21 December 2017

KingCast Milestone: The Last Day we Saw Livi the Wonderdog Alive Before Kitty Catfe & Precious Paws Dog Killer Kristina Amlak Left Her Alone with her Pack of Pit Bulls.

"Sue me, hate me. I deserve it all."

See this Party Admission below, underneath the lawsuit, with all of the txt messages from the day we lost Livi.

See also just some of the proof that she tried to get me jailed for exercising my First Amendment Rights. 

She tried to play the dangerous black man theory whilst being married  to a black guy. Despicable.


Folks get it. Livi's Law is coming. 

WHEREAS Livi the Wonderdog "Livi" was a 4 year-old German Shorthair Pointer residing in Greater Seattle, WA, and; 

WHEREAS Livi brought substantial joy into the lives of her owners Elisa Bronstein and Christopher King, and; 

WHEREAS Livi was mauled and killed in an unattended and ultimately illegal Kennel and; 

WHEREAS said kennel had directly represented to Mountlake Terrace City Hall that it never left dogs unattended, and; 

WHEREAS Best Business Practices dictate the dogs shall never be left unattended if not crated, and; 

WHEREAS Evidence tended to show that kennel had left dogs alone on prior occasion with injury, and; 

WHEREAS there is a compelling governmental interest in protecting the lives of innocent, living breathing animals, and; 

WHEREAS this initiative is supported by tens of thousands of dog owners and concerned citizens of Washington State, and; 

WHEREAS this initiative is in the best interests of the public and is narrowly-tailored to address those interests, 

It is HEREBY noted that any failure to keep dogs segregated in the absence of a human pack leader without specific written consent from an owner shall constitute a False and Deceptive Business Practice. 

It is HEREBY noted that any failure to keep dogs segregated in the absence of a human pack leader shall constitute a gross misdemeanor. 

It is HEREBY noted that any failure to keep dogs segregated in the absence of a human pack leader resulting in any physical injury shall constitute a Class C Felony. 

It is HEREBY noted that any failure to keep dogs segregated in the absence of a human pack leader resulting in death shall constitute a Class B Felony. 

A physical injury shall be defined as a physical manifestation of a dog fight with a threshold requirement of any stitches, loss of limb or broken limb. 

Death shall be defined as what happened to Livi the Wonderdog because of an idiot kennel owner. OK that last line probably won't make it.
The last picture of all of us together, 21 December 2017.
There are more pictures from Precious Paws 
when I dropped Livi off, but I am not sharing those now.

What I am sharing is the FB page Justice for Livi opened by Livi's attorney Adam P. Karp.

 And in response to Kristina claiming we were not paying clients I present one 
barter piece of Chevy art she returned after her dog Nova murdered Livi, 
as well as several proof items of payment.
Her husband has a POS Chevy; I have a POS SAAB.
I sold the SAAB I loved because I cried in it every time I drove it.
Not to mention the two failed attempts to try to get restraining orders 
on me for discussing this.
Returned after Livi was killed.
At MLT City Council Kristina noted 
"We didn't charge them for December."
Thanks Kristina, that's mighty white of you.

New YouTube video of the story, narrated, coming late night 26 Dec. 2017.

Well folks, exactly one year has passed since I dropped Livi the Wonderdog off at Precious Paws Seattle. I would never see her again. Livi's mom saw her once more as she followed me to the East Coast one day later. 

After being subjected to a year or relentless bullshit from Kristina, including hateful messages to my at least one witness for us, and not one but two failed attempts to silence me with Restraining Orders, Attorney Adam Karp is finalizing the liability lawsuit this week. Once that is done I will turn my attention to the local PTA and setting up the writing scholarship for the value of pets in a local middle school.

Kristina was told that her dog Nova was dangerous.

Kristina lied to Mountlake Terrace about her departure from Fetch! because she was FIRED FOR NEGLIGENCE.

And there's more. 

This is Livi's story. This is my story about honoring our dog amidst built-in headwinds of favoritism, gamesmanship and racism.  Livi's mom has a different story. She has spoken in other correspondence, but I am the lawyer so I am the one doing most of the heavy lifting in this regard. And I -- soon by and through Adam -- will tell this story exactly how I see fit, documenting everything that is germane. If you don't like it, or tire of it, I don't give a shit. Unfriend me or go read something else.

We all must do what we all must do. And right now I must punish Kristina, Educate the public and protect Pepper and other innocent animals from the asshole who killed Livi and who has placed countless other animals at substantial risk. Read more.


"Sue me, hate me, I deserve it all."

So then we do it, and she makes herself into the victim. SMH right. That's called a Party Admission. Look it up.

Read all the text messages from that night and see here about Ahadu and Kristina's abusive conduct. See how she went to Edmonds PD to try to have me imprisoned for violating a provisional TRO?  

But a nice police report about Ahadu's driving (i.e. in a menacing manner toward his neighbor) is the real headline here, see below. And I'm not even including the Domestic Violence calls to the Amlak residence. There were at least two in the files.

Just remembering something: On 29 December 2016 Elisa and I were in Harrisburg PA celebrating our dogs with Tonya and Edwin. They are also dog owners and lovers. Unbeknownst to us, Livi was already dead.

The thing is, I had put a call (text) in to Ahadu because I knew he had been doing more of the ops at the Brick and Mortar, which is where Livi and Fang were supposed to be during the day. He didn't respond because he couldn't tell me because he had no clue: Our dogs were at the illegal kennel during the day with Kristina's "mentally ill" father who was "destroyed by drugs."

They all then reportedly left the house and Livi was mauled and killed. After watching the video however there are unanswered questions: Ahadu comes home at 7:30pm, 45 minutes after Kristina left for good at 6:45pm. The video ends at 7:32PST with Ahadu walking into the home. Is he walking in to find Livi dead at 7:32PST because if so then why did it take Kristina until 8:12 PST to write us?

That's 45 fucking minutes. And Livi's body was wet. The AC Control officer made the lab change the report because the report implied that someone rinsed her for some reason.


As to Ahadu, seen mean-mugging me at MLT City Hall (children are edited out of the picture, ahem) he seems to have some problems keeping that Monte Carlo on the correct side of the road according to MLT police.

And they are going to make me into someone threatening or violent. Not gonna happen guys. Unlike the other people who have stood down to their shit over the years I am going to stand up to it and feed it to them. Read all the texts from that night. These are the apologies Kristina offered. No formal written apology, no card, no flowers, no offer to pay for cremation either. So yah, I kinda open my New Year with a big fuck you to both of them.

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