18 December 2017

KingCast Dares Mountlake Terrace News to Remove Honest Comments About their Failed Coverage of Livi the Wonderodg's Murder by Kristina Amlak's Dog Nova.

YouTube video exclusively about Edmonds AC Officer Elena McKee coming later today. I want her ass Googlebombed for being the sellout that she really is. 

 In the waning days before Attorney Karp files suit against #kristinaamlak #kristinarobinson #preciouspaws #kittycatfe we have come to discover that Livi's killer Nova has a violent past. We have come to discover, as we always suspected, that Kristina was fired from Fetch!. We have come to see her write nasty messages to at least one of my witnesses. And now we see why MLT News/MyEdmonds.com have refused to write anything past the first story on Livi's murder: 

They are too busy having a love fest with Edmonds A/C Officer Elena McKee. From these two stories: 


Elena McKee is the one who first told us that the woman who killed our dog Livi, was actually running an illegal kennel at her home in MLT. Only her brick and mortar in Edmonds was licensed, and the woman had in fact been issued a Cease and Desist in 2014 by and through Mountlake Terrace. McKee had stated in a 2015 email that she had the person "on my radar," and that the person "doesn't hesitate to lie when it serves her purpose," and that "drama follows her." 

Change of tune: 
Then after the person left our dogs alone with her pack of Pit Bulls, two other pack dogs and a family cat during the last week of December 2016 one of the person's Pit Bulls mauled and killed our dog. No Record evidence existed to prove that our dog was part of that pack and the person responsible was not a friend by any measure of the word. 

Nonetheless, McKee issued her investigation findings and she wrote "Dog owners regularly leave their dogs alone, based on each individual or family lifestyle. in this case the dogs were occasionally left home alone, uncontained per reputation and advertisement." .

.....Stop. Right. There. No one EVER told us that our dogs would be left ALONE in that home with other dogs. There is simply no way in Heaven's name that we would consent to that, and the woman's own failed zoning attempts at Mountlake Terrace indicated "The dogs are 24/7 supervised and NEVER left alone." Emphasis in original writing. Read it all right here:

The woman responsible is Kristina Robinson, a/k/a/ Kristina Amlak, Precious Paws and now Kitty Catfe is her current business. Lawsuit pending We have retained Adam P. Karp to sue and he will be doing so before the end of this year, prior to Livi's death on 29 December, 2017. 

Curiously, after one story the MLT News has refused to provide any further coverage in spite of their direct misrepresentation to Livi's mother and I that there would be follow up coverage. It is a known fact that City Councilor Seaun Richards (not his given name) stored items at the subject Premises prior to the death of Livi the Wonderdog.  

Have a Nice Day. Also, I dare anyone to take this comment down. I am a journalist and a trained attorney in First Amendment/Defamation/Free Press issues. I was meticulously careful in my wording so there is absolutely no reason for you to remove it. But then again there was no reason for the press not to follow up on the story either:  

"The Mountlake Terrace Police Department investigated Livi’s death and completed a necropsy on the deceased animal. MLTnews has filed a request for those investigation documents. A follow-up story will be issued after those documents have been obtained." 

 .....we've been waiting. For eight (8) months. Perhaps there will be coverage when the lawsuit hits? Ciao. 

Christopher King, J.D. 

PS: Remember how despite her warnings about Kristina, McKee told Edmonds Animal Control Officer Tabatha Shoemake to ignore us. Nice.

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