14 December 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say Verizon is the Anti-Christ in Net Neutrality Wars.

ComCast folks not happy to see KingCast or iamonlocation.....

Direct Link to Inslee/Ferguson Press Conference
"Washington State will proactively protect Net Neutrality and we will use every tool in our toolbox to do so." Governor Jay Inslee. See HB 2282.  This would mean no blocking, throttling or price preferences..... sounds fair, right?  But noooooo........
Bob Ferguson and other Washington law makers face an uphill battle in trying to enact consumer protection laws to preserve net neutrality as TMobile and Verizon/Comcast push the FCC to clarify Federal Pre-emption. Ladies and Gentlemen... the FCC is about to kill net neutrality and we're screwed. Verizon is going to see to it that there be no Balkanization of State Laws to protect consumers as proposed by State AG's like this missive from Washington State's Bob Ferguson and Governor Jay Inslee. There is also  Washpost coverage. 

As I noted on my FB page, now the big MNC's and corporate interests will initiate their hegemonic roll over of the Internet. And the implications are HUGE for people like me and other little bloggers who are indeed the equivalent of the original pamphleteers in a Constitutional sense. The Internet is a Common Carrier folks, come now. And you need a compelling governmental interest to mess with it. It is a Free Speech issue, 24/7.

Not to mention other financial implications in billing. Big Business is putting lipstick on this pig. I've made Verizon a lot of money on its wireless towers over the years and I know how they operate. Remember the NSA love fest a decade ago? It's still around. Trust me on this.

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