13 February 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say: "Facebook and the Feds are Trolling Civil Rights Activists."

Ever get that incredible feeling that NSA/Ex/FBI etc. is trying to access your account? Especially when you're ugly AF and receive requests from bombshells? Funny I can never get them to respond to complaints that I file.... well now I know why they're too busy trying to figure me out to pay attention to what I have to say.

When you have a Civil Rights background and expose corruption on Facebook as a guy you are suddenly bombarded by friend requests from hot women of all flavors. I find this fascinating, as do the owners of this FB page, "suspicious hot chick friend requests."

Bravo folks, this is clearly shady activity. Not that I'm not a hot guy and stuff, but.....

03 February 2017

KingCast Says "Happy Birthday Chandler Carter!"

Happy Birthday Chandler Carter a/k/a "Neecy!" I love you honey. Keep singing your heart out. Maybe one day you can sing a song about Livi, that would be swell. And tell your mom to buy my SAAB for you I'll drive it cross country and it has a BANGIN' stereo -- hahahaaa... call me the shit starter :)