28 December 2017

KingCast Says on Ford F650 and 750 Recall Notice: "The Next Time You See a New Ford F650 on the Highway, You Better Duck!"

Next Big Case. You know about Darrell Jones coming out of prison after 30 years of wrongful imprisonment from racism and a tainted prosecution. I run his blog. More on this is coming in 2018 along with another project I don't publicly discuss. 

But back to today: I am working on a whistleblower case for the man who tried to expose a related dangerous instrumentality to this one. The difference is, I am told that the front axles are manufactured by a reputable company and when they discovered the dangerous defect they immediately went to Ford and things got addressed and corrected. Such was not the case with the rear axles and tires. I am told that those could be a ticking time bomb.

More I will not say at this time. First I am going to get him Counsel. Then I am going to be doing some reporting. The law firm defending is run by an old law school friend of mine. I don't care. I will pull no punches. 

It was only 77 trucks in this case but guess what? How many trucks could be involved in the silent case? It only takes one bullet. Who wants to get run over by a 10,000 pound truck? I'll pass on that. And there are more issues and more trucks out there that Ford is not fully aware of. They will soon be aware of them. Believe me. 

Ford Motor Company is recalling its Heavy Trucks – the F-650 and F-750 – over an issue with the steer axles that could result in a loss of steering control. 

The defect: the castellated nut on the steer axles may not be properly torqued, allowing the tie rod to loosen. The hazards: if the tie rod loosens, it may disconnect from the steering knuckle, causing a loss of steering control at lower speed and increasing the risk of a crash. 

Affected vehicles: 2015 Ford F-650 equipped with certain Spicer D-Series and E-Series steer axles 2016 Ford F-750 equipped with certain Spicer D-Series and E-Series steer axles Number of vehicles affected: 77 (United States figure). 

The fix: Ford will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the torque of the castellated nut and tie rod, tightening it as necessary, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin November 20th, 2017.

All I will say in this space is that the other problems are similar in nature.

They tried to say he threatened people after he unionized. I know a bit about employee threats as valid or invalid. See Watling v. Kroger, Ohio 10th Dist. Ct. App No. 94APE-05 718 (1994), a case I won against a threatening employee when I was an AAG.

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