05 December 2017

KingCast Sees Racist Snohomish Judge Jeffrey D Goodwin Protect Dog Killer Kristina Amlak.

Merry Christmas Your Honor. You've been very naughty protecting that dumbassed white girl Kristina Alma, the killer of Livi the Wonderdog.

More at Watchdogfordog FB.

Watch below how the Commission on Judicial Conduct protected this bastard:

Motion to Reconsider and/or Request for Nunc Pro Tunc Relief to Reflect that the Commission Found Respondent's Tone and Deportment to be Fully Acceptable.

Well folks watch how the Commission on Judicial Ethics protects a Judge against me even though this Judge has a documented history of inappropriate deportment in their own case no 7485-F-161. They made short work of my Complaint by trying to paint it as a request for them to make him change his hegemonic ally racist decisions.

I did no such thing. I wrote them thusly and shall now await corrective action:

Not so fast: I didn’t ask you about his Decision.

I asked you to discipline him for his deportment and tone, and that deportment and tone registered loud and clear in a video that I referenced for you to listen to. You intentionally failed to do so when his deportment -- not his final decision making -- is already in issue: See your Case No. Case no. 7485-F-161. The Stipulated Facts indicate he was "threatening, intimidating and retaliatory" against someone who — like me --challenged his authority.

You must now evaluate him barking at me in a threatening and intimidating tone to "stop talking" for no lawful reason, retaliating against me in violation of GR 16 cameras in Court and making me pay that stupid white girl dog killer $300 of my money and refusing to grant me the same consideration when she failed to appear in Court. Do your job and quit protecting that racist pig.

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