08 December 2017

KingCast Was Chasing Livi, One Year Ago Today.

This will be my last post before Adam P. Karp files suit next week. He will be linking the fundraising page and providing posts as things are filed. Believe me I am thrilled to turn over all of our research to him and let him have at it. It will be interesting because I am at liberty to say that part of the argument here is that Kristina's post-death conduct provides an actual claim for emotional damages.  

So anyway this was my last ride with my best friend, before a a goddamn liar named Kristina Robinson (now Kristina Amlak) killed her by leaving her alone with a house full of her own pack of pit bulls, two other pack dogs of customers, and a house cat. 

She did this knowing that her dog Nova had violent tendencies.

She did this knowing that she had left dogs alone on prior occasion, with injury. This according to her own email to her OTHER clients.

She lied and said we were not paying clients.

She then killed her own dog Bullet (their least favorite) for no articulable reason, then went around saying "we lost a family member too."  She could have re-homed Bullet, and he could not have been a pack leader, ipso facto he's the youngest.  Kristina Alma is indeed a fucking DOG KILLER. 

She then used her buddies at Mountlake Terrace City Hall to completely devalue my family by giving her a slap on the wrist for a $1,000.00 fine even though they gave her a goddamn Cease and Desist 3 years earlier for nonconforming use. They gave her a reduction in fine from $13K down to $1K for "Good Faith." Where is the Good Faith? She willingly violated the fucking law and killed our dog through gross recklessness.

She then twice tried (and failed) to obtain TRO's to prevent me from talking about what she did.  She relied on a racist architecture and a bigoted Judge Jeffrey D. Goodwin, who slapped me with a $300 fine for her lost wages when I was late to Court. That goddamn son of a bitch then refused to grant me one thin dime when her stupid ass and her husband's stupid ass failed to appear in Court. That is all going to be appealed in Snohomish County Courts all the way to the Supreme Court of Washington so I can show what a jackass he is.  In the link above, Judge Fair listened to my arguments in a Mandamus Hearing and said "I cannot say what was going through his mind."  

Yah, no shit Sherlock.  I'll help you out:

"That nigger's got too much knowledge and swagger, I have got to tell him who's boss."

No. I will show YOU who the boss is you goddamn cracker. Win or lose, I get to have a neat single transcript to show the World what an unprincipled Jurist you are, and let's see what the Judicial Ethics Committee does with you.  You're familiar with them, right. You know, when they reprimanded you for discourteous conduct a couple of years ago right.

Judge Fair and I spoke for a bit after my Mandamus Hearing the other day. He seems a reasonable man.  He also genuinely seemed at a loss to understand WTF his Brother was doing on that bench in this case.

I know what I'm thinking:  I miss our baby.

I also know what Livi's mom is thinking:  I miss our baby.

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