi's killer #KristinaAmlak #KristinaRobinson #PreciousPaws #KittyCatfe apparently wrote that I should be spending more time on Rape Culture, Civil Rights and positive things.
I then responded, noting that I have done precisely that for the past 25 years of my life.
And so now, with the passing of Naomi Parker Fraley (CNN)(History Channel), the OG Rosie the Riveter I will take time out of my busy day to note that I have always supported strong women, including but not limited to my mother, my sisters, my girlfriends and the Spirit of Rosie herself.
With great pleasure I ran video today of Seattle's The Riveter workspace. These are positive, responsible women. The interviews are not public but if you look quickly you will see today's video feed at iamonlocation.
I have on prior occasion run video at Capitol Hill's Neko Cafe, a proper Cat Cafe, not a false rescue like Kitty Catfe, IMO. The owner is a positive, responsible woman.
I have on prior occasion commented on another strong woman in my life who discovered a D-Day Tank in Italy. When no one thought there was anything there, she stayed true to her convictions.
The only convictions Kristina has are quasi-criminal, resulting from her Forgery case, in which she never did the community service and had her bail revoked several times prior to resolution. #Fact.
My sisters have run, do run, or have managed companies of substantial worth. They are positive, responsible women and I support them with video and love.
So.... While these beautiful women were busy doing all of that, Kristina Amlak was busy killing dogs -- specifically Livi the Wonderdog and her own junior pack dog Bullet -- with no lawful explanation. And she took money from an immoral fundraiser even though her attorneys are paid for by insurance. And then she attempted to bring false, malicious and groundless Civil and Criminal charges against me for an entire year for exposing what she did.
Her actions belie the Spirit of Rosie, not to mention the Spirit of Livi and Bullet, a cute little fella.
I won't have it. To the day I die and meet Livi, I won't have it. Cussing against Kristina Amlak is withheld in this post solely because my sisters might not dig it, but under my breath, she is the biggest waste of protoplasm I have ever met. Speaking for myself definitely the worst human being I've ever met. Fairly sure I can say that coming from Elisa and definitely I can speak on behalf of Livi as well.
Because Livi can't speak. Not because she's a dog, but because she's dead.
Enough said.
Livi, we love you. We will ride together again one day honey.