23 November 2017

When Rainbows Hurt: KingCast and Raspberri Give Thanks and Gratitude on Thanksgiving Day for Your Support of Livi the Wonderdog.

When Rainbows hurt: 

Something very special happened yesterday. There was a three-way intersection at the base of yesterday's Giant Rainbow on Seattle's North Side that tied together Livi's mom, myself and our friend Alex, who lost his dog Rob on the same day of Livi's murder.  Livi's mom and I show appreciation and gratitude for everyone who has supported us in any in our endeavor to obtain recompense and closure in the limited sense, and to alert and to educate in the larger sense.

This is a POV short film about the emotional damage caused by the reckless conduct of Kristina Robinson, A/K/A Kristina Amlak, owner of defunct Precious Paws and current owner of Kitty Catfe in Edmonds, WA.

For those new to the subject, she allowed her own pack of large breed dogs (i.e. Pit Bull mixes in this instance) to be completely alone with no human pack leader in a house with a family cat and two other pack dogs for 45 minutes on 29 December, 2016.

According to her and to the Police Report, one of her favored dogs Nova killed Livi the Wonderdog, a beautiful German Shorthair Pointer while Livi's little brother Fang (a Chihuahua Fox Terrier mix) watched in horror. You see him briefly in the video the day they met and Livi had no clue what he was, you can see it on her LOL... "What is this thing?"

Kristina then euthanized (read: killed, murdered IMO) the youngest and newest member of her pack, in sympathy when in point of fact she was on Actual Knowledge that it was one of her favored dogs, Nova, who actually had aggressive tendencies. Nova growled at the investigating officer after she killed Livi, it is in the police report.

She would later admit to other clients that she has left dogs alone on prior occasion with injury. Really.

Not to be outdone, she wasted a lot of our attorney Adam Karp's time and twice attempted to obtain restraining order and to put me in jail for dropping a dime about her deceitful ways:

She had received a Cease and Desist Order in 2014 from the City of Mountlake Terrace but instead of posting signs on the property, the City overlooked everything as Kristina continued operations, thereby indirectly assisting in Livi's murder.

She would later lie and say that we were friends and were not paying clients. I have it in writing. Too bad for her that also had bank receipts and PayPal notifications to prove otherwise.

And friends? Livi's mom and her talked shop a couple of times. We have never so much as had a beer together or fucking gone ANYWHERE together with these people, Kristina or her husband Ahadu Amlaktereda.

Several Domestic Violence police visits to that house, go figure.

No card, no flowers, no formal written apology go figure.

Never provided insurance information until after our lawyer got involved, go figure.

She is a disgusting human being, inside and out and now that I can foresee suing her in the next month, I feel some measure of closure coming forth.

Christopher King Elisa, Bronstein, Livi the Wonderdog v. Kristina Amlak, Kristina Robinson, Precious Paws,... by Christopher King on Scribd

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